Study Guide – Midterm exam- MKTG 410

Instructor: Dr. Kordrostami

Chapter 1 Buying, Having, and Being: An Introduction to Consumer Behavior

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Study Guide – Midterm exam- MKTG 410
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  • What are the three stages of consumer behavior process?
  • What does market segmentation mean and why marketers use this strategy?
  • Define exchange and describe its importance in marketing.
  • Explain how each of the following can be used as segmentation basis? Age, gender, family structure, social class and income, race and ethnicity, geography, lifestyles.
  • What is database marketing? What is big data?
  • How popular culture can impact marketing?
  • What are the four different types of relationship that a person might have with a product?
  • What are our motivations to consume? How our needs and wants differ and how they impact consumption?



Chapter 3 Perception

  • Define sensation and its impact on marketing.
  • Define perception and explain how does it influence consumer behavior.
  • What is hedonic consumption and how does it relate to sensation?
  • Define sensory marketing.
  • Provide examples of each of the senses that are used in sensory marketing.
  • How does color impact marketing practices?
  • What does sound symbolism mean in marketing?
  • Define “Need for Touch” and explain how it impacts consumption.
  • What are the stages of perception?
  • Define below terms:
    • Sensory threshold
    • Psychographics
    • Absolute threshold
    • Differential threshold
    • n.d.
  • What is subliminal perception? Is subliminal advertising effective?
  • Define attention. What is sensory overload?
  • What is multitasking?
  • How perceptual vigilance is different from perceptual defense? How these two personal filters impact attention?
  • Define adaptation and explain its influence on marketing.
  • Define interpretation.
  • What is semiotics? What are the three important components in semiotics?


Chapter 4 Learning and Memory

  • Define learning.
  • What are the two streams of learning theories?
  • Define behavioral learning. What are the types of behavioral learning?
  • What are the components of classical conditioning?
  • What are some marketing applications of classical conditioning?
  • What is the other name for instrumental conditioning? What are the types of instrumental conditioning that can occur?
  • What are the different types of reinforcement schedule that can happen in instrumental conditioning?
  • What is frequency marketing? How is it related to instrumental conditioning?
  • Define cognitive learning theory.
  • What is observational learning? What are the different stages of observational learning?
  • Define consumer socialization? How parents influence children’s consumption behavior?
  • Define memory. What are the different types of memory? Explain each of the types of memory.
  • How do marketers use associative networks and knowledge structures in marketing?
  • Define schema and script. How these concepts impact marketing?
  • What are some factors that help individuals to retrieve information?
  • What are some factors that lead to forgetting information?
  • Explain how recognition and recall are different.
  • What is a response bias?

Chapter 13 Subcultures

  • Why subcultures are important in marketing?
  • Define acculturation. Who can perform the role of acculturation agent?
  • How does progressive learning model help us to understand acculturation?
  • When does deethnicization occur?
  • What are the big three American ethnic subcultures? What are the characteristics of each of these ethnic subcultures?
  • How does religious subcultures impact consumer behavior?
  • What are the factors that impact family life cycle stages?
  • Define age cohort. What are the age cohorts in the US? What are some of the characteristics of each of these cohorts?



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