The Runaways Essay

The frame opens to an extreme close up of a man’s eyes, as he is walking forward. As the camera pans away in slow-motion, a voice-over begins:

“The first time the word ‘entrepreneur’ was coined, it meant someone who was willing to buy something at certain prices and risk selling at uncertain prices.”

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The Runaways Essay
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He stops, the camera continues to pan back.

“After all, making profits is all about the business of risking great losses.”

Wide shot of him having 5 guns pointed at him.


SAGAR. Mid-20s, Caffeine addict. Always with a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda in hand.

Sagar may very be the one of the most brilliant people you have ever met and is known for having exceptional skill with technology, but he has a problem communicating with people who are less creative with him. This often causes a problem with the team, as he avoids talking to them until absolutely necessary.

Because of this, the team think that he thinks they are stupid – which, more often than not, leads to misunderstandings with people.

Arriving at Greater Nicosia (Capital of Cyprus, the only continuously inhabited city since the Bronze Age), he joins his brother SHIVA there, who is the head of the company they run together back in India – though, he is more of an implementer. Sagar and Shiva run a private firm out of Hyderabad, and it is the first day of his new position in Cyprus. The brothers are sent on a contract to the Cypriote isles by a Middle-East firm that builds private prisons to handle a contract in Syria. It is SAGAR who comes up with the ideas. The brothers are trying to revive their fathers’ metal working factory back at home and a big opportunity comes their way in the form of a big contract, setting up a prison in Syria.ACT II – BE FIRST OR BE BETTER.

“The war against ISIS generated a world of opportunities. No one wanted to travel to Syria, so we did.”

The brothers have been living lavish lives in the company of Assad’s generals, hardly ever getting to glimpse the war. They are temporarily moved to Cyprus to work in peace when the war reaches the area they were working in. As the brother sets up the office, he goes on a tour with a local tour operator.

When he goes to explore the beaches, he finds her washed up on the beach and he rescues her. Later, when she comes to her senses in a hotel room, she tells him about what happened – She helps refugees escape, while also making a profit out of it. The previous night, she was meeting some Syrian businessperson on his yacht after the meeting but then realises that the drink she was sipping on was drugged. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, she pretends to fall overboard and swims for as long as possible before losing consciousness. That is when Sagar saved her.

She can’t be seen anywhere for a while now, so she begs him to help her. In exchange, she will help him with her contacts in Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean and make the company’s job easier.

When trying to explain her presence, he is forced to lie and improvise.

“She is a… social worker.”


“Do you know what the best currency in the world is? Respect.”

It quickly turns out that most of the stuff she is doing is borderline illegal, but it benefits their business greatly. The two quickly put a team together to keep the brothers’ firm out of the loop of their operation. These include:

– Sagar (the Plant)

– Investigator – communicative extrovert, who develops contacts and explores options (less interest when the initial enthusiasm has passed)

– Co-ordinator – Mature, confident person who is able to clarify and promote decision making (can be manipulative and aloof)

– Shaper – dynamic, outgoing, highly strung person who will challenge, pressurise and make ways around obstacles (provocation and short bursts of temper)

– Monitor/evaluator – Sober, strategic, discerning person able to see and judge objectively (lacks drive and ability to inspire others)

– Teamworker – Social, mild, perceptive and accomodating, averts friction (indecisive in crunch situations)

– Implementer – Disciplined, reliable, conservative and efficient, who can turn ideas into practical actions (somewhat inflexible, slow to respond to possibilities)

– Finisher – Painstaking, conscientious person who is always able to meet deadlines (inclined to worry duly, reluctant to delegate)

– Specialist – Single minded, dedicated self-starter who brings knowledge or technical skills that are in rare supply (contributes in narrow front only)


“I know everything about getting in trouble – sort of my specialty, really.”

This is when it is revealed that he went to jail in India for laundering money for other people online. Sagar takes up the side contract when he made friends with people in the jail – “networking with his target audience”. On personal recommendations, he keeps taking on ways to mask bigger and bigger scams until he reaches the absolute haven of money laundering – the Middle East.

Seeing him making a sacrifice for her brother, she tells her the story of Aphrodite and tells him that she loves him.


“Problems can’t be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

His brother finds out what happened, but it is too late. Sagar further hurts him by telling him that it was him who was responsible for the contract in Syria.

As a result of his foolishness and greed, Shiva is thrown in the jail.


“The way forward, may not be to go forward.”

Good behaviour gets you down to low-security, which is essentially like a college.

She helps him secure the plane. After a thrilling chase sequence, they end up at a private air-stretch from one of her previous boyfriends, whom she tied up in the bedroom.

They escape in the private jet the Prime Minister traveled in. The ex-boyfriend was a pilot and often flew for high-profile clients. After an intense chase, they make their way to the strip.

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