Tan Sze Yuu Jovin_TG11_Ms Suki_ Essay

Name: Tan Sze Yuu Jovin (1800999C)

Class: TG11

Reflection Journal 2

Safe-sex approach is a general term used to portray strategies such as using a condom or contraceptive pills for lessening the possibility that one will spread or get sexually transmitted diseases, STDs. While for the abstinence approach, it is tied in with showing kids and youths to refrain from any sexual activity, and this is the main strategy for staying away from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Although the two approaches are comparable in instructing the youths about the prevention of catching STDs, there are also contrasts among these two approaches.

For one thing, the safe-sex approach has all the earmarks of being progressively compelling and longer-enduring with teenagers who have just engaged in sexual acts (Martin. S, Rector. R, & Pardue. M, 2004). Additionally, the objective of the safe-sex approach is to reinforce the importance of having protection in order to lessen the risk of STDs and pregnancy that results from unprotected sexual activity.

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Tan Sze Yuu Jovin_TG11_Ms Suki_ Essay
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While the abstinence approach focuses on telling adolescence to refuse sexual movement. (Martin. S, Rector. R, & Pardue. M, 2004).

Proceeding onward, in light of research, the approach that has been best for youngsters would be the safe-sex approach. Abstinence—or not engaging in sexual relations—is only referenced as one choice that teenagers may consider staying away from risks. However, the mind-boggling accentuation is on lessening hazard by empowering contraceptive use. Since safe-sex approaches put by a wide margin the best spotlight on utilizing contraception, the implicit message is that abstinence is of optional significance. (Martin. S, Rector. R, & Pardue. M, 2004).

The present approach that Singapore Education receives is the safe-sex approach. Today, sex education in Singapore keeps on being ensnared in progressing endeavours to expand the population’s fertility rates, lessen adolescent pregnancy and to contain the issues of sexual indiscrimination related with the rising rate of STIs (Liew, Warren. 2014). Schools likewise show their students that abstinence before marriage is the best strategy for adolescents. Sexuality Education shows students the conceivable results of sexual activity and that pre-marriage sex is not alluring as there are intrinsic dangers, for example, having STI (Liew, Warren. 2014). To diminish the rate of STIs/HIV and adolescent pregnancies among our young, a down to earth approach is adopted. Sexuality Education shows students facts about contraception, repercussions of easy-going sex, and the counteractive action of illnesses from a health point of view. This is notwithstanding showing young people about building solid connections and how to say “no” to lewd gestures (Liew, Warren. 2014).

Moving on, if I am a parent and I have a son, I would teach him on the protected sex approach. This is on the grounds that he can comprehend and have ensured sex by utilizing condoms. However, on the other hand, if I have a daughter, I would educate her on the abstinence approach. This is because I will not be sure if her partner is practicing safe-sex precautions and I would not want her to be contracting any diseases. Furthermore, at this stage, teenagers invest a generous measure of time with their friends, and are accordingly liable to be impacted by them. There are more to the decision-making process including components, for example, one’s hereditary, hormonal balance, mental pressure and sexual orientation. Likewise, factors such as development, obligation, independence, perspective, tension and evasion ought to likewise be considered (Reniers, R. L., Murphy, L., Lin, A., Bartolom?, S. P., & Wood, S. J. 2016). Although numerous young people may state they know everything about sex, studies have discovered that numerous youths are not totally educated about sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). As abstinence requires more prominent character and discretion and a more grounded assurance to resist social patterns and pressure than safe sex, the inability to a make a solid, wide-based case that abstinence is obviously better to protect sex makes the short “abstinence message” that is given both flat and inconclusive (Martin. S, Rector. R, & Pardue. M, 2004). Hence, this is why I feel that giving education on the safe-sex approach is better.

Lastly, a portion of the issues that emerged to me in my readings is that the extended pruning of the prefrontal cortex equates to developing frontal control over conduct, the nonattendance of which is related with impulsivity and poor basic leadership. Consequently, teenagers have for quite some time been portrayed as too much inclined to risk-taking and impulsivity as exemplified by unprotected sexual activities (Romer, D, & Khurana, A. 2014). Besides, age and conduct hindrance had coordinated associations with social uneasiness and reward affectability is related with indiscretion (Reniers, R. L., Murphy, L., Lin, A., Bartolom?, S. P., & Wood, S. J. 2016).

What I have gained from this issue is that the more established age is related to an expansion in risk-taking conduct. Research proposes that the most astounding affectability to compensate lies around 12– 13 years old and that conduct control enhances at a more consistent pace amid adolescence, prompting the expectation that risk-taking would diminish with age (Reniers, R. L., Murphy, L., Lin, A., Bartolom?, S. P., & Wood, S. J. 2016). From this issue, I feel that everybody, not simply the adolescences, have to know about the significance of having safe-sex as it is an intense issue as an individual could face negative outcomes later on. One example could be their kid contracting STDs which may then result in them not having the capacity to discover a mating accomplice. Subsequently, I trust that we ought to dependably think before we act and reflect if what we are going to do is right or not.


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Liew, Warren. (2014). Sex (education) in the city: Singapore’s sexuality education curriculum. Discourse Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. 35. 10.1080/01596306.2014.931114.

Word Count: 932

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