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Nintendo is a brand that is cherished all over the globe and widely known as a video game company for more than 30 years ago. Presently, Nintendo is well-known worldwide, and many people have Nintendo consoles in their homes or at least one system from the company. Nintendo has come a long way since the company was discovered in terms of logo, product, marketing plans, vision and mission.

Many people know Nintendo or at least has heard of the brand name, but some do not necessarily know the origin of Nintendo.

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Nintendo is much older than many believe even before video games existed. In fact, the initial Nintendo Company began in 1889 with the production of famous card games in Japan, and certain types of card games are still being built even till today, including Pok?mon card games. When gaming devices were first manufactured, the Nintendo that is currently known worldwide with its reputation began in 1974. Nintendo is currently one of the world’s most lucrative businesses and its logo represents a lengthy and exciting past.

Not only video game consoles, and card games are manufactured by the company but also having their own caf?s such as Kirby caf? and Pok?mon caf?.

1) The Initial Nintendo logo is the combination of three kanji spelling Nin Ten Do which translates to “leave luck to heaven”. Therefore, Nintendo is pronounced the same in Japanese as it is in any other language. Nintendo kept this logo for years while they were selling playing cards in Japan.

2) This logo was implemented while developing some of its first video game systems. The reasons behind these changes of logo was to ensure the supporters of Nintendo could easily recognize the familiar block lettering, and the way that the words are enclosed within a red border. This logo was made to be much easier to compare to their previous logos, along with classic styling that was used in this logo had been made the standard for future logos. The stage for the company logo had been set since then and became widely well-known all around the globe.

3) This modernized logo is widely recognized by people as it is currently being used, all the components such as color that became the company’s signature color were sustained. The phrases are less blocky than the previous logo when it was revealed to the public, but still maintain a comparable appearance. The logo held the bright red color and has a notable shift in the boundary design between this logo and the predecessor, which did not last for many years.

Without severe modifications, this logo has existed for many years and had been deemed a merit by the media.

Vision and Mission

As an entertainment company, Nintendo aims to spread smiles among society through their products and services. Thus, the company’s mission is “Putting Smiles on Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches”. Generating and advertising the best products and assistance facilities is Nintendo’s dedication. Strongly believing that it is not only vital to provide the best performance products, but also to handle each client with kind attention, consideration and respect. By listening closely to the customers, the company constantly improve their products and services.

Nintendo feels an equal commitment towards their employees, a strong urge to maintain an atmosphere in which talented individuals can work together as a team. Commitment and enthusiasm are crucial to the high quality of Nintendo products and support services. The company quotes that “We believe in treating our employees with the same consideration and respect that we, as a company, show our customers.” and hence leaving its vision and mission unchanged ever since the company began.

Product Evolution

The first console revealed to the public in 1885 was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and after 4 years since the release, Nintendo introduced the Game Boy which is a portable gaming device. During those 4 years, the company investigated the people demands undercover and realized that people would prefer to play with their consoles on-the-go. Thus, this sparked the creation of the Game Boy. Two Years later, Announcement of Super Nintendo Entertainment System released later which has higher processing power resulting in a plethora of new entertaining games available. Five years later, two new consoles were introduced to its market: Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Pocket. Having the chance to closely observe the market consisting of mainly children, the Game Boy Pocket was released which allows students bringing their console to school and play with friends. After listening to people’s needs on improvement for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP was released and distributed worldwide which had been made lighter, also featuring a rechargeable battery and backlit screen.

In 2004, the first dual screen console known as the Nintendo DS includes a touch screen, microphone, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and backward compatibility allowing people to play with friends online and for the customers to play the games made in the 90s. By 2006, Nintendo introduced Wii which was the best-selling latest generation console with several advanced, revolutionary features: Wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability and other features. Not only that, but the Wii was the eco-friendliest console made. In 2010, Nintendo 3DS was released to the public allowing people to play in 3D without the use of 3D glasses and The Mii Maker™ app allowed players create their own Mii™ characters to use as virtual avatars, while the online gaming community known as Miiverse™ let users connect with Nintendo fans around the world.

Lastly, the most recent Nintendo console Released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch™ is a home console that can transition seamlessly to a portable handheld that gamers can enjoy anywhere. With Joy-Con™ controllers attached on both sides of the console while in handheld mode and can be detached and used separately with suitable games on TV or tabletop modes.

The Socio-cultural values innovation used by most video game organizations including Nintendo, meant that companies are excited and interested in new technologies, making changes to society, and ultimately economic growth which Nintendo have clearly implemented ever since the company’s first console. Ever since that, Nintendo has always continued to improve on their previous console system by listening closely to its community and new technology used, producing better new console such as from first product which only allowed people to play individually along the way the newer console gradually allowed people to play in groups with friends or families. People wanted a way to interact with their favorite in-game character hence, the company manufactured consoles that satisfy people’s needs. As time goes by, people are more aware of the condition of the earth therefore the company started to research and made consoles eco-friendly and started product recycling which is part of their corporate social responsibility where local repair store have the chance to buy components to repair the console for the customer. Not only that, but also Nintendo merchandise such as Pok?mon Doll, Amiibo and keychain and many more while ensuring that the products will feature handheld and portable as expectation from loyal customers.


Nintendo has marketed some of its product through movies such as Pokemon movies. Where abundance of people such as family or groups of friends went to the cinema for their spare time. Distributing its product globally with overseas sales in its hugely dominated market with contributed gross domestic product by video games business. Interest rates have less effect on video game business as they produce their own product. Nintendo have taken this opportunity and made console that are cheaper than its competitors by lowering down manufacturing cost of the console, hence increasing sales. With the plan to open World of Nintendo showroom globally attracting customers by fulfilling people’s needs. In technological, Attributing the success of the Wii to idea of blue ocean strategy. Created unseen technology in games and console such as Wii sport allows people to experience which people have never played before, Wii remote and Nintendo switch which have motion sensor allowing people to interact with in game characters and manipulate items on screen with the help of new technology that video game companies have not yet created. Not only that but also Nintendo Labo which shocked video games company and people where new technology using boxes. The company has made a huge influence on the society with Pok?mon cafe, making japan well-known for their Pok?mon, setting up their organization to other countries to communicate with their customers such as Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe etc. Allowing the company to gather information on criticism, change in law of the country and improvement of products.

Unlike most video game company that manufacture console using plastic, non-eco-friendly and high consumption of power. Nintendo games utilize lower consumption of power compared to its competitors. Practicing and researching every product ensuring their console and games are eco-friendly attracting customers especially when people in the modern world are aware of the situation of the earth leaving a good reputation and impression towards the society. The company has created games that challenges people to improve the environment such as Super Mario Sunshine. The company also gives out giveaway of exclusive skin for console and others.

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