Tourism and travel – 3000 Essay

Tourism and travel




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Tourism and travel – 3000 Essay
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Introduction (DESCRIBE)During the month of December 2018, I begin to look for the placement for work integrated learning.

I contacted some companies around Auckland through mails such as ANZ bank, Auckland museum, Art gallery, Fullers cruise, whoa place, House of travel, Flight Centre, Sky city, Cordis hotel. I was successful to receive a mail from house of travel coordinating department stating they would be interested giving me a placement to take experience. However it required further data and information regarding Work Integrated Learning. I reverted to the mail, attached require documents for Work Integrated Learning with further information that might be valuable for the bank to go over before taking decision.

At that point I was feeling confident and somewhat reassured that I might get a placement earlier than I had supposed. Unluckily, I did not receive a response from House of travel about a placement and at that moment I had many emotions run throughout my mind. Concerning Art gallery and Auckland museum, I did not get a reply that gave me the supposition they were not interested.

I had than began to focus on my assessments instead of finding the placement. Throughout my free time, I searched on google events and activities in north Auckland, a big list had come up with all the places in north Auckland. As I was scrolling down I came across ANZ bank that got my attention. I went on to their website and found their contact details and sent the mail regarding who I am, what I do and the purpose of the mail. The reason for contacting ANZ bank and no other organization in north Auckland is as it close to where I reside in therefore travelling would not be an issue and because my partner works approximately ten minutes away from the bank that I thought it would be a good place to do my placement.

After the month I got a revert from the manager of ANZ bank about my placement and specified she was interested and if I could meet her in person to discuss it more in depth. On 18th december 2018, I went to the ANZ bank corporate office to visit the manager and to make a good impression and help make her decision rapidly, I used my initiative to dress like professionals and had all the documents ready if she wanted to read any valuable information or ask something from it. This is what I had learnt during the workshops that required to be done as it was part of the 12 week Work Integrated Learning process. The manager was interested in Work Integrated Learning and said she will be in contact. The manager visited me around the bank corporate office, the work that were going on and talked about the daily activities that take place in the bank.

At that moment I was happy with my interview with the bank manager and I was confident I will get the placement. I then stopped focusing on Work Integrated learning and concentrated on my assessments that I was behind on as I was more focused on finding a placement. I received the mail a month later from the manager accepting my placement offer and giving me the hints of tasks. The following month, I went back to the bank to sign the agreement form and uploaded it to the career hub website.

At the starting of my placement, I was confused about what my role was in the bank. On the first day I reached, the bank manager placed me at the board room and gave me the brochure to go through. However, it did not take a long time. Some days passed by, I started to find work to do, to be productive and take experience that was a good decision as I got helpful feedback from my bank mentor. However, as I was not given a work to do and required to utilize my creativity most of the time, individually the managerial leadership is not good and not prearranged.

My official role after one week at ANZ bank was the service consultant. My daily tasks were to reach out effectively to the customers for cash passport in order to gain feedback and get them involved in the organization. Cash passport is a modern way of managing our money while travelling abroad. It is as safe as traveler cheques however more convenient we can securely and easily preload the cash passport with our travel budget for use in ATM’s, shop and restaurant globally. Doing that specified role, I felt I have took a bunch of experience in 12 weeks which has made me feel better about myself, confident and currently noticed better-off. I was fortunate enough to do my assessments and tasks at work as I was placed at ANZ bank branch as service consultant.

Starting of the second semester, I was confused and not on the correct path with my task. I was not sure what to improve in the project and felt panic to initiate because it requires being of a high standard as a copy will be given to the ANZ bank and I want to show my full capability and potential. I initially begin with the analysis of cash passport customer service feedback which I was confused about how to do it. I decided to search on Google to take ideas and as I began to invest my time and effort, I decided to do an analysis for the various programme provided by the ANZ bank. When I have completed the first analysis, I knew that would not be enough to present to the bank manager and my university project guide.

I faced problem in using Microsoft office which I feel regret of not focused in class for the paper I did previous year explaining how to use Microsoft office and its tools. This took a lot of time that made me frustrated and felt like quitting up. By having a lot of practice, I got used to working with MS office and in the end finished my analysis. I was happy and relieved I finished the analysis and proud of myself how to use Microsoft office and its tool which I had never thought I would have to at this phase of my degree. During my bank mentor’s meetings, it was suggested to integrate the components of marketing that I agreed to. That part of the task was easy for me to do with the assistance of the trainer and employees at ANZ bank. I mostly used components of marketing which relates to the cash passports and what they recently have for strategies of marketing. I also believe that was easy for me to do because I have done marketing papers such as Hospitality marketing and Tourism and travel marketing.

As prior specified, my bank mentor asked if I can add marketing components for the cash passports. I developed marketing components relevant to the bank current structure of marketing. I asked the employees and other service consultant about their opinions about cash passports of ANZ bank to use for my SWOT analysis. Then I did a competitive analysis of environment, promotional strategies, and a section on the cash passports benefits in travel and tourism, New Zealand tourism industry, situational analysis, customer service, social groups and community groups for marketing future cash passports service. Finding resources and reading was the difficult part for the process of task as it took a lot of time and because of this I felt like giving up as I was not getting any work done.

SMART goals

SMART goal 1

Goal title: Networking and building contacts (both internally & externally)

Goal type: Professional

Specific My goal is to utilise my 12 weeks at ANZ Bank to build my networking skills and profiles within the organisations and stakeholders. The tool to be use is CASH PASSPORT with ANZ Bank.

Measurable This goal will be completed when I will meet and engage with various people and build professional relationship. I will also utilise LinkedIn Network to its full aptitude.

Attainable (Achievable) To achieve this goal ANZ Bank has provided me an opportunity to interact with tourist and clients during their business hours of the branch.

Relevant (Realistic) This goal will allow me to establish a profile of contacts within the industry to be successful. I will seek a full time employment after the completion of my degree for the goal to be realistic.

Time based I will be required to do 300 hours within 12 weeks using On The Job Learning Tool (Work Integrated Learning). I will develop a network of contacts with stakeholders within the organisation during my 12 weeks of placement at ANZ Bank.

Strategy for achievement My strategy to achieve this goal will be my self-confidence, my approachable nature. To be professinally dressed and clear with my communicatoin. I will talk and demonstrate about my role and skills and what I do as Service Consultant in the organisation.


SMART goal 2Goal title: Work performance and multitasking

Goal type: Professional

Specific My goal is to utilise my 12-week placement at ANZ Bank to enhance my work performance in terms of multitasking while working as Service consultant.

Measurable The measures I will undertake to identify this goal will be the positive feedback from my work placement mentor. I will complete and sketch an outline of my reflective writing about my 12 weeks experience at On The Job Learning.

Attainable (Achievable) To achieve this goal I will have to plan, organise and priortise my busy schedules, work placement, assessments, workshops and academic supervisor meetings to attend all within aperies of 12 weeks. I will have to utilise daily wall planner and seek help if required.

Relevant (Realistic) This goal will allow me to learn from my mistakes, identify my strengths and weakness for further development, as I will in a different work environment for 12 weeks for the goal to be realistic. It will help me to monitor and improve my work performance when I get into the industry.

Time based I am working at ANZ Bank Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday spending an average 5 hours a day except Thursday 6.5hours. I am mainly on front counter dealing with customers and computer work along with tourist who comes to bank. Therefore, it allows me to be practical and open to ask questions to them and if mistakes are made I am able to learn from it before getting full time employment with ANZ Bank.

Strategy for achievement My strategy to achieve this goal is to plan my tasks week before and focus to achive goal.


SMART goal 3Goal title: Letting go of mistakes

Goal type: Personal

Specific One of my personal issues is to over think about my past mistakes and failures. I am also impatience, which sometimes has negative impact on me in the present. My goal is to allow myself to come over my mistakes and failures, work on my nature and to have patience to create a healthy environment around me.

Measurable This goal will be measured by the situations and difficulties I deal with which will reflect on my reaction to it. My colleagues will observe this professionally and by my husband personally who are familiar with my past mistakes.

Attainable (Achievable) This goal is achievable, as I will make try and attempt to get involved with positive people professionally and personally. I will share thoughts and concerns about my personal life and highlight the struggles I am going through at present.

Relevant (Realistic)

This goal is realistic as it will be based on my past failures and experiences and how I overcome this in future.

It will graph my learning curve and it will be useful to come over my past failures.

Time based I have seven months before graduation and I would like to set goals to achieve this milestone.

Strategy for achievement My strategy to complete this goal is to share my ideas, knowledge and experience with my friends, which I will achieve during my 12 weeks at the organization.


SMART goal 4Goal title: Self-confidence and better mind-set

Goal type: Personal

Specific My goal is to improve my self-confidence to do required tasks. My attitude describes the person I am and what I am capable of.

Measurable This goal will be identified through current situation and future set goal.

Attainable (Achievable) To achieve this goal I will show confidence when communicating in my day-to-day activities. Have positive approach towards different situations and improve on problem solving situations.

Relevant (Realistic) For this goal to be realistic my self-confidence and positive mind-set will be the key to my personal growth and to mature as person.

Time based These 12 weeks will be useful for me to prepare myself, professionally and personally.

Strategy for achievement The strategy I will be using to achieve this goal will be to stay positive and make a note of my short and long-term goal.


Placement experience (EVALUATE)My 12 week placement at ANZ bank involved monthly meetings with my bank manager and other senior service consultants about the work related task that is cash passports. That was my first meeting at ANZ bank and I was nervous as I have never conducted any meeting before. But the Charles, a service consultant’s coordinator for the ANZ bank understood as he has been in my place when he was at my place during his university period. He made me feel comfortable and put me at ease and had answers for all my queries which made me feel better about myself and I was on the correct path in terms of my ideas related to the ANZ cash passports.

Throughout the meetings at ANZ bank I got some ideas from Charles that can benefits the ANZ bank such as strategies for marketing of Cash passports.



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