Prompt OneAlways do what you are afraid to doThis Essay

Prompt One:

“Always do what you are afraid to do”

(This particular sentence might work as the theme of your narrative)

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Prompt OneAlways do what you are afraid to doThis Essay
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Prayer, I believe that prayer is how we communicate with God. It is through prayer that we have intentional time to speak to him, not always out loud, but most often in our minds. Through prayer we can communicate with God the hopes and desires of our heart for make the wishes come true. We thank him for what he has done and provided for us.

We can also ask God for anything’s through prayer, such as guidance or acceptance of certain situations weather it is good for you or others. But, why still we’re doing the same mistake and disobey with his order. Player is the important things for all religious people. It is the first pillar in Islam spoken by Prophet Muhammad may be the blessing and blessing of God, mentioned after mentioning the Faith Testament, which became a Muslim.

It has been compulsory to all prophets and to everyone. God has declared his obligatory status under the noble state.

Certainly many of us who often leave the prayer intentionally and unintentionally, some even never perform the prayers that all Muslims have to do in this world as commanded by Allah SWT. We are all required to fulfill this second pillar of Islam as commanded by Prophet Muhammad SAW with all sincere and sincere, and Allah Almighty also said; “Say to my believing slave, let them pray.” (Surah Ibrahim: 31). To those who do not pray or do not pray, it means that one does not ask and beg God. However, God often gives and grants it to him. That is one of the arrogant forms in us that required and must be avoided.

We always have the opportunity to set up prayers but sometimes miss it intentionally or not. Ultimately, prayer is a personal connection with God. Though we may speak to God, we may not always hear a reply, or rather a reply we wanted, back. It is through this time of one-sided communication that our faith may be tested. I believe that prayer to God, or a higher power than oneself, helps keep us sane. This relationship with God is both demonstrated and put into practice, as well as improved and increased, by the prayer. Therefore, if the prayers are sound and proper, the rest of the deeds will be sound and proper; and if the prayers are not sound and proper, then the rest of the deeds will not be sound and proper, as the Prophet himself stated. It keeps us in check that we are not responsible for everything and that God, or a higher power, is watching out for us. Perhaps various questions are a question mark for those who have never been praying since they are small and some are wondering how to change prayers and so on. Do we need to pray again the miss prayer because of lazy and careless? What about prayer abandoned since aqil baligh? Do we just have to repent and not prayer again? The answer is indeed the prayer is a mandatory requirement of believers who are certain of their time. Prayer is the most virtuous deed because prayer is so importance because on the Day of Judgement, prayer is the first matter will be brought to the trial. No matter what are we doing at after life but the most important aspect is the relationship between you and the God.

For everyone that disobeys with him so they will get the punishment which is will be felt in this world, first is Allah will eliminate the blessing of his efforts and so on his sustenance, Allah S.W.T deprives the believers of it from him and He will be hated by believers. Sometimes we always asked ourselves, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?” How often have we asked that question? “Almost too many to count,” we reprimand ourselves. We look for reasons why we aren’t heard by God. Maybe God has more important things to do than answer my prayers. After all, He has a great universe to manage. No, the problem is not with God. Maybe the problem is within myself. If I look at myself honestly, I might see both the problem and the solution. First, I know how to pray. I was taught by my parents. As a child they showed me the way to pray, the times to pray, the words to say, the proper postures to assume, and the correct frame of mind but still not.

The prayers are a type of purification for all human in the world not just muslim but other that. All the religion has their own believer. As alluded to above, this repeated standing in front of God should keep the person from doing sinful acts during the day. Furthermore, it should also be a time of remorse and repentance, such that he earnestly asks God for forgiveness for those sins that he committed. In addition, the prayer in itself is a good deed that wipes away all of the evil deeds that he performed.

As the conclusion, I think that leave the prayer with a trivial or easy and never do it. Even when invited to do it, he refused. Then such a person is punished as the hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) showing the disbelievers who leave the prayer. If we are doing something good, so all of the prayer that we are wish will be come true.


Prompt Two:

The entire driver around the world has their own experienced in driving especially are challenged by bad weather condition. We must not underestimate the adjustment needed in driving technique. Driving is something we have to do on a daily basis. If you have a license you more than likely drive yourself and sometimes others around wherever you need or want. We do not think about being in a car accident every time we get in our vehicles to go somewhere. I have learned to drive at my teen age and amazingly I had learned it on my own just got observing by my father. But still don’t have a courage to driven a car on the road because I know that it was wrong if we are drive without license. After end of the high school, I work and save my own money just because I want to get a driving license. With the result, I was able to raise money to get a license. I just want mention that, all of the driver must have a license before you are driving at the road. It is because before you got the license, you will learn about traffic law.

Weather factors can also be the cause of road accidents. In Malaysia, rainy weather often causes wet and slippery roads. In such a situation, road accidents occurred especially in the highway because the driver did not have time to crack when the vehicle in front of the vehicle suddenly slowed down. Downsides can also cause vague and restricted driver views. Naturally road users are cautious when driving in rainy weather and slippery roads.

The main thing is before driving is to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. First, check your tire pressure and condition. Tires should have a lot of floral depths for the flow of water between the road surface and your tire. If the tire wear is only around 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm, it indicates that it’s time for you to get a new tire. Second, tire wind pressure if too low or too high can also reduce the grip, the wear of the flower or the tire is no longer applicable. Please check your tire pressure at least once a month to make sure it is in good condition. Next, make sure the mirror wiper blade works well. If it is difficult to wipe the mirror properly, make sure to change it.

Make sure your vehicle lights can work properly. This is because you need to install the main lights while driving in heavy rain during daytime. It is very necessary, not only to ensure that you are able to see the road condition more clearly, but it also provides ‘signal’ to other vehicle drivers are you on the same path. Instead of using hazard light. For your knowledge, the use of hazard light is indicative of the vehicle being stopped.Actually, make sure your vehicle is in good shape all the time. It only needs to be improved if it involves long travel and also in the rainy season. Imagine if your vehicle breaks down heavy rain, the distress factor you need to take in this emergency is definitely more and more complicated

The first reason for a road accident was the attitude of the driver himself. Most cases of road accidents occur due to drivers’ behavior that does not comply with the defined road rules. Most drivers tend to drive faster than the speed limits set by the government. There are also drivers who violate red traffic lights at the crossroads and stop vehicles in prohibited places. The negative attitude of the driver is not only a hassle for the accident, but he also hurts other road users. Vehicles that are not well maintained are also a cause. The vehicle to be used on the road should be maintained at least once every six months. Most accident costs occur due to the failure of the brake system to function properly. There were also accidents caused by vehicle tires as the tire was damaged or excessive winds. Therefore, road users should allocate some money to maintain their vehicles.

Lack of monitoring from authorities may also cause road accidents. Authorities such as the police should monitor the identified areas of frequent accidents. Authorities must take legal action against street offenders. Examples of places that need to be monitored are hilly roads, at twin lines and traffic light areas. Continuous monitoring will make road users more prudent while on the road and can avoid accidents. The next cause of road accidents is the poor road conditions. The poor roads make the vehicle drivers to give full attention when passing through the road. Additionally, the driver of the vehicle must also be more careful when passing through the street at night. Among the features of the poor roads is that there are many sharp turns, uneven roads and holes. Therefore, the driver of the vehicle must ascertain the speed limit set when passing through a dangerous road.

All aspects of passive or active safety, including technology such as ABS with EBD, vehicle stability control, grip control and so on on your vehicle, if you often practice aggressive driving including speeding, it can be invaluable because of such bad weather, we can not guess what the substance awaits there. Perhaps also the vehicle may lose control of the smooth roads, and this can be life threatening to you, passengers and other road users.

Whatever, always practice prudent driving and be careful no matter the time or the road. Always remember the words that are often shouted in a prudent driving campaign of ‘Thriller, safe soul. Remember your loved ones. ‘


Prompt Three:

Roti canai or roti canai is one of Malaysian popular dishes and I like to eat this every morning at my home. Roti canai meaning, “roti” in Malay word means bread and some say that “canai” comes from word “Channai” which is the original name of the city of Madras in India. So the meaning of roti canai is “bread from Chennai”. This meal is very signature with Indian community. It is because the dish was brought over from India by the Indian Muslims as we know as “mamaks” in Malaysia. This dishes is the most favourite breakfast meal and easy to get at mamak’s restaurant, roti canai is a piece of dough which is get “canai” in Malay word means kneaded, thrown, flattened and it will get oiled and cooked on the flat iron skillet. Roti canai is cook it on an oiled flat grill, and drizzle oil on top each time they flip it. Roti canai are going to eaten hot with either fish or chicken curry or some of the roti canai is even eat with sugar or condensed milk. If we take it as a breakfast dish, the best taken with that other favourite Teh Tarik or stretched/pulled tea as the great combination for breakfast.

I remember when I was a little kids, my dad always bring me to mamak’s restaurant for having breakfast early in the morning. As I remember, I not a morning person, so dad always feed me with roti canai so I will wake and go to breakfast. Why dad is always use roti canai as bait? It is because those are my favourite breakfast since I a little. There are various versions of roti such as Roti canai, Roti Bom, Roti Sardine and etc.

I agree that most of the Malay people are like to eat roti canai because of the price for the street vendors are found to be the cheapest option of the day and it is affordable to have it. But let us observe, I think that roti canai are quite oily and greasy. I always asked myself that roti canai are healthy enough for a breakfast? Or is it roti canai have a best nutrition for all? Based on Kevin Zahri, if we just eat 1 piece of roti canai equivalent to 300 calories and imagine that if you eat two pieces of roti canai it same like you are running on a treadmill or jongging for 90 minutes just only to burn the two pieces of roti canai. What are worry me, Malaysia have the highest proportion of obese and overweight citizen in ASEAN and unsurprisingly, the countries show the highest overall costs of obesity as a percentage of healthcare spending in the region

Obesity is influenced by factors such as rising income, urbanization, shifting lifestyles and genetic aspects. Obesity caused of unhealthy meal plan and most of Malaysian likes to have a fast food. Generally speaking, obesity is a result of excessive and inadequate food intake, combined with the lack of physical activity and genetic susceptibility. To help people maintain a healthy weight, WHO has come up with some simple guidelines, these include the advice that a person’s total fat intake should not exceed of the total energy intake. For examples from other countries, it show that interventions have target individual food intake, physical exercise and food labelling hold great potential in tackling obesity in Malaysia.

I’m not talking that we are not supposed to eat roti canai, actually if we know how many roti canai you are allowed to eat, it can give you a healthy planning meals. First, you need to know your daily calorie intake and the number of calories in a single roti canai. So assuming your daily calorie needs is 2000 calories, you could eat well about 6.5 roti canai (1950 calories) and still lose 50 calories per day.

From the observation, roti canai are often served with dahl or sambal. It is not really the healthiest meal we can optional for. The greasy yet beloved flatbread is often sabotage for weight loss, especially since “getting fit” is probably at the top of our New Year’s wishes resolution early in the year. According to Malay Mail, by this April, you can enjoy a plate of healthy roti canai. That is collaboration between Holista CollTech Ltd and Kawan Food Berhad that created healthier roti canai. These companies are created a combination of natural ingredients such as okra, barley, lentils and fenugreek and it is diet-friendly because it have a lower glycemic index (GI), thus slowing the rise in blood sugar for those who consume it. The product will first be tested out at the University of Sydney before being sold in Malaysia this April. This is to ensure it meets the international standards for GI in order to provide a healthier meal for locals.

That’s not to say you should never eat them, you just need to care about nutritious or indeed an innocuous part of your diet because really, your body could do without them. I still like roti canai but importantly we just need to always care about food intake, physical exercise, food labelling and taxation for make us aware about our own healthy. Malaysian authorities have to encourage the adoption of low-calorie, low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets. These include clearer and simpler food labelling, restricted access to vending machines, and portion-size reductions in schools. Additionally, greater collaboration between the government and the food industry on product innovation, as well as best-practice codes of conduct for food and beverage marketing would be helpful. Physical exercise is a key factor in tackling obesity and physical exercise also plays an important role in preventing and reducing obesity. If we can maintain the exercise, sugar and fat taken, if we can reverse and can lead to chronic illnesses later in life. Options include restricting the availability of higher fat or high-sugar foods in schools. Besides this, physical education must become an essential and it help people aware about healthy at the same time still can eat everything that they loike it.

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