UCSP PT 2 Essay

Danica Jane Arduo

12 – Cobalt

Filipinos, especially those who grew up in well to do families, usually hire helpers/maids. Based on the article, how does this culture reflect the power struggle between Filipinos belonging to different economic status? (Minimum of 10 sentences).

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UCSP PT 2 Essay
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In the article, what comes to pass is that through servitude the battle for power is totally tipped since the majority of the power is taken from the partners as they are compelled to do everything their proprietors need for near nothing.

As observed through the story, lola is shouted at, beaten, treated inadequately and isn’t repaid appropriately, she is compelled to rest on garments and just eat remains. This demonstrates lola is totally deprived of any power in view of her efficient status throughout everyday life. As the little girl and individual from a group of ranchers, she has for all intents and purposes no control over her life when looked with those of higher stature. Similarly, as with all others, being brought into the world under disastrous conditions prompts less control over your own life, the individuals who accept they are better do however they see fit the lives of those underneath them.

An enormous number of societies practice this which makes destitution and a lot of issues arrise in the public arena, lola is a prime case of those that have been deprived of their own lives and have been given to other people. All over the world, regardless of where you get yourself, the idea known as power is constantly important and battled about. Influence, much of the time, goes to those that have procured more riches, fame, and such related perspectives. As the power is given to those with better conditions, those that are less lucky are made to do the modest assignments people with significant influence don’t wish to share in. While doing such undertakings the less lucky are liable to abuse, for example, brutality provocation and belittlement and simultaneously what they are paid to bear such treatment is either negligible or, in the most exceedingly awful conditions, nothing.

One influence enculturation has over people is identity formation. Based on the article, how does identity formation shape the lifestyle of the people?   (Minimum of 10 sentences)

In the article this relates to the treatment the family shows to lola. The specific treatment she got turned into a piece of her and would get so acquainted with it that she would get a peculiar inclination when she is dealt with in an unexpected way. In the wake of going through years being treated as a slave, all of a sudden being dealt with like an equivalent befuddled her from numerous points of view. Notwithstanding when she is advised to unwind and not to do any work, she can’t resist the opportunity to rather stand up and do any tasks that are fixed. Her tension towards doing nothing originates from spending an excessive number of years doing each and every piece of work around the house. Molding an individual like this requires critical time and exertion to expel contingent upon to what extent they have been adapted to do as such. Each individual works along these lines, their characters are given to them through experience. Each individual on earth has a specific character or attribute to them and every one of them are given through their encounters. The encounters we experience shape us and make individuals who they are today.

Based on the article, why do Filipinos have high regard to American culture?   (Minimum of 10 sentences)

The lifestyle of servitude has precluded a huge number from claiming opportunity and has annihilated families on various events, as showed up by the article, it just exhibits the debasement of having slaves. The slaves would not be empowered property and certain things to help keep them dedicated and faithful. Out of the various social orders taken from America enslavement is apparently one of the most ethically defective to be grasped by the Philippines. Everything considered, we as Filipinos will by and large ingest social orders from them as well. One of these such social orders is subjection. Filipinos would in like manner buy and offer people as property to do with anyway they see fit they should have simply safe house and sustenance, this is what happened to lola. The bondage culture is planned to give offered workers to a more affordable cost than requiring to pay. Already, Americans were seen as a capacity to be figured with. They were looked upward to by changed countries because of all the help they have given them during World War II. This applies to the Philippines likewise since the Americans have given much repentance to help shield us from invasion and demonstrated to us a great deal of culture.

What instances in the article reflect ethnocentrism?   (Minimum of 10 sentences)

The Filipinos appreciate the Americans because of their undertakings in World War II, everything considered their lifestyle additionally is seen as pervasive. An instance of this is when lola was bought and sold as a slave, it was presented that lola was a bit of the less regarded culture or assembling. The manner in which that Filipinos in like manner kept slaves is furthermore a sort of ethnocentrism since they grasped it from American culture. The possibility that the American’s lifestyle is better and should be used on the Philippines. The treatment of slaves, lola explicitly, is furthermore a sort of ethnocentrism, lola is, before long, showed to be of less an impetus than her owners. The owners would manhandle and misuse lola from different perspectives as a way to deal with express that they are best or have increasingly an impetus over her. Ethnocentrism itself is a bothersome practice in explicit cases, for instance, this since those less great picks than get social orders they anticipate better, once in a while for no situation despite investigating the significant quality and ethnicity of the lifestyle as long as it is found as overwhelming. Ethnocentrism is the conviction that one culture bests or is superior to another. This moreover fuses the choice of one culture over another. By virtue of “My Family’s Slave” the lifestyle thought of as unmatched is that of the Americans.

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