The Inequality of Modern Equality Essay

As the years have gone by we have strove for greater equality between men and women, as well as the different races that inhabit our world. For the most part this has made some much needed and very positive changes to our society. Some great examples of this would be the massive strides we have made in ensuring women get the same rights and opportunities as men do, or how we have left behind our gruesome past of racial segregation. But just where should the line be drawn when it comes to our efforts to ensure equality? The ongoing events of recent years would certainly suggest an answer to that question.

Firstly we should start by looking at the actual definition of equality – what is it officially defined as? According to, the definition of equality is the state or quality of being equal, as in having the exact same opportunities as every other person. However, it has become clear in recent years that all the large media corporations and political groups who are always parroting about equality’ are really striving for equity.

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The Inequality of Modern Equality Essay
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So, you may ask, what’s so bad about equity? Well, to start with the actual definitions of equity and equality, equity’ means the same outcome for everyone; everyone gets paid the same no matter what work they do. Equality’ means the same opportunity for everyone; everyone has the same opportunity to be paid a certain amount, but whether or not they take that opportunity is up to them. Now look at those two definitions and think to yourself which one you’d rather have. Sure, equity seems good at first. After all who wouldn’t want to get paid a large sum of money for doing the bare minimum, but the problems arise once you really start to think about it, and trust me, there are many problems with equity. Imagine that you have a much higher position in a job than your co-worker. Now imagine that you both get paid the exact same, despite you having worked much harder to get where you are than they have. Does that sound fair to you? This is the kind of vision being pushed on society by mainstream media and political groups, although their version goes against equality even more than the one we just looked at.The common idea of inequality pushed by the large media groups and politicians is that women are constantly being failed by the system, whether it be by men being favoured over them in the judicial system or getting paid less for the same jobs. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Men are almost always left in the dust when it comes to family court proceedings; as one Irish father states, I witnessed abominable prejudice and abuse in family courts. And that’s not the only area where men significantly suffer either. While we always hear about cases where women who raise allegations about sexual assault are not taken seriously, but, while this does sometimes happen, this is far more of a problem for men. Despite men making up almost 50% of all domestic abuse victims in the UK, there is only 18 abuse shelters across the entire UK that are designed to help men. To add to that already miniscule amount, there is not a single one in London even though it is the capital of England and the most notable city in the entire UK. That’s not even mentioning the fact that the first ever conviction of domestic abuse against a woman was only made in April of 2018. And yet, despite all that, there is next to no media coverage about these kind of issues that men face. The most you’ll find is a few articles from online news outlets, and you certainly won’t see anything on the nightly news about the rampant male suicide rates in the UK which are 3 times higher than women, standing at 4,500 a year and counting, or the fact that even though men already make up almost half of all domestic abuse cases in the UK. That could be a person you know, or even several, yet we do nothing to try and stop this epidemic. Those are just the ones that are actually reported to the police, which is already theorised to be the minority of all domestic abuse instances against men due to the way we treat their cases. Are we really willing to just sit there and whine about instances of supposed sexism and racism where there are none, or are we going to stand up for those who do need help? Those whose problems are very real and very serious. Those who face great hardships, yet are silenced on the basis that they should just be a man and take it.’But there is more than one facet of this cacophony of political correctness and complete misinformation. You may or may not have heard the term gender traitor. It is a term used by these large media organisations and political groups to force others – usually women – to conform to their ideologies and beliefs, whether or not the ones being labelled agree to it. Take the recent Brett Kavanaugh case; while it wasn’t a UK matter it still has a lot of relevance to this issue. In case you aren’t aware of it, the Kavanaugh case was a great legal matter that took place in October 2018, in which the aforementioned Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by a woman named Christine Blasey Ford. Although these claims appeared to be false as he still received his Supreme Court position. But regardless of what you believe about the actual allegations, it is pertinent to address the pressure being placed on women who supported Kavanaugh, because they genuinely believed he was innocent, were labelled as gender traitors, and were constantly pressured to change their view based solely on the fact that they were women. This idea that you should believe what the media tells you to, based on your gender is a very dangerous one indeed, and it’s one that exists here in the UK too. This is just one of several instances where stereotypes are abused in order to push an ideology.Stereotypes are false, right? They’re only used to portray a harmless comedic image of a what traits a person belonging to a specific group might have, right? Well the media would have you believe that all stereotypes are harmful’, offensive’ and simply wrong’. Except for when it helps further their agenda. Think about it; when was the last time you heard the media demonising stereotypes of women being bossy’ or manipulative’? Now, when was the last time you heard the media say that stereotypes of men being aggressive’ and animals’ were wrong? The media loves stereotypes; more specifically, it loves the way they can persuade people to think a certain way. They are completely subjective with their use of stereotypes because it helps them push an agenda. But while they’re demonising stereotypes of women, they’re also consciously demonising those who fit in to those stereotypes, because if you enjoy doing housework, if you don’t care about being strong and independent, then you don’t fit into their world view. And in their eyes that is objectively wrong, as are all who think differently to them.There are a lot of problems in the world. We can’t possibly hope to solve all of them by ourselves, but hopefully you are now more aware of the issues that will directly affect your own life. We can change these unhealthy societal views on equality for the better, but we must do so together if we hope to achieve proper equality.

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