Research Proposal Presentation

Research Proposal Presentation                                                            

Assignment Criteria

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Research Proposal Presentation
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It is essential for social workers to be able to present a proposal for an effective social program that addresses specific social health issues.

You are now ready to create a Research Program Proposal presentation that focuses on the social issue you selected for this course. Imagine you have been asked to present to your community council a program that you have researched and developed.



Complete the following:

Needs Assessment: – First, in this part of the PowerPoint presentation (ground campus students may be asked to complete a poster for in-class presentation), explain what you discovered from the assessment of your community. Include the following in your needs assessment:

  1. Describe the social issue you selected for this proposal project as well as the target population/client. Explain how this social issue is affecting your target population/client and community stakeholders.
  2. Describe the culture of your community.
  3. Explain the risk factors that might be driving patterns and behaviors related to your selected social issues.
  4. Explain the cultural influences on your target population/client.
  5. Explain whether or not any social health resources exist within your community.
  6. Describe the environmental influences on your community (food/liquor infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, recreational facilities, etc.). How are these environmental influences affecting the mental and physical health in your community?
  7. Finally, describe any existing evidence-based programs or practices in your community.

Now you are ready to propose your program/project to the council.

Proposed Program: – In this part of the PowerPoint presentation, describe the program/project you are proposing by addressing the following:

Core message or theme of program: – Explain why you selected this type of program/project and the message you want to send out. Explain the theory your program/project is based on.

Target population/client: – Describe the target population/client and why you chose to focus on this population/client.

Social issue: – Describe the selected social issue affecting your community.

Program outcomes/goals: – Describe the objectives and goals of your proposed program/project. What short-term and long-term outcomes do you want to see as a result of your program/project? How will you measure/evaluate these outcomes?

Evidence-based research: – Citing two to four scholarly sources, explain how research supports your proposed program/project design and projected outcomes.

Resources: – Describe existing community resources and programs available to your target population (If children are your target population/client, be sure to provide resources for parents). Are these resources easily accessible or not?

Program Design:

Activities: – Describe the tasks/activities within your proposed program/project. Are there a range of activities and outputs? What are the desired outcomes of the program/project? How long will the program/project last?

Stakeholders: – Describe the stakeholders (schools, businesses, leaders, police, faith-based organizations, etc.) in your community. How will you engage stakeholders in your community? What are the benefits to stakeholders for participating in your proposed program/project?

Engagement: – Describe how your proposed program/project will engage and empower the participants, families, and your community.

Logistics: Explain how your proposed program/project will be organized:

Duration of program: – How long will your program/project last? Explain how you will ensure safety of participants-For example, online registration forms, confidentiality agreements, social media restrictions.

Location of program: – Describe where will your program/project occur- On a campus? In a building? In a community  recreation hall? At a school? Explain how you will address possible limitations of the location.

Participants: – How many participants will your program/project allow? Is it a manageable size? How will you recruit and train volunteers? How will you involve families and community members?

Sound Management: Describe the levels of leadership required – degree level of staff, and structure of the personnel. Explain whether or not volunteers be utilized.

Sociocultural factors: – How will your proposed program/project address the cultural factors of your community?

Ethical Considerations: Describe any ethical issues (confidentiality, consent, disclosure, etc.) and how you will prepare to address and resolve those issues.

Evaluation Strategies:

Describe the evaluation methods you will use to evaluate the proposed program/project’s effectiveness during and after its implementation.

Explain how you will remain true to your program/project’s mission and vision throughout the implementation.

Explain how this program/project will be sustained following the initial implementation. Describe any available grants or other funding opportunities.

Limitations: In this section, describe the possible limitations of your community program/project. Explain how you will prepare for and address possible limitations of your program/project.

Summary: Lastly, provide a summary about your proposed program/project, goals, and how your program/project will alleviate the social issue affecting the target population/client in your community.

References: – Provide a reference slide.

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