PROPOSAL WORK PLANDepartment of Estate and Facilities would require Essay


Department of Estate and Facilities would require 2 years to complete all the planning and works in this project that involves a significant change in the landscape of private car park.

The empty land behind KB Block was designated as the site for a 800-space parking lot, which will be renovated into two multi-level buildings to accommodate the new sports complex and parking space.Varieties of sport facilities will be placed in a six floor building and the original car park will be compensated by a new five floor building to maximise space.

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PROPOSAL WORK PLANDepartment of Estate and Facilities would require Essay
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Various project tasks are compounded into five phases for the completion of this project.

PHASE 1 :Approval and Planning Stage

Department of Estate and Facilities will undertake the approval of renovation works by Majlis Perbandaran Kajang which is the local government authorities as well as confirmation from management of UTAR on the scope of this project.This will take approximately three months to complete.

The procurement specialists will begin to search for a supply chain of sport equipment to be installed in the sport complex.

PHASE 2 :Integration of Design Process

All site facilities and amenities shall be accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with the provisions of the Architectural Barriers Act Standard (ABA).

Multipurpose Sport Complex

The new facilities will include :

6 basketball courts

6 volleyball courts

6 badminton courts

3 tennis courts

An Olympic size swimming pool

A three-lane running track

4 squash rooms

4 table tennis

3 gymnasiums

2 dance rooms

1 martial art room

An archery range

Multipurpose hall



Ground floor

There should be several entrances with access control entrance swing gate to identify the identity of students or staff using their UTAR ID card.All entrances lead the guests to a main lobby which provides seating areas for those who may want to wait or rest. A multipurpose hall is also designed as an excellent ground which is air-conditioned to hold up around 500 people comfortably for any floorball competition or event.A cafeteria service would provide a total 600 servings of prepaid hot meals everyday as well as selling various light snacks and canned drinks.

First floor and Second floor

Indoor basketball courts and volleyball courts are usually floored with polished wood to maximize performance and safety of players.Accompanying each court will be a new scoreboard and light setup, bleacher seating for 200 spectators, and field support facilities to provide storage of equipment and other fields maintenance items.Locker room area will be constructed to function as a team meeting room and for storage of one’s belongings .

Third floor

Olympic-size swimming pool is complemented by a 200 pax capacity viewing gallery.The size of pool is approximately 50m in length, 25m in width, and 2m in depth.Safety measures such as first aid kits, throw ropes, buoys, CPR masks and head Immobilizers are located to where they can be easily identified and reached by users.Squash rooms shall be provided with an effective ventilation system to ensure smooth airflow.A few long benches would be placed behind the unhindered view of CT finned glass back wall of those rooms.

Fourth floor

This floor includes a martial arts room which is able to host any event consisting of up to 200 participants. Tatami mats are provided for all users of the martial arts room to learn and practise self-defense training,for example,taekwondo, judo,aikido or even wushu.The purpose-built dance studios are tiled with a thin vinyl marley to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise.Dance studios will also equip with a barre, sound system for playing CD’s or music via a Bluetooth-enabled device and at least one wall to be covered by floor to ceiling mirrors.Besides,on the same floor,an archery range offers four shooting lanes with shooting distances of 10 – 30 yards.Behind the targets there must be a safe arrow stop device, known as a special arrow stop curtain.

Fifth floor

Gymnasiums are separated into different training areas to keep safety and give facility patrons a better workout experience,for example,free-weight area,functional fitness area,stretching area,cardiovascular, strength-training area,etc.The virtual workout concept can also be taken to combine typical treadmill or bike as if the users are competing with the international athletes.An indoor three-lane running track is suspended above one of the gyms,1/12 of a mile. Tennis tables are also available outside public spaces.

Sixth Floor

Tennis courts and badminton courts are both flat rectangular playing surfaces with hardwood flooring or carpet. Divider curtains are placed between courts so two different activities can be hosted simultaneously.In consideration of the natural lightning and ventilation,radial planning roof will best suit in passive cooling within the building.

Parking Block

All parking spaces shall consist of a rectangular area not less than eight and one-half (8?) feet wide by eighteen (18) feet in length. Pedestrian circulation shall take precedence over vehicular circulation.The signs should be displayed in an area where they can be clearly view.Elevators are strategically located to be within about a two-minute travel distance from all directions.

All integrated design process would be finalized within one month.

PHASE 3 : Pre-construction Works

Pre-construction works for the Project, such as, topographic survey, tree survey, utility survey and ground investigation, will need one month to be finalized.

PHASE 4 :Preparation of Site

After obtaining the necessary approvals, the construction company will begin preparation of the site works in the following aspects:

Break ground and excavation

Construction workers will clear the site such as rocks, debris and trees for buildings construction.The workers will dig holes and trenches for preparation of foundation.

Foundation and framing

Next,the workers will also level the site, put up wooden forms to serve as a template for the foundation and install footings. It is followed by installing floor, walls and roof systems.Sheathing will be applied to the exterior walls and windows and exterior doors are installed.

Plumbing and electrical wiring works

Once the framing is finished,the electrical and plumbing contractors can start running pipes and wires through the interior walls, ceilings and floors for whole building. Sewage system, as well as water supply lines are installed.

Refurbishment works

Different types of floorings are installed as well as countertops for the requirement of each area. Exterior finish grading ensure proper drainage away from the building and prepare the empty space for landscaping.Mechanical works such as install bathroom and facilities fixtures are carried out.

All the site works may take one and a half years for completion.

PHASE 5 : Completion of Project

Process of applying for building permits takes 2 months for new construction.

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