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The Investigation into the Current Situation of Implementation Quality Management System in Construction Sector in ErbilAIMThe main aim of this questionnaire is to investigate the current situation of implementation quality management system in the construction sector in Erbil and to improve the performance of quality management system in the construction sector by adopting ISO 9001.CONFIDENTIALITYAll information provided in this questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential, no companies or individuals will be identified in any subsequent research report, and all information collected will be used purely for the purposes of academic research only.

CONTACT DETAILSIf you have any questions regarding this questionnaire, please contact us:M.Sc. Student: Bnar N. Hamadameen Salahaddin University College of Engineering Civil Engineering DepartmentTel: 07507470761 E.mail:[email protected] Part One:Profile of the Organizations and Respondents Please kindly respond to the following questions by ticking (€) the appropriate box or writing your answer in the space provided.The Profile of the company /organization : 1. Name of company /organization: 2.

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What is the sector type of organization /company? 19885742476567666420320 Public Private3. How long has the company been operating? 91796435560207288628575809229845 <10 years 10-20 years >20 years4. Type of contractor (most usual type of projects). 19458861714512335592413034877824130Civil Building Other (Please specify)——–5. Major Customer sector 11129092667000224116120955-4864927305 Government Private ForeignerThe Profile of Respondent: 3395591273052289564190506. Gender of Respondent? Male Female393549626225515693518767007. Age of Respondent? Years3250331260354693686222255701431273056534551203208. What is the qualification of the respondent? Ph.D. MSc BSc Diploma None 9. What is the position of Respondent?580859116510416383817780269278927940120688917780Company manager Quality manager Project manager Finance manager 40866142032027330403707610925896350Logistic manager Purchasing manager Site engineer Other (please specify) —————————————————————10. How long have you been working in this company (organization)?34306592159000210756530234002786698500460057514605 00 10433051714500 < 5 years 5-10 years 11-15 years 16-20 years >20 yearsPart Two: Certification Information394373922860 Yes Yes32918401548611. Do your company using ISO 9001 Certification? Yes No (Please go to part five on page 7)IF YES 12. Which Certification body is certifier of your company?22162323810 11797283810 4081003810 BV SGS Other ( Please specify)————————-5805170265430123571026797013. How long your company has been certified?4643755260353433445190502355215508009525 <1 year 1-3 Years 3-5 years 5-7 years 7-9 years > 9 years-7620261374 14. Length of time from the start of preparation to obtain of ISO 9001 Certification?12400129525 495300017780 365125012065 24136354445 < 6 months 6-12 months 1-1.5 years 1.5-2 years > 2 years 133228509844 00 15. How much money have your company spent during the ISO 9001 certification process? (including the costs of consulting, registration, costs of an internal restructuring of the company) № 16. Do your company using any consulting service during the ISO 9001 registration process?194144121590 00 53788633020 00 Yes NO 17. Who prepared QMS documentation in your company (such as. Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, Quality policy etc.)? 22087830459 00 Every division/sub-division prepared the draft of the document21106621590 00 Quality Assurance Team prepared the documents22415520709 00 The consultant prepared the documents 23114037076 00 Quality Assurance Team and the consultant prepared the documents ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite Hidden=”1″><Author>Gotzamani</Author><Year>2004</Year><RecNum>95</RecNum><record><rec-number>95</rec-number><foreign-keys><key app=”EN” db-id=”v5dvvr2915vrznerp2a5xwvqtwfavpse09af” timestamp=”1543997348″>95</key></foreign-keys><ref-type name=”Journal Article”>17</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Gotzamani, Katerina</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>A thorough analysis of ISO 9000 contribution to small and medium size enterprises: a comparison with large enterprises</title><secondary-title>International Journal of Management Practice</secondary-title></titles><periodical><full-title>International Journal of Management Practice</full-title></periodical><pages>41-56</pages><volume>1</volume><number>1</number><dates><year>2004</year></dates><isbn>1477-9064</isbn><urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote>Part three: Main motivates for adopting ISO 9001 certification Please tick (€ ) the appropriate box that represents the main motivation and reasons for adopting ISO 9001 Certification in your company according to these scales.1= Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3= Neither agree nor disagree, 4 = Agree, 5= Strongly Agree.MotivationMain motivates for adopting ISO 9001 Certification 1 2 3 4 51- To satisfy customer requirements and expectation 2- To improve the quality of construction processes and procedure 3- To achieve competitive for the international construction market 4- To improve the company’s image and reputation 5- To meet clients requests as a part of the bidding process 6- Customer’s demand or customer’s pressure 7- To improve the overall company’s management system 8- To improve the quality of services and products 9- To control and operate project activities effectively and efficiently 10- Enhancing and improving productivity 11- Improving communication within the company or organization 1= Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3= Neither Agree nor disagree, 4 = Agree, 5= Strongly Agree.Motivation1 2 3 4 512- Improving the relationship between employees and management 13- Reduction in internal and external cost of company or organization 14- Use it as a tool for marketing 15- Market share increasing 16- Decrease in incidents, rejection and complaints 17- Requested by the government 18- A step toward total quality management Other motivation please specify? 19- 20- 21- 22- Part Four: Benefits of ISO 9001 certificationPlease tick (€) the appropriate box that related to benefits of ISO 9001 Certification in your company or organization, according to these scales_0= None, 1=Low, 2=Moderate, 3=High, 4= Extreme high. BenefitsBenefits of ISO 9001 certification 0 1 2 3 4Organization or company 1- Improves awareness of company’s objectives and policies 2- Clearer job description and responsibilities 0= None , 1=Low , 2=Moderate , 3=High , 4= Extreme high. Benefits0 1 2 3 43- Development of teamwork 4- Improvement of company image and reputation 5- Expansion to the international market 6- Increasing customer satisfaction 7- Improve profitability 8- Excessive competitive advantage 9- Improvement of work environment 10- Decrease in internal costs of company 11- Greater quality awareness of employees 12- Productivity increase 13- Fewer customer complaints 14- Higher sales (Market share) 15- Improves records and makes recovery of information easy in the situation of litigation. Quality Management System 16- Quality improvement of service or products 17- Documentation and Standardization of process and procedure of the projects 18- Improved the efficiency of the quality system 19- Effective and capable of identifying new opportunities 20- Effective risk management 21- Clear work instruction 22- Elimination of non-value added work or preventing work repetition 0= None, 1=Low , 2=Moderate , 3=High , 4= Extreme high. Benefits0 1 2 3 423- Controls of quality problems effectively 24- It is a basis to assistance of the project to be finished within the time frame specified in the contract, preventing project delays 25- Increase in operational efficiency Procurement 26- Utilization of material resources more effectively 27- Reduction in wastage of materials and inefficiency 28- Improved suppliers performance Communication 29- Improvement of Organization communication 30- Better communication with customers 31- Improves communication between employees and management 32- Improves communication and relationship with the owner, subcontractors and engineer.Other Benefits please specify? 33- 34- 35- 36- 37- ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite Hidden=”1″><Author>Ismyrlis</Author><Year>2015</Year><RecNum>97</RecNum><record><rec-number>97</rec-number><foreign-keys><key app=”EN” db-id=”v5dvvr2915vrznerp2a5xwvqtwfavpse09af” timestamp=”1543997585″>97</key></foreign-keys><ref-type name=”Journal Article”>17</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Ismyrlis, Vasileios</author><author>Moschidis, Odysseas</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>The effects of ISO 9001 certification on the performance of Greek companies: A multidimensional statistical analysis</title><secondary-title>The TQM journal</secondary-title></titles><periodical><full-title>The TQM journal</full-title></periodical><pages>150-162</pages><volume>27</volume><number>1</number><dates><year>2015</year></dates><isbn>1754-2731</isbn><urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote>Part Five: Challenges and Obstacles facing the Implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System The following statements are related to challenges and obstacles facing the implementing of ISO 9001 quality management system in organization or company, please tick (€ ) the appropriate box according to theses scale: 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3= Neither agree nor disagree, 4=Agree, 5=Strongly Agree Challenges and ObstaclesChallenges and Obstacles facing the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system 1 2 3 4 51- Lack of top management support and commitment. 2- Absence of training and education of employees to encourage employees to accept the QMS values. 3- Absence of qualified and professional personnel in ISO Certification. 4- Lack of strong motivation from all levels of management. 5- Unclear benefits of getting ISO Certification 6- Absence of necessary guidance for ISO Certification. 7- Lack of leadership. 9- Lack of understanding the importance of ISO 9001 10- Increase in workload /paperwork. 11- Resistance to change 12- Difficulty in fulfilling ISO clauses and requirements 13- Short-sighted goal for getting certified 14- Absence of financial support for the implementation of ISO 9001 15- Improper control of documents and data 16- Difficulty in implementing the quality audit process 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3= Neither agree nor disagree 4=Agree, 5=Strongly Agree Challenges and Obstacles1 2 3 4 517- Absence of awareness of ISO 9001 among the management and employees 18- Difficulty of performing internal audits. 19- Lack of consulting boards. 20- Inadequate knowledge about the quality management system 21- Inadequate Employees’ culture towards quality 22- Negative perception or attitude towards quality Other Obstacles please specify? 23- 24- 25- 26- 27- 28- 29- 30-

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