Need help with my spanish homework!!

looking for someone to help with my spanish homework

or hobby
or fun
or free time
or work
or rollerblading
or resting
or skiing
or swimming
or diving
or basketball
or movies
or football
or tennis
or volleyball
or museum
or team
or player
or game
or fans
or email
or magazine
or newspaper
or tennis
or cinema
or sports
or gym
or swimming pool
or restaurant

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Need help with my spanish homework!!
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sports the cinema the gym the monument
the game the newspaper the city swimming
the swimming pool a museum a restaurant a ball

1. I always read (1) on Sunday mornings. Afterwards, I like to practice (2). Sometimes I swim in (3) in the park. When I’m not swimming, I exercise (exercise) in (4). When there is a lot of traffic in (5), I go to the gym by bike. When I don’t eat at home, like in (6) with my friends, and then we can watch (7) baseball. Some days, I watch movies. I like to watch movies in (8) more than at home.

Alina, Cristina and I are good friends. (We) (1) to the university at eight in the morning every day (every day). They and I (2) to the computer lab and read the email. At nine, Alina and Cristina (3) to their psychology class and I (4) to my history class. At half past ten I (5) to the library to study. At twelve (I) (6) to the cafeteria and eat with them. Then (Afterwards), Alina and I (7) to play sports. Me (8) to practice soccer and Alina (9) to the pool. Cristina (10) to work in the bookstore. On weekends Alina, Cristina and I (11) to the movies.

Model Where are Maite and Álex going? (the park)
Maite and Álex go to the park.

1. Where are Marissa and Felipe going? (walk around the city)

2. When are the boys going to run? (night)

3. What time do you go to the Bosque de Chapultepec? (at half past two)

4. When are you going to the beach? (Tuesday)

5. What is Jimena going to do in the park? (read a book)

6. What is Felipe going to do in the park? (play football)

ELENA Hi Daniel! How’s it going?

DANIEL Very well, thank you. And you?

ELENA Very good. Where to (1) now?

DANIEL (2) to the cinema to see a movie. Do you want (3) with me?

ELENA No, thank you. I’m in a big hurry now. (4) to the art museum.

DANIEL And where (5) tonight?

ELENA My roommate and I (6) to eat at an Italian restaurant. Do you want (7) with us?

DANIEL Yes! How (8) you guys go to the restaurant?

ELENA (9) by bus. There is a bus that (10) directly to the Italian neighborhood.

DANIEL What time (11) are you?

ELENA I think (12) to get to the restaurant at nine.

DANIEL Do you want (13) to dance later (afterwards)?


DANIEL (14) to invite our friend Pablo too. See you at nine!

ELENA Bye, Daniel!

Model they / power / win the match
They can win the match.

1. Vicente and Francisco / play / volleyball on Sundays

2. Adela and I / start / take tennis lessons

3. you / return / from Cancun on Friday

4. baseball players / remember / important game

5. the teacher / show / vocabulary words

6. Adam / prefer / climb the mountain at night

7. (I) / understand / the curriculum

8. (you) / close / the books and you go to sleep

GABRIELA model I prefer (prefer) to go on the excursion without Alejandro.

1. ALEJANDRO (1) (able) to go on the excursion with you? Although (Although) I have to go home at three.

GABRIELA No, no (2) (can) come. We (3) (think) leave at twelve.

ALEJANDRO I (4) (want to) go. (5) (can) you guys come back at two?

GABRIELA No, you have to understand: We don’t (6) (go back) at two. We (7) (prefer) to spend more time in town.

ALEJANDRO Well, what time (8) (think) to return?

GABRIELA I won’t (9) (think) come back until nine or ten at night.

Model Can you go to the library at eleven?
No, I can’t go to the library at eleven.

1. Do you want to skate in line with us?

2. Do they remember the books they need?

3. Would you rather play soccer than swim in the pool?

4. Do your nephews sleep at your grandmother’s house?

5. Do you play basketball in college?

6. Do you think organic chemistry class is difficult?

7. Can you find the computer program in the bookstore?

8. Do you come home on the weekends?

9. Can I take the bus at eleven at night?

10. Do we understand the psychology essay writing?

sleep start understand
play think be able to
prefer to want to return

1. Hello Daniel:

I’m with Mario in the library. The exams (1) tomorrow. At night Mario and I don’t (2) much because we have to study. You (3) how are we, right? I (4) that the exams will be (will be) very difficult.

I really want to return to the village. When (5) to the village I can rest. I (6) the people to the city. (7) come back soon.

If (if) Mario and I buy bus tickets, (8) spend the weekend with you. At home (At home) my brothers and I (9) played football in our spare time.

See you,
Modelo My parents say (say) that they don’t go to the movies.

1. Upon entering the cinema, my brothers (ask for) a soda.
2. My brothers (say) that they prefer action movies.
3. We (ask) to see the six-thirty movie.
4. My brothers and I (get) tickets (tickets) for students.
5. I (repeat) the dialogue for my brothers.
6. My brothers are small and do not (follow) well the plot (plot) of the film.

Model say

“What (you) say?”
-I do not say anything.


1. —What (1) in the library, José?
2. – (2) a book that I need for the exam.


3. —Where (3) do you get the tickets for football matches?
4. —We (4) tickets in a school office.


5. —Who (5) the excursion?
6. —Me (6), I really like that town.

follow, continue

7. —Which team (7) Manuel and Pedro?
8. —Pedro (8) to the Red Sox and Manuel (9) to the New York Yankees.

Modelo (Yo) I do (put, do, leave) Spanish homework every afternoon.

1. (I) (hear, suppose, leave) a Latin music album.
2. (I) (put, hear, suppose) the hamburger and the soda on the table.
3. (I) (go out, do, guess) homework because there is a test tomorrow.
4. (I) (bring, leave, do) my niece to my dance class.
5. (I) (go out, suppose, watch) a movie about a great baseball team.
6. (I) (see, go out, bring) to dance on Thursday nights.
7. (I) (do, put, suppose) that the movie is good, but I’m not sure (sure).
8. (I) (bring, leave, do) my laptop to class in my backpack.

Model I bring my books to Spanish class.

make hear go out
suppose bring see

1. for class at two.
2. On weekends my computer comes home.
3. that I like to work on Saturday mornings.
4. In the morning, music on the radio.
5. When I’m hungry, a sandwich.
6. To rest, movies on television.

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