OperationsResearch and DevelopmentOur RD lab will develop a minimum Essay


Research and Development

Our R&D lab will develop a minimum of two products or line items a week for the first quarter,

three products or line items the second, and four to five products or line items from the first year

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OperationsResearch and DevelopmentOur RD lab will develop a minimum Essay
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onward. Many of these may never make it to production but the process is necessary to maintain

an innovative brewing culture, gain, and then maintain the market lead.

Initially, we will invest a fairly low amount of capital into our R&D laboratory.

The first

purchase will be two Zymatic automated brewing systems from PicoBrew. These systems are

fairly inexpensive at $2000 a piece but enable the user to brew small batches, five gallons, in

four hours by loading the system with ingredients and entering the recipe. Then the brewer can

walk away and complete other tasks.

This will enable us to scale up only those recipes which show the most promise; minimizing our

input cost since we won’t brew full or even half batches which uses more raw materials.


our brewers won’t need to stand over the machines to monitor the process, it will reduce the

labor requirement for them and free them up to focus on revenue generating functions.


The process of producing beer takes, on average, two weeks from raw material input to final

product packaging. We have agreements with an Atlanta Based Brewery to utilize their contacts

and size to purchase raw materials at their price rates. Utilizing their influence within the

industry, we will be able to mitigate obstacles associated with crop shortages, price increases,

and shipping costs.

This will ensure we stay on schedule as demand increases so that we can keep to the two week

production schedule. As we increase our operations, we will add in the specialty products which

take longer to produce such as a barrel aged program, which increases time to packaging by

approximately 3-6 months. A Sours program would fall into the same production schedule as a

barrel aged program.

Personnel Needed

As of now, we are still looking for brewers. We have one candidate identified but have yet to

make a final decision. Our primary candidate is a retired Navy officer who has been brewing, at

home, large batches of 50 gallons or more, however, lacks training at the commercial level. We

believe he would make a fantastic assistant brewer where he can hone his skills. If we are unable

to identify a head brewer in the coming months, we will begin operations with our current




GCB has four founders filling various roles within the venture. Marc Howle, an Active Duty

Army Officer, will maintain a silent ownership role within the company. His role will be

minimized, so as not to impact his military career, to strategic level planning in support of the

CEO. Upon retirement from the Army, he will assume the role of President of GCB.

He has nine years of leadership experience, from the Army, ranging from offices of six personnel

to organizations of over 300. He received his Undergraduate degree from the University of West

Florida in Engineering Technology and his Masters in Business Administration from the Scheller

College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his industry training at

Scofflaw Brewing Company in Atlanta Georgia while earning his MBA.

Samuel Jerome will serve as GCB’s head of Logistics given his extensive training on supply

chain operations. As a former Active Duty Non-Commissioned Officer, and now in the Army

Reserves, he has 12 years of leadership experience ranging from teams of three to teams of nine.

He has experience in field consulting through various roles within the military and in school. He

received his Undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Computer

Management Information Systems and his Masters in Business Administration from the Scheller

College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Taasan will serve as the CEO of GCB because of his previous experience with

entrepreneurial start-ups. He is a co-founder for the biomedical device company Clinical

Decision Support Systems. He has seven years of leadership experience within the Health

Services industry with degrees in Environmental Engineering and a Masters of Public Health

Epidemiology from the University of Florida and a Masters in Business Administration from the

Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Omoregie Uzzi will serve as GCB’s Marketing Manager; leveraging his experience in data

analysis. He has five years experience with an Executive Search firm, he will also serve to

identify and bring in additional personnel to support the venture; his first priority will be

identifying and acquiring a head brewer. He is business trained with degrees in Marketing and a

Masters in Economics from the Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of


Additional Staff

Bucky Howle will serve as GCB’s COO, utilizing his expertise in operations planning and

leading organizations. He is a retired Senior Army Officer with 26 years of leadership

experience ranging from staffs of six to a training battalion with upwards of 1000 Soldiers. For

the past 12 years, he has served as Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations at HDH

General Contractors. He received his Undergraduate degree from Spring Hill College in

Commerce and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Troy University and Strategic

Studies from the United States Army War College.

Nancy Howle will serve as GCB’s Office Administrator responsible for accounting and day to

day office support. She has served in roles including Bar Manager, Office Manager for Pentagon

Federal Credit Union, and for the past 12 years, has served as the Office Administrator for HDH

General Contractors. She received her Associates Degree from Spring Hill College.


Matthew Shirah is the Co-Founder and CEO of Scofflaw Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA. He

is an Army Veteran himself, serving in Korea, achieving the rank of Sergeant before leaving.

Prior to Scofflaw, he served as a Forensic Accountant, reaching the position of Managing

Director for Mesirow Financial Consulting, LLC. He received his Undergraduate degree from

Appalachian State University in Finance and his Masters in Business Administration from the

Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Matt will serve as the advisor to the CEO and


Travis Herman is the Co-Founder and Brewmaster at Scofflaw Brewing Company in Atlanta,

GA. He received his formal education in Microbiology and held a career in the Pharmaceutical

Industry prior to attending the Brewing School at the University of California-Davis. Following

his education, he received on the job training at The Lost Abby and Russian River Brewing.

Travis will serve as an advisor to the GCB Brewers and the COO.

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