ELECTRONICS CIRCUITS DESIGNProject ReportPROJECT NAME:DC-DC BOOST CONVERTER GROUP MEMBERS STUDENT’S ID CLASS IDAMJAD ALI 9449 100602AREEJ GUL 9028 100602Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u ABSTRACT: PAGEREF _Toc6243854 h 3INTERODUTION: PAGEREF _Toc6243855 h 3COMPONENTS: PAGEREF _Toc6243856 h 3WORKING: PAGEREF _Toc6243857 h 6APPLICATIONS: PAGEREF _Toc6243858 h 7BLOCK DIGRAM: PAGEREF _Toc6243859 h 7SIMULATION CIRCUIT: PAGEREF _Toc6243860 h 8CONCLUSION: PAGEREF _Toc6243861 h 8 TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1: LM2577 PAGEREF _Toc6591520 h 3Figure 2: inductors PAGEREF _Toc6591521 h 4Figure 3 : capacitors PAGEREF _Toc6591522 h 4Figure 4:DIODES PAGEREF _Toc6591523 h 4Figure 5:Mosfet PAGEREF _Toc6591524 h 5Figure 6:battery PAGEREF _Toc6591525 h 5Figure 7: Resistors PAGEREF _Toc6591526 h 5Figure 8: Block diagram PAGEREF _Toc6591527 h 6Figure 9: Simulation Circuit PAGEREF _Toc6591528 h 7ABSTRACT:In the initial phase of this project a LM2577 IC would be used to generate an adjustable duty cycle ranging.

The second phase of this project would totally based on the designing and construction of a DC-DC Boost Converter, ability of providing output voltages up to 15 volts by taking just 5 volts as input.

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In the final phase, the duty cycle generated in the first phase would be fed as an input to the circuit of DC-DC Boost Converter, forcing it to provide a fixed output of 12 Volts which then would be used to drive a 12 Volts DC Motor.INTERODUTION:We are designing a voltage boost converter or in simple words we may say a voltage amplifier. It amplifies voltages i.e. if we give suppose 8 volts input voltages to our converter, it boosts that 8 volts up to 25 volts, or we may also gain variable output voltages. Components that we use to design our circuit are mention below briefly.COMPONENTS:LM2577 IC = 1Inductors =2Capacitors = 4Diodes =2MOSFET =1Battery = 1Resistors =3Potentiometer =1DC Motor =1Now we will explain each component briefly:LM2577 IC:It is a integrated Circuit. its function is to provide provide power and control function for boost is also known as step up is costly but easy to use. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: LM2577Inductors:As from its name the function of inductor could be easily understand able. Inductor is used as a purpose of inductance. It is made of insulated wire covered around coil. It is simply a coil of wire.298450013970000 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2: inductorsCAPACITOR:Capacitors are used for storing charge in form of field ,separated by an insulator.In other words, we describe capacitor as a component which has the ability or capacity to store energy in the form of an electrical charge.32918401479550 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3 : capacitorsDIODES:Such device that allow current to flow in only single direction is called diode. Current will never flow in opposite direction in diodes. We use diode in such conditions where we need to allow current to flow in one direction.7937502863850 774700362585 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4:DIODES Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4:DIODES MOSFET:Abbreviation of MOSFET is metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor. Unlike Bipolar junction transistors which is ‘current controlled’, the MOSFET is voltage controller. Because of this property, MOSFETs allows large amount of current flow, and the mosfet are also use as switch.3369212330786 Figure 5:MosfetBATTERY:It is used as power supplier for our circuit: Figure 6:battery RESISTORS:Resistor is resistive component. It is such components which is mostly used in all circuits. In our circuit we also used resistors as resistive purpose.30924507302500 Figure 7: Resistors WORKING:The main working principal of boost converter is that the inductor in the input circuit prevent the sudden changing in input current .inductor stores energy in form of magnetic field while switch is turn off and when switch is closed it discharges .The capacitor in the output circuit is assumed large enough that the time constant of RC circuit in the output stage is high .The large time constant compared to switching period ensure a constant output voltage.APPLICATIONS:In daily life in many applications we need to change constant voltages source to variable voltages source. A dc boost converter is used in such conditions. We can easily fill our needs using boost converter circuit. Like a transformer, it can be used to step down or step up a dc voltage source. If we summarize the applications then they would be like as below:We use boost convertors in variable DC power supplies.They are used to run DC motors.Low power boost converters are used in portable device applicationsAs switching regulator circuit in highly efficient white LED drivesIf we have a device that needs high voltages to run but we have only low power voltage supplier, in such conditions we use to boost voltages.BLOCK DIAGRAM:15430501791335Figure 8: Block diagram0Figure 8: Block diagram-1479072000250SIMULATION CIRCUIT:21082003586480Figure 9: Simulation Circuit0Figure 9: Simulation Circuit-628653585845 -63304315937The circuit below is simulated using PROTEUSCONCLUSION:Hence, we concluded that we designed a step-up boost converter. Our main target was to design a circuit that can be used in such conditions where there is a need of high voltages but we have input low voltages. Now where there is a need to step-up voltages, our designed circuit can be can be used anywhere, anyplace at any time easily.THE END

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