Years of Living Dangerously IntroductionWhen a drought began in a certain area Essay

Years of Living Dangerously IntroductionWhen a drought began in a certain area, what do you think will eventually happen to that area? How far would you go to help end the dry/drought season and the people who are being affected by it? In this paper, I will be explaining what a drought means and more about how it is not good for the environment. When it comes to drought/ dry season you would have to make sure that you are prepared for it and become more aware of it by staying updated with the news.

I will also discuss climate change versus believing things happen because of religion. Syria plays a huge part in the drought season so I will explain how they are highly affected by it. Now, let’s begin.BodyDrought is where everything looks and feels like you are in a desert, however, the sun temperature becomes three time hotter. When the dry/drought season happens, it dries everything in the area.

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Years of Living Dangerously IntroductionWhen a drought began in a certain area Essay
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The trees are dried up and the rocks are two times hotter than normal heat temperature. They have long pointed but that as recently as the ninety-sevenths climate experts believed that the Earth was cooling not warming (Haugen, Musser, Lovelace, p. 25). The grass dies, and the water evaporates. Because of this, People that are part of the dry season lose their jobs and eventually, their homes. In the film, Years of Living Dangerously, the author quoted, The dry season is the worst of all season. The Indonesia River is where they get their water supply and where they give the animal water (Bach, 19:00). In Syria, there are thousands of accidents because of the drought. The civilians out there are devasted by it because the drought had almost taken everything that was keeping them operating as a community such as their fruit markets. Syria is close to the Euphrates River. Canadian and Siberian villages that have for centuries rested on solid ground are now sinking into mud, because the permafrost beneath them is thawing (Haugen, Musser, Lovelace, p. 24). When the drought takes place, there is nowhere for the animals to go and get rest, drink water, and find food. There is no live grass left to eat and because of the heat soaking all the water in the area away, there is no water to stay hydrated. By the people in Syria burning down the forest, it is elimating many animals to have any food or air. When tree dies, they release carbon back in the air (Bach, 10:30). The people also are poisoning all the animals that are in the forest and forcing them to leave and find new homes so that they can have food and shelter. When the forest is not in a drought, a lot of beautiful animals and insects lives and hibernate there. Animals should not have to be force out of there natural habitats. This is one of the reasons why so many animals have become extinct or are at risk. They are saying that Global warming is man fault (Bach, 39:20). In the beginning of the film, Years of Living Dangerously, the Jet pilot and scientist, were in charge of recording and collecting data on the climate during the drought season so that they can try to figure out the cause of it. The pilot had to fly the jet at a certain level in the air to be able to collect the correct amount of data from the drought. When the scientists in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) received the data from the Jet pilots, they put it in a special system, that would help find a better understanding of why droughts are formed in the first place. NASA is a company where they collect and study data to keep track of Earth and the areas outside of Earth. Laura Iraci (NASA scientist) says that the world is going to be suffering for many years to come. Each month in Texas Plain View of March 10, 2013 where each group of people walk around the meat packing department to pray for it to be reopen, 6 weeks ago it had got close (Bach, 2:20). Some people don’t understand that when it come to the climate change, it has a mind of its on. Many people that lives in Syria believes that God can only have control of the climate. However, others believe that it’s all have to do with science and science controls the weather. Since the existing level of greenhouses gases resulted in a temperature increase of 33C (60F) (Mach, p.79).ConclusionMy conclusion for Years of Living Dangerously are that we got to fight more to keep the climate balance for the sake of surviving. When we keep the climate balanced, we would have an opportunity to enjoy it more. Years of Living Dangerously gives real life examples of what is going on in Syria and other parts of the world. The movie is very good because it talked about what drought looks like, when it happens and what the people in Syria had to go through during the drought. The National Climatic Data Center in North Corina had surveyed climate research paper published between nineteen-sixty-five and nineteen-seventy-nine their study showed that only seven papers predicted that global temperatures would grow cooler, while forty-four papers predicted warmer temperatures and other twenty were either neutral or offered no long-term predications (Mach, p. 25). Also, in the film, Years of Living Dangerously is where you can see examples of what the science industry are doing to try to keep our climate balance and to see what they are going through to make sure that we are up to date on plans and action. Also, you can learn how to survive when the climate does change. To Obama, and his administration will implement a cap-and trade system for carbon emission to compel industries to reduces pollution to nineteen-ninety levels by twenty-twenty and he intends to invest fifteen million per years in clean coal technologies as well as solar power, wind power, and biofuels (Mach, p.17). Work CitedBach, Joel, et al. Years of Living Dangerously: The Complete Series. [New York, N.Y.]: Showtime Networks Inc., [2014], 2014. EBSCOhost, David M., et al. Global Warming. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, c2010., 2010. EBSCOhost,

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