Summary Although people use different styles at different Essay


Although people use different styles at different moments, there is a tendency to lean towards one or two of the five conflict styles. This model gives insights into different ways people respond to conflict. Conflict can be viewed as negative but if approached correctly it can also be positive. We all have our own natural way to approach conflict, by choosing the right approach we control it.

In the second example the Interest Based Relational Approach was used. This was an altercation in store that caused embarrassment and demotivation to one member of staff whilst the other was oblivious to the effect, they had caused

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Summary Although people use different styles at different Essay
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Method used Issue What Happened Was it successful? Outcome

IBR model Grievance filed Spoke to everyone to hear their side, listened to all viewpoints

Empathised with the situation but separated the person from the problem

Decided on

Speaking with both meant they had a chance to share feelings and they felt listened to.

Aiming to mediate was well received by one but not the other Mediation did not happen, both team members agreed separately to move on from it and remain professional but did not want to build bridges together despite best efforts

1. Make sure that good relationships are a priority. Treat the other person with respect. Do your best to be courteous, and to discuss matters constructively.

2. Separate people from problems. Recognize that, in many cases, the other person is not “being difficult” – real and valid differences can lie behind conflicting positions. By separating the problem from the person, you can discuss issues without damaging relationships.

3. Listen carefully to different interests. You’ll get a better grasp of why people have adopted their position if you try to understand their point of view.

4. Listen first, talk second. You should listen to what the other person is saying before defending your own position. They might say something that changes your mind.

5. Set out the “facts.” Decide on the observable facts that might impact your decision, together.

6. Explore options together. Be open to the idea that a third position may exist, and that you might reach it jointly. (n.d.)

[Online] Conflict Resolution, using the “interest-Based Relational” available at: (accessed 2nd October 2019)

In Summary IBR is best used for resolution of difficult situations with individuals as it can be considerate and non-confrontational as it deals with the issue not the individual, However Thomas-Kilmann is useful when two strong personalities clash to resolve conflict using their preferred style to work through the model.

The Goal in this project is to provide an affordable Health care benefit to staff, this blends in well with our current focus on increasing Wellbeing in the Company. Medical insurance is a desired benefit as to date only senior management get the option of BUPA. For this I researched and identified a company called Benenden, a not for profit Friendly Healthcare Mutual which is affordable and efficient for both employee and company.

For my first example I used the SWOT analysis technique combining both the Insurance Company and my Company’s current situation

Strength Weakness

• UK Company since 1906

• Accepts pre existing conditions

• Affordable

• Option for full, part or salary sacrifice funding

• Encourage employees to take control of their health

• Staff have been asking for this type of benefit • Cost

• Timing of project vs Budget planning

• Timescale to deliver

Opportunity Threat

• Engagement through wellbeing

• Affordable health care

• Additional options for Executive

• Not for-profit company

• Absence levels decrease

• Boost retention due to benefit • Company may decide not to do

• Low take up

• No budget available

After completing SWOT, it was agreed to host a focus group to discuss the scheme from all angles and all levels. Following this a CBA was prepared providing examples of full, part funding and salary sacrifice. A timescale was included for set up and delivery, this was then sent to the Board for approval.

My second example utilised the SMART model to break down the stages I need to go through to gain agreement from the Board



Brief to Board on Features and Benefits of making staff responsible for their own healthcare. Examples shown of absence reduction in companies after joining against current company rates.


Examples of reports provided by Benenden on usage during membership.

Introduce statistics on staff buy in for other worked examples.


Costings applied on full and part company funding and no hidden costs, as one price fits all. Additional resources shown as add ins. Show savings against BUPA members changing to the plan for them and for company.

Shown ease of set up and tools for monitoring.


A good value service to offer staff on top of their salary in an aim to increase wellbeing and boost recruitment and retention

Time bound

Can be administered swiftly and efficiently at any given point


I applied the Smart model to analyse the issue of budget. There was an element of working blind on this as there was no budget figure given, albeit I was aware of the full cost to implement, this is a one cost plan for all. The Specific need in this project was to improve wellness and to see a reduction in absence levels. This was measured using absence levels from 2018; specifically highlighted mental Health absences. I then applied the cost of full staff integration onto the plan against potential reduction in absence. I based it on a reduction in absence levels over the next 3 years of -5% per year and the savings that would bring. This in turn showed that the plan would pay for itself by year 3.

To analyse the issue of securing the Budget if all employees join the scheme, I decided to complete a pulse survey asking what they felt was important to them when having this scheme in place and would they join. This enabled me to have an overall view of numbers concerned. This then enabled me to carry out a more balanced Cost-Benefit Analysis.

I did some research on absence figures in the market utilising the CIPD 2016 Annual Survey

“The average median cost of absence per employee is (?522)” (CIPD 2016)

“the main causes of absence are similar to previous years. Minor illness remains the most common cause of short-term absence followed by Stress, Acute medical conditions and mental ill health continue to be the most common cause of long-term absence” (CIPD, 2016)

This made it easier to project potential cost savings to the business in the longer term and in addition we were making a big step towards creating a strong focussed Wellbeing Strategy.

I. Influence

To influence you may need to have an impact or effect on other peoples thinking, actions or behaviour.

For this I used the Push-Pull model

I had done a lot of research into existing plan and alternatives and had found that there was no similar plan to match Benenden, so it was somewhat unique. The board members I presented to are both on private medical insurance so are aware of the benefit/disadvantage of BUPA and the cost involved to self and company.

I presented the key company information and the list of benefit provided for individual. The difference in costing for 4 members of staff on Bupa compared to 250 members on Benenden was shown in both full, part and salary sacrifice options.

I used research to show the key benefits of having this plan available for staff by way of reducing absence, attracting new talent and retention

I utilised ‘Push’ as the preferred method here as the project is a “safe” idea (Martin & Whiting, 2016)

ii. Persuading

For this project Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence shows perfectly the process I went through to persuade Board agreement.

Reciprocity –. Presentation of the current BUPA membership (four senior managers) the company currently manage the plan; I then presented the savings to the Director using his example. Personalise the project showing that the Bupa members could benefit from a more affordable plan for no loss of service.

Consistency – Use examples of current BUPA scheme and the barriers with this scheme compared to the new option. Appeal to the members who are currently enrolled, I presented research of how often the current scheme has been used and at what cost to them. The objective here was to show why it would be beneficial to all staff.

Social Proof – Discussion around what other key companies were doing and what we lacked, this brought to light that we had nothing in place to improve absence levels or wellbeing of staff. Showing that people were the centre of the business and the benefit of looking after them was tantamount to future business success, I utilised Video’s and testimonials to illustrate this.

Liking – I reiterated their earlier comments here to show I was making it personal for them, I added a testimonial from the Directors football team to influence his thinking and to lighten the discussion.

Authority – I showed the Presentation from Benenden to show the openness and benefit of dealing with this company over others. I talked through current UK absence Statistics and current company levels and balanced this against having a plan in place to identify and manage on a very personal level.

Scarcity – I concluded that Benenden was unique in that no other company delivers the same service for the price. And I Highlighted the fact that one price fits all staff so thus reducing the theory of them and us drives staff motivation upwards. (Anon., n.d.)

Online :

iii. Negotiation

“in the simplest terms, is a process aimed in reaching an agreement” (Martin & Whiting, 2016)

For this activity I have used the RADPAC model and have collectivised the process together

I began by building RAPPORT with the Board by asking them how their current health and wellbeing was and had a short discussion around what they like about any current plan they had. I moved onto the ANALYSIS stage by introducing some research and statistics highlighting that placing staff in control of their wellbeing has reduced absence levels in other platforms, I introduced proven examples and testimonials and added a slide detailing absence statistics over the past three years, adding costs currently vs reduction in absence levels for the future. I then opened the floor for DEBATE by suggesting a short discussion around their understanding of what I have detailed. I ensured any points were answered or marked for clarification.

I led on to asking for opinions to gauge if they were convinced or if they need more clarification? I pushed gently at this point for agreement and then I then proposed what the next stage should look like and vote to gain mutual agreement to move forward. Once agreed I called for closure to the meeting and agreed to follow up agreement and actions by end of day. (Janse, 2019)

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