To Statistacom in 2018 there were about 196 million children in Essay

To, in 2018, there were about 19.6 million children in single-parent families in the United States. 16.4 million are with their mother while the rest are with their father. As years past, children growing up in a single-parent household are to be viewed differently. A single mother or father raising a child alone sounds impossible, yet, over the years this ideal situation has become more common. A child in a single-parent household goes through so much growing up. Although they didn’t choose this family structure, it affects them in so many different aspects.

It’s whether if parents are divorced, widowed, or simply single by choice. These family structures tend to have effects on children because of only one role is there for the child. The lack of the second parent not being there disadvantages the children because giving a child proper stability, attention, and discipline can help them be more successful.There are those who claim that a child living in a single-parent household actually have advantages.

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To Statistacom in 2018 there were about 196 million children in Essay
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In the article, Positive and Negative Effects of Single Parenting they say that You tend to develop a strong and unique bond( A bond is strong between a parent and their kid because of how small the family structure is with only one parent being present in their life. Many think this because of one parent being present, that they are always going to have a bond and talk all the time. However, Taylor Markarian, who wrote the article What I learned from growing up with a single parent says, When you’re the child of a single- parent, you get used to the fact that they can’t always be there(Markarian). This goes to show you can’t have a strong bond due to the parent not being present most of the time. This is because a parent is sacrificing most of their time working. Although there are advantages, there are many disadvantages that can impact the child growing up in a single parent household.Single-parent households only provide one source of income which may lead to financial complications. In the article Single Parenthood and Poverty, the Undeniable Connection Samuelson states , 12.7% of the population were moms or dads heading single-parent households within below the government’s poverty line(Samuelson). This leads to many of single-parents working longer shifts or possibly having more than one job to be able to provide for their families. A family with multiple children may have their eldest kid take on responsibilities to provide and care for their family. Therefore a child will undergo a lot of stress due to the fact they will basically become a provider for their family. The poverty rate for children in a single-parent family was three times more than children in a two parent home. Due to the lack of income, children won’t be able to participate in school sports, events, and clubs and such. Being a part of these activities can be a positive that can help them motivate themselves to work toward something such as a career they want to pursue. Single-parent children are twice more likely to dropout of high school. About 70 percent are to dropout due to being without a father. Without proper income, a child is disadvantaged due to the fact that they’re in a single-parent household which can impact a child negatively.Children often lose their bond to their parent because of long work shifts. Single parents lose that connection between them and their child because they are busy providing for their child. A child needs a parent’s attention otherwise they start to drift away in the wrong direction. In the article What I learned from growing up with a single parent, Markarian states When you’re the child of a single-parent, you get used to the fact that they can’t always be there(Markarian). The lack of attention from a parent causes a child to seek attention-getting them in trouble with school or the law. They will get involved with the wrong people for the sake of feeling associated and connected to someone. For example, a child could join a gang to feel and get that attention that they would never get at home. As children get older they are then more vulnerable to getting hooked on drugs and alcohol. Getting hooked on drugs and alcohol are there to fill in for the problems that they are dealing with at home. In this case, not having attention from their single parent can have them hurting themselves to cope with the pain. Children that are currently in single-parent households are twice more likely to be arrested for a juvenile crime.Divorce rates have gone up the past few decades. In the article, The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children say that, 48 percent of American children are living in single-parent divorced families(Morin). Because of a divorce can cause a single-parent household, a child is more likely to experience distress, anger, and disbelief. Many children have to adjust to change most of the time. They might have lived in a big house with financial stability to have to go moving into a smaller house with less income. The child will have to get used to living with less income knowing that can’t have what they’ve had before. A child might also feel angry towards their parent saying it is their fault because of the situation they are in. The child and the parent are constantly arguing about the divorce.Most single-parent children do not have their father in the picture. The majority are raised by their mother. Not having a father disadvantages the child.According to the U.S. census bureau 43 percent of children in the United States live without a father. In the article The Fatherless Generation there are some mind-blowing statistics such as Adolescent girls raised in a 2 parent home with involved Fathers are significantly less likely to be sexually active than girls raised without involved Fathers( The Fatherless Generation). Daughters of a single-parent without a father tend to experience and have relationship issues. Fatherless daughters are shown to miss out on gaining a sense of security in their life because they missed out on having a father in the home as a protector. These young women end looking for love with the men to only end up in an abusive relationship and go the route as a single-parent themselves. Women who grow up without a father won’t get a feeling how a women should be treated by a man. Also disadvantages for the boy as well. 80 percent of rapists motivated with anger come from a fatherless household. This is bizarre, this goes to show how many children can become a statistic. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, there are many disadvantages to children growing up in a single-parent household. These single-parent families are unhealthy for children because of poverty, stability, and attention. Children need to have two role models that can financially provide, and show them attention. Parents that have raised children know that it’s not an easy experience. Statistics show how a child is negatively affected living in a single-parent household. There needs to be more assistance to help these family structure so that these children won’t become a statistics.

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