Topic Selection Worksheet

Topic Selection Worksheet


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Topic Selection Worksheet
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Assignment Files

The first step of the writing process in this course is to select a topic for your Final Argument Paper, which is due in Week 5. Topic selection is a foundation for the rest of the assignments in this course, and each assignment builds upon the previous week’s assignment. This week, you will select a topic, determine your position and the reasons for that position, draft a thesis statement, and identify the main components of an argument. In Week 2, you have the opportunity to further revise your thesis to ensure that it serves as a solid foundation for your argument.

Review the Discipline Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research.

Complete the Topic Selection Worksheet.

Submit your completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.


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University of Phoenix Material

Topic Selection Worksheet

Complete Parts A through D below.

Part A: Topic Selection

Select a topic for your Week 5 Final Argument Paper using the following steps:

  • Review the Discipline Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research.
  • Click on any discipline that interests you.
    • Each page has a description of the importance of rhetoric and research to degree programs and professional careers within that discipline.
    • The topics for you to choose from are below the “Importance of Rhetoric and Research” paragraph. Each topic has a link to an associated resource from the University Library to learn more about the topic.
  • Choose one topic from the list of topics under one of the disciplines. Please note the “Accessibility” area on the right is not one of the topics.

Respond to the following questions in 25-50 words total.

    • What is your selected topic?
Information Systems – Drones over America.
    • Why is this topic appropriate for an argument paper?
This topic will involve research and arguments related to the role that technology plays in our day to day lives. By developing an argument paper on “Drones over America”, I will be able to discuss the concerns raised about the invasion of privacy through the use of drones while considering the view that drones can be used to ensure public safety.

Part B: Forming Your Position to Develop Your Argument

Respond to the following questions using the topic you selected.

  1. What is your position related to your topic? (25-50 words total)
My position is that drones will play an important role in the improvement of public security and safety through surveillance.
  1. What are three reasons why you have this position about this topic? (25-50 words total)
a.     Drones provide a good way of surveilling streets and highways.

b.     The use of drones will provide security agencies with a way of ensuring security during public gatherings.

c.     Drones may be used for reconnaissance before military missions.




  1. Do you believe research will support your reasons for this position? What will you do if you cannot locate research to support your reasons for your position? (25-50 words total)
I believe that research will provide support for my arguments. In case I do not find information that supports my reasons, I will change my position based on the factual information that I will find.

Part C: Drafting Your Thesis Statement

Create a rough draft of your thesis statement using your position and reasons for your position. Your thesis statement will serve as the claim in your argument.

The use of drones by security agencies in the United States will improve security in the nation by providing a better method of security surveillance.

Part D: Components of an Argument

Arguments can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. There may be times when we do not fully evaluate arguments before forming our response to them, and our response may have been different if we fully understood what was being argued. Argument evaluation is important in everyday life to help you communicate effectively with others and to form your own arguments.

Select one article from any of the themes on the Article List.

Read the article, and respond to the following:

  1. Provide an APA formatted reference of the article you selected. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator for assistance.
Mulrine, A., (2015). Drones over America: Public safety benefit or ‘creepy’ privacy threat? Domestic Surveillance, n/a.
  1. In 25-50 words, indicate the author’s claim.
The author acknowledges that the use of drones in the United States is beneficial for security agencies. However, the author is concerned about the possible misuse of this technology to invade the privacy of citizens.
  1. In 25-50 words, indicate what evidence or research is provided to support the author’s claim.
The author uses research to support her claims and the information she has provided in the article. For instance, she quotes statements by leaders of civil liberties organizations and information provided by the Wall Street Journal.


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