The Good the Bad and the Ugly Essay

It is undeniable that films are essential part of our normal existence. The world of movies presents us with positive emotions and feelings of other reality. Perhaps, it sounds brutal but they substituted literature in a big extent; young generation is used to watch movie of major defining genre rather than to read book. Nevertheless, this exciting and entertaining type of art helps us plunge into adventurous world and discover new phenomena.

We are obsessed with great desire to share information and make related to famous, quintessential and definitive cinematic masterpiece “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly Essay
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” This is film with good scenario and fascinating climax.

Surfing Internet, you can come across numerous summaries about initial ideas and problems of film. That is why we have prepared data about sources of inspiration and peculiarities of style of “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.”

Critics are sure that the plot of film is the most exciting and fascinating as its crucial point is an adventure.

This motif is borrowed from “Monsieur Verdu,” where hero moves from one victim to another by train. His main aim was to make right decision. Beginning of film is not dynamic as audience can hear first replies of heroes only at 10th minute of film. You will realize the essence of the climax only after the first hour.

The plot and characters are delusive for the viewers. At first glance, everything corresponds typical films where all actions take place on the background of the Civil War. Each hero is skillful at his affair. At the beginning of the first scene, is adventurous, as the main character searches treasures and shows his braveness. The next scenes confused viewers as they do not follow the rules of definitive spaghetti western. However, we can notice how Blondin and Tuco easily cross the river when they plant a bomb for the good purposes. Here a bridge symbolizes inanition of the war.

Despite the fact that the film is based on the real facts, its dynamic and scenario are the major components of the picture that are developing according to the rules of a fairytale. Let’s realize what aspects prove this statement. First of all, we should admit that the time and place doesn’t depend on the real story. The west part of The USA was picked as the point where the evil meets good. The shooter who holds the rope of the gallows is an allusion to the image of

Archangel Gabriel. Most of the heroes do not have names because they use just nicknames. We should admit that heroes have supernatural powers such as to arise from nowhere or to escape in the most fantastic way. It is possible to notice one more feature of the fairytale: there are numerous coincidences in the film. At the moment when Touko was going to kill Blondin, the heroes meet the dying Bill Carson, who miraculously saves the life of the Nameless Arrow. Afterwards, they became the members of the camp, where Sentenza was supervisor. One more obligatory motif of a fairy tale is that the heroes face with obstacles which the antagonists should overcome. At the heart of all the actions of the heroes are joke and double deception. An interesting fact is that the film starts with a deception – Sentenza killed a man with a name who shared a meal with him.

In English pagan literature the word “cross” has different interpretation, and the same situation we can observe in “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.” The primary meaning is “baptized”; Tyko has a habit of using this symbol to protect himself. Another meaning is “fraud”; here is the only improvement for this statement: “Whoever double-crosses me and leaves me alive, he understands nothing about Tuco.” It is essential to admit that in fairy tales all characters are divided into two types: good and bad; in this film, we can notice that the main hero highlights: “People are divided into two varieties.” This scene proves that the film borrowed numerous fairy tale features that diversify and enrich its plot. In most films, viewers may ask “what if the characters did not act in such way, how would the story develop and how could it all end?” In Leon’s films such question does not arise, circumstances drive heroes, which is the feature of the plot of myth or parable.

We should admit that western films are similar to fairy tales, namely distinct characteristic of these two genres is happy end. Can you recollect shots where cowboy leaves country and moves towards the sun, and film ends? Leon’s concept is the same. Viewer does not empathize with character without name that exists outside of time and space.

This given atmosphere helps plunge into deep essence of principal problem. It is complicated to realize reason of venture destiny of hero. It is obvious that old tradition is followed: to show inner strength and weaknesses of protagonist.

It is high time to focus your attention on main sources of inspiration. The most exciting is related to Leon’s memories about fascist Italy, Italian tales, Comedia del Arte, traditional Sicilian puppet show. Works of Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner influenced solution related to decorations, that is why man with gallows is result of art of XIX century.

We intend to end with quotation of Pablo Picasso:

“Purpose of air is to give new sip; aim of art is washing dust of daily life off our souls.”

We invoke you to watch this film as it can reveal the new essence of human life.


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