SEProject(1) Essay


Gadgets like Alexa, Google Home which use a voice controlled mode of operation serve the affluent to control their home electrical and lighting system. It also serves as an informative and entertainment system. It can control home appliances through a voice controlled android application. This system has two components, a voice recognition system and a wireless system.


Alexa must be designed in such a way that it understands and executes commands given by users. It should also allow different devices such as iPad, cell phones etc to pair with it.

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SEProject(1) Essay
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Another main feature should be that the feedback generation must be quick, effective and in real-time.


1.   Network Service: features provided by one appliance such as storage of information, communication or interaction and presentation is utilised by remaining devices.

2.   Client:  End users that access a remote facility on another platform

3.   Development of android software: Android development kits are used for the development of Python, R and Java programming languages.

It is a process by which interfaces are created for database management systems and operating systems.

4.   User interface: Space between humans and Alexa where communication/interaction takes place.

5.   HUI: human user interface

6.   Customer: The enterprise or department that utilizes Alexa.

7.   Database: It may consist of pictures ,text, numerical, records or bibliographic data. It refers to gathering or grouping of information which is organised for easy management and manipulation.

8.  Mobile Interface: the interface which can be managed on various smart phones which permits various operations such as maintenance of systems, information management.

9. Security: the information transmitted across servers must be secure , authentic and confidential.

10. Delivery: Refers to the process of extraction of a package from the receiver.

11.   Packet: Refers to a well attached unit of data which is carried/transmitted by various networks.

12.   Socket: it serves as the end point of the communication flow across various networks

13.   Adobe Photoshop: it is a software tool for editing graphics

14.   Demo: non-interactive presentation of information is referred to as a demonstration.





Functional requirement specifies what Alexa system must do. It also describes the functionality and services provided by the it. It may involve calculation, technical details ,data manipulation and processing and the functionality that the software should achieve.

1.       Body signals or gestures should be used to turn on./off the lamps and music systems

2.       Alexa must be able to be accessed through various cell phone devices

3.       Alexa should be able to provide necessary feedback information, in human language

4.       The feedback info that the system provides can be whether the system recognises the correct information and executes right actions.

5.       It must also provide button features as some users prefer to use it over speech.

6.       Alexa should also allow to control the home devices when the user is far away from home

7.       Most basic and important feature that it should provide is to turn on/off music stereo and home lamps through voice.

8.       It should be able to add or eliminate new devices into the system.


Accessibility :Accessibility is the degree to which a service, device or environment is available. Alexa should be easily accessible to various people and devices and must be easily understandable by the end users and customers.

Usability :As Alexa uses a voice recognition based system,there may be problems with some voice with accent. It must still accept the language and execute the necessary instruction. If the system cannot recognize the users command, it should suggest to the user about related options based on the command. It should also be controlled through buttons and not only voice based instructions.

Reliability :Reliability emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product. Dependability, or specified period of time. The hardware in the Alexa should be safe enough to control the switches of electronic equipments. Also a user should be able to track all the command has been made and the system should keep tracking users commands.The log helps user and the system to understand the users habits better and improve the quality of voice recognition by predicate users commands. Performance :Performance is characterized by the useful work accomplished by a system compared to the time and resources used. A user should get feedback in a very short time after he gives the commands. The processing time should be short and should be capable of performing complex calculations.


The architectural design for voice controlled Home Automation using Alexa consist of a microcontroller such as an arduino, Amazon Web Services ,relays and devices connected via various and protocols.

Amazon Web ServicesAlexa Voice ServicesServicesMicrocontroller(Arduino)RelaysDevicesAlexaVoice ControlAmazonAndroid ApplicationCameraLightsTVSoundbar

Architectural design for voice controlled home automation system using AlexaThe Alexa voice service is a part of Amazon Web Services. This includes an alexa app that can connect alexa enabled device like amazon echo. The app calls up a dialogue where the user logs in and selects the installation he wants to control with Alexa such as cameras, tV, lights, etc. The devices are connected via various interfaces and protocols.

Architectural pattern:

The system can have a layered architecture, Client and server architecture, database architecture, event driven architecture.

Layered architecture:

Name: Layered architecture

Description: The system is organised into 4 layers based on the functionality associated with each layer. The services offered by the lower layers such as the devices like sensors are used by the layer about it such as device manager, gateway for communication to happen.

When used: The layer is used for multilevel security by providing features such as login, authorisation, etc.

Advantages: User authentication can be provided increase the dependability of the system.

Disadvantages:   Failure of one layer in a interferes with the functioning off the layers above, as data cannot be accessed from lower layers, like data from the sensors cannot be retrieved by the servers to process the data.

The layer architecture of this system consists of the main layers :The physical layer comprises of the devices, such as, lights, camera ,TV, soundbar ,etc.

The data link layer consists of gateway, communication protocols, device manager ,etc.

The network and transport layer consists of the internet or servers

usually for authentication or authorisation.

The topmost layer consists of web portals, mobile applications( user interfaces).

Web PortalAlexa DevicesMobile AppInternetServicesGatewayComm.ProtocolsDeviceManagerDevices-camera, sensors lights , TV, etcApplication and Presentation layerNetwork and Transport layerData Link LayerPhysical Layer

Layered Architecture

Client-Server architecture:

Name: Client server architecture

Description: The system is organised into services with each service delivered from a separate server.

When used: This architecture allows different clients to control the hardware through authorising and identifying them.

Advantages: Services can be accessed by the clients to servers distributed across a network and wait until the client receives a reply.

Disadvantage: Service can be denied as each service is a single point of failure.

InternetClient 1Client 2Client 3Client 4CatalogueServerAmazonCloud DatabaseLanguageServerAlexa Voice Server

Client –Server Architecture

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