While perceptive coaches coach games this summer several things came to mind Essay

While perceptive coaches coach games this summer, several things came to mind regarding having this as a career job. I determined things like athletic skills, fitness coaching, what motivates players, and ways in which to coach athletes to be both physical and competitive. Each of these things will help me to build my career as a coach or sports exercise. Coaches plays a significant role in athletes and students’ life. They’re teacher, leader, and a mentor when needed the most.

Typically coaching could be considered challenging depending on the situation. It is an excellent way to influence the lives of others while also help building their character. To me, coaching is not just about sports, but also about life in general. My interview was with Kenneth Packard from Chanute, Ks. He is in assistant coach at Bethel College. Every question that I asked he gave a excellent detail answer about this profession. One of a typical work day for him normally starts at 8 am soon as he arrives to work.

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While perceptive coaches coach games this summer several things came to mind Essay
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He told me the things that he had to do before noon which includes: update recruiting lists, answering emails, going to weekly meetings, working on scounting reports for the next opponent including creating 20 film clips, working on practice schedule for the day, and any other day o day things that come up. However, after lunch hours he get back to work such as messaging recruits and coaches to fill spots on the roster for the next year. Sometimes on certain days, he run the weight room for the girl basketball. On game days some of the things stays the same depending on the time they leave. Responsibilities for on game day are to make sure travel arrangements are prepared such as getting the vans ready. Picking up the meals from the cafeteria for the teams. For Kent depending on th time of the year, he works 40 to 80 plus hours in one week. There are very little time off as a coach. For instance, in the summer the coaches still have to work such as prime time recruiting season. Part of his job that he find is the most challenging is management. Kent enjoys the ability to impact lives positively on a daily basis. By teaching young adults how to overcome adversity, grow as a person, and being responsible while being held accpountable.My career job is to be and physical education teacher and a coach. This profession takes a parcel of difficult work since it isn’t all about just coaching. It comes with arranging for practices, scouting strategizing of offense and defense, choosing the starters and planning. This will conclude required astute planning scheduling and clear boundaries. Games are regulary played on nights, evenings, weekends, and holidays, so the coaches can expect to work amid hours that many other career jobs don’t. The job hours vary a lot depending on the season in what school in college you’re at. In arrange do this profession, you need to have passion for whatever you are attending to do. The interview didn’t change my perception about this profession it just gave me ideas of what it will be like and how much it takes to be a coach. I realize that sometime it doesn’t matter about how good you are at your job it’s about who you know and who can get you where you want to be. I chosed this career because every since I was young I played every sport that a girl can play. As the years went on, I begun to urge more energetic around track, basketball, and volleyball. This has continously been my dream job since I was younger in I never changed my mind. I cherish the game basketball, and just like the competition that athletic gives which cause the game to be fun. I want to be able to experience the growth that coaching offers in life.As my very on experience, I had a chance to coach a second grade team in Kansas. I got this opportunity from my college coach in Kansas. He gave me a full responsibility to take care of the girls in to schedule practice in knowing what exactly to make them do. From me getting this experience, it showed me and helped me realize what being a coach feel like. I have a lot of ideas and considerations of how the profession would be after I graduate college. I know the feeling of being pushed and losing games. I learned that this profession may look simple, but it ‘s not. This profession requires high quality people skills, an knowledge of all the computer programs, used to access recruiting information.During college, I will need to have a bachelor’s degree performing things like exercise and sports science, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and fitness, physical education, and lastly sports medicine. While I am in college, I could get trained for sports safety and coaching fundamentals. However, taking coaching and teaching class could help me improve my opportunities for this field. Having internships for teaching in a physical education setting. Volunteering at local school from your college as a coach, or an assistant to help with the PE class. For the most part, all the PE instructor at in high school are the coaches of the teams. College activity classes will teach you the rules and history of an equipment. Some of the activity classes will focus on health concepts for weight training. Although I would get involve in a variety of sports and fitness activities. The same rules for physical education apply for being a coach. Learning how to educate young adults is also extremely important in coaching or for physical education. Taking a few of the additional communications classes will help speak well to the team or groups. However, you can try to find a job as in graduate assistant because most places will not hire you as a head coach unless you have a master degree. The coach is the leader of the team, and his or her role is to guide the team towards success. Coaching is to enable individiuals and groups of indiviuals to broaden develop and motivate each other to achieve improvement in their performance Coaching for Success.(1987). In the field for high school, coaches have to have practices, support, and advice for the team so that they can be ready for the other opponent teams during their sport season. However, with coaching requires a bachelors degree with a teaching certificate. For the high school coaches, they have to have cpr training, drug testing, job training, and foundation check. The skill for coaching need to be leadership and communication skill. High school coaches has to know the rules of the sport that they are going to plan on teaching. In some cases this may take time by studying and playing the game. Majority of the teachers work as high school coaches in a part time positions. Normally if this happens, they have to meet the requirments in other to be employes as a a high school teacher. As I stated before that the high school coaches work in teaching positions with the high school not only are they teaching physical education classes they have additional hours during the sports season. During this time the results are reguarly over 40 hours a week. This may consider working long nights, holidays, evenings and weekends. In spite of the fact, that in some cases the same coach may be coaching more then one sport at that highs school. Coaches continuously have to be prepaered for the most execlleny and the most execellenet bad. Being able to be arranged for bad climate and traveling with the team to different locations. Moreover in being in risk of their players getting injuryed in a game. Some of the duties of an high school coach is to host tryouts for the students at the school to attend. Being able to watch the kids skills with trials and practices. From doing all of that at that point, they decide who makes the team. When they have made the choice about the team, the coach would begin to prepare the players throughout the preseaon. In any case, each player will be assigned a specific position and will know how to play there own role. Coaches also comes up with drills and organized games strategies to help the player develop. When ever the seasons starts the coaches have to attend the games and guide them through the games. The coaches will take charge of any authorizing. Also, some other duties that the coaches had are being responsible for planning, organizing and giving a better understanding of appropriate range of the sport activites and programs for the teams. The responsibilities include teaching skills, tactics, and techniques. Assistant coaches also plays a major role in sports. There job is just important as the head coach. It takes alot of pressure off the head coach espically during the season in recruiting time. With their job, they are the coaches right hand man two set of eyes is better then one set if eyes. Assistant coaches are bale to see whatever the head coach might miss. They are able to assist with indiviual players. In this position, they support the head coach as much as possible such as duties and being helpful to the student atheletes.In assistant coach, job is to motivate and guide the players in the right directions. However, they would be responsible for making sure the players and the equipment is prepared and the way things suppose to be. The salary of a high school coach is about $34,836 to $40,992 per year.

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