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SESSION:  SEP 2017 – JULY 2019




My duties at the bank during my internship were of the diversified nature. I was rotated in the different departments of the bank. I was also assigned with some responsibilities of the minor level.

They gave me so me assignments as well to give me the true exposure of practical work environment.

I have worked in following different departments of the Allied Bank Limited these are:

Cash Department

Clearing Department

Remittance Department

Accounts Department etc.


I started my internship at Allied Bank Limited PIA Road Branch, Lahore, on Thursday 1st June 2017. Am here first time so this place is annoying for me the management of my branch helps me a lot specially Sir M.

Baqir Raza, he helps me in every single problem which I have faced during my internship.

4.2.1 Orientation:

During first week of my internship our Branch Manager Sir Murtaza Faisal Pal held a small orientation for teaching me the rules and regulations about the Allied Bank Limited, and also how to help customer in filling their cheques and teaching them about Automated Teller Machine who don’t have any about it.

4.2.2. Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

In my first week of internship manager sent me to Automated Teller Machine with a customer who don’t know about Automated Teller Machine, he need guidance to operate Automted Teller Machine and getting his money through Automated Teller Machine.

4.2.3. Filling Cheques and Deposit Slips:

During first week of my internship my duty is to help customers in filling their cheques and deposit slips who are under educated or uneducated.


I was sent to Mr. Baqir Raza who is the Branch Operation Manager to sit with him for one week to see and observe his working style and attitude towards the customers.

The most important thing which I have observes by sitting with him is that he is always trying his best to satisfy the customer needs and also trying his best to answer the queries of customers about their problem and about bank policies.

Meanwhile he is busy in dealing with customers he also asked few questions from me like what is the today’s US Dollar rate in respect to the Pakistani Rupee.

4.3.1. Opening Account:

I learnt how to open a new account during my internship. These are the some accounts which are opens in our branch these are:

Current Account

Saving Account

Fix Deposit Account

Partnership Account

Joint Account


4.3.2. Process of Opening an Account:

If a person willing to open an account has to complete the account he has to complete the account opening form, which contains the personal information about the person.

The bank makes sure that all the information provided by the person is authentic. All these documents are mandatory with customer information while opening a new account.

Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Copy

Two Specimen Signature

Left Thump Impression (for illiterate person)

Copy of recent month Bill

All the documents along with account opening form is checked by another officer, after the manager verified it the account number is entered in account opening form and computer generates it.

After few days the bank sent a letter of thanks to the address of the person. When the letter is received the person may come to the bank to receive his Cheque Book and the Debit ATM card. The bank also informs its head office about the new open accounts and also charges nominal account at first time.


During third week I was sent to Cash Department with Faizan Roshan-Din, Hina Ibrar and Mahrukh Maqsood, staff of the cash department. In this department I work on collection of cheques, deposit of cheques, debit and credit of cheques and maintaining the register for accounts debit and credit.

4.4.1. Collection of Cheques/OBCs:

The collection of cheques/OBCs is the cheques, which we have cleared for our customers when some of our customers receive the cheque that is of some other country. These cheques are known as collection cheques or the other name we gave them is OBC.

4.4.2. Maintaining Register for OBCs:

We have the register in which the Serial No. for OBCs with other details like amount, date, sending and receiving branches’ codes. Every OBC is not cleared whatever fault is, we take it back as a return but after that we call the concern person as we also write the name of the person.


During the 4th week of my internship I have to report to branch manager about what I have learnt in last three weeks. After the report given to the manager about my work what I have learnt in last three weeks of my internship he helps me printing the document, photocopying the document, scanning the document, arranging the files, arranging cheque books of the clients and the ATM Debit card of the Clients.

I have also learnt about the formal letter writing which includes:

Letter Format

Letter font size

Use of Subject Line

The person who authorize it


In the 5th and 6th week of my internship my manager ask me to sit into the remaining departments of the branch and gain knowledge & experience and observe how work is conducted in these departments.

4.6.1. Customer Care Department:

This department serves as a front representative of the bank. Multiple tasks are executed in this department. I was asked to observe different complaints received by the bank by its customer. I maintained the suspense account register. I put the application received for the ATM card in the register.

4.6.1. Foreign Exchange Department:

This is the department with very vast scope and a variety of dimensions. There, I had to maintain some letter of credit (LCs). I also made outgoing draft and inward draft entries.

4.6.2. Advance and Credit Department:

In this department I was given some files to study, which were about the credit information. The person asked me about the term and conditions on which the bank accepts or rejects an application for the credit.




SWOT Analysis is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT Analysis a study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.

5.1.1. Strengths of ABL:

During my internship I have observed following strengths of the ABL:

Good online system in every branch of the ABL.

All the departments of the ABL are working efficiently and effectively, which I thought is a strengthening point.

This branch is linked through a network of 1150+ branches which enable them to serve the customer in a better way.

In every branch ABL has installed ATM.

Credit and Accounts department is working efficiently because of the cooperative staff of the branch.

ABL priorities their customers.

ABL provides full customer satisfaction.

Up to dated Banking Services.

Monthly E-statement of the account is sent to the client through email.

The employees of the ABL are efficient and expert in their field.

The environment of the ABL is effective and sustainable.

ABL introduced my ABL a new face of direct internet banking.

ABL provides good services to their customers that’s why it has brand popularity.

In every department of the ABL there are proper check and balance.

ABL take care of their customers Birthday’s also.

5.1.2. Weaknesses of ABL:

The branch manager or head of department cannot take the decision individually because of the centralized system of the ABL.

ABL and many other banks have the similar product line.

High interest rate charge by the ABL on credit.

There are many ABL branches which are not connected to the online system.

Motivation is very important for the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee but bank doesn’t take any effective part to motivate employees.

The technical training of the staff is negligible e.g. in case of the absence of computer there is no alternate trained personal who can record the daily transactions.

The organization is very much mechanistic and provides no flexibility to encourage creativity.

The lower staff is non cooperative as compared the lower staff of other branches.

ABL doesn’t use their employee’s proper abilities.

The control of manager is not effective.

I observed favoritism in the branch.

The job distribution is not up to the mark.

5.1.3. Opportunities of ABL:

In Pakistan IT system is improving if ABL installed new technology in every department they can get benefits by availing this opportunity.

Easy access to the account through online by anyone.

It is the great opportunity for the bank is to encourage mobile banking.

ABL should increase their product to satisfy their customer.

For customer satisfaction ABL should have proper trained staff.

Develop good strategies to achieve organizational and customer goal.

ABL should make unique product line from his competitors for greater customer loyalty.

5.1.4. Threats of ABL:

Political instability is the major threat for ABL.

Increase and Decrease in the value of the Rupee, inflationary conditions are the main threats for the bank.

Technologic change is another threat for the bank.

Allied Bank also faces Macro-economic encounters.

When the government is changed the tax policies are also changed according to the new government.

The main threat for the bank is better competitor services, many banks providing high return on deposits than ABL.



6.1. Learning:

This internship is very useful for me and for my future career. In this 6 weeks of my internship I gathered a lot of knowledge and information about what type of work activities are performed in a bank in what departments. Following I have learnt there:

Opening a Account

Filling Cheques

Filling Deposit Slips

Data Entry

Receiving and filling customer applications

Mutual understanding and working experience with each other

How to react in a meeting

How to respect your colleagues and staff

How to build good relation with customers

Managing the books of accounts

Issuing Cheque books and ATM cards

6.2. Conclusion:

On the basis of my experience at ABL, I concluded that;

ABL is best because it attracts every customer through its best financial policies.

ABL has the one of the best online banking system in the Pakistan.

The first goal of the ABL is to give maximum satisfaction to his customers.

The environment of the ABL is effective and friendly for all the old and new comers.

ABL is much innovative with its product line and services.

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PCRA) has maintained long-term rating of ABL “AA+” (Double A plus) while the Short-Term rating of the bank is already at the highest level of “A1+” (A one plus).

ABL has developed a proper client-management system to stay aware of user’s need timely.

ABL is very active in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)



7.1. Suggestions and Recommendations:

On the basis of my experience and observation at Allied Bank Limited, I recommended;

The lighting must be improved and all old lights must be replaced.

ABL should develop the business by improving technology.

Newspaper should be provided to the customers for avoiding them pain of waiting long.

There must be a cash counting machine in every branch of ABL which can help in reducing time consumption.

More skilled staff should be hired in every branch of the ABL for the better performance of the bank.

Every customer must have the right to complaint of any staff.

Every new and old customer should be given equal importance and there should be no difference between the customers so that every customer feels himself as much important as the other customer.

There must be online system in every branch of ABL.

Direct contact between customer and the banking staff can increase the customer satisfaction.

There must be innovations in every phase of the bank.

A clean and friendly environment should be provided to the customers.

There must be promotion facility in every branch for making staff more efficient.

In every branch, rapid communication and delivery of information must be possible.

On the retirement of any staff member, benefits should be provided to him under the provisions made under Pakistan’s law.

The bank should focus on their competitor advantage.

Marketing efforts should be increasing for brand development.

The bank should pay more attention on the presentation and orientation of the employees for their better performance.

For making their clients comfort there must be a well AC and clean waiting room in every branch of the ABL.

As we are a Islamic state there must be some special arrangements for the women’s.

The bank must give humble response to the customer’s complaints.

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