STS – Outcome-Based Assessment#1 Essay

MARIQUINA, Nerichelle V. Prof. Racquel LaycoAMV – 1A5 STS – Assessment01/31/19

Outcome-Based Assessment

Write a reflection a case shown earlier according to the following guide questions:

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STS – Outcome-Based Assessment#1 Essay
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Choose a case to discuss. What UN sustainable goal/s is/are being addressed for the case?

CASE: Boracay island now closed for business

The island of Boracay is a multi-awarded and world-famous tourist destination located in the Philippines. For quite a long time now, people from the different parts of the world travel all the way here to pay a visit to this paradise.

Along with this, the country faced an outburst in terms of tourism in the recent years. This phenomenon both gave gains and losses for the Philippines. The gains include revenue-generated ones due to tourism. On the other hand, losses come from various aspects. According to Legaspi (2018), inspections were conducted and revealed that environmental violations were made by over 800 establishments situated in Boracay. The island’s biodiversity was severely damaged by the unregulated development of these commercial infrastructures causing risks to marine life and decline in water quality.

The neglect and abuse clamored for national attention and had paved the way for the government to decide for a six-month closure of the island that started from April 26, 2018. Rehabilitation operations were made throughout the duration of the closure. Main roads went under construction and widening, drainage pipes were fixed, stricter rules for tourism were imposed, and businesses were closed. In my opinion, I think that it was high time for the government to do what they did. Let’s not deny the fact that many workers were affected by the closing of the island, but these commercial establishments must wake up from overly abusing the gift of nature. Sustainable development must be practiced. Through the said rehabilitation of the island, they were able to address some UN sustainable goals. Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation was addressed through investing in the management of water ecosystems in Boracay. Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities was also addressed through resolving the issues of waste collection and management. Lastly, Goal 14: Life below water was dealt in their aim to alleviate the deterioration of the bodies of water and the protection of marine life. These initiatives are keys to a sustainable Boracay island that we envision for the present and future generations to benefit from.

What is the science/ technology behind the case? Explain the science concept/s involved.

Resurrecion (2018) mentioned that a forum was held by the NAST PHL to discuss about the science and technology behind the temporary closure of Boracay and the establishments therein. A study from 2012 was cited in the discussion. It was mentioned that E. coli and coliform populations were high on some beach sites in the island. On the other hand, it was found out that the coastal areas with good water quality are that of the ones where commercial establishments were connected to proper sewerage systems. Hence, there was an evident need to monitor waste disposals from the houses and establishments surrounding the waters. Aside from this, coastal erosion, water-quality degradation, green tides, and poor reef conditions are also some of the scientific issues lying behind the case. In addition, a technological part is also considered in this case. Cuevas, an academician present in the said forum, suggested that state-of-the-art wastewater-treatment facilities must be placed on the discharge points of the drainages from the establishments in Boracay. The efficient and effective use of the technology is important if we want to maintain a sustainable world for the next generations. The technologies are readily accessible for us and we must use them wisely.

What is the societal issue/s behind the case?

The most evident societal issue behind the case is the environmental one. People in the society tend to resort into neglecting and abusing the gift of nature. The weak governance of the local and national institutions towards the preservation and protection of the island of Boracay is not the sole reason for what has transpired. The lack of discipline and concern of the public? natives and tourists, for the environment are to be blamed as well. Failure to practice sustainable development is a major setback from the progress that we thought we already had. Commercial establishments, natives, and tourists must be one in preserving the island paradise of Boracay so that we and the generations to follow will reap the benefits of our combined efforts.

Provide your reference/s.

References are retrieved from:

Legaspi, A. (2018, March 2). 800 establishments in Boracay have violations. Retrieved from H. (2018, September 13). What’s happening Boracay, the island paradise ruined by tourism. Retrieved from L. (2018, May 13). Sceintists: Boracay environmental woes traced to weak governance. Retrieved from the Sustainable Development Goals. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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