My ireview ion ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD Essay

My ireview ion ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD i3D iPrinter

Believe iit ior inot, i3D iprinting iused ito ibe ian iexpensive ibusiness ieven ifor ithose iwho iprinted iprofessionally, inot ito imention idetermined iD-I-Y ihobbyists.

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My ireview ion ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD Essay
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Back iin ithe ilate i80s, iit iwould ihave icost ian iarm iand ia ileg ito ipurchase ia i3D iprinter. iSo, iit iwasn’t ia i“cheap” ihobby ito iinvest iin. iThankfully, ithere iare imany ireasonably ipriced i3D iprinters iin ithe imarket itoday.

iThe ione iwe iwill ibe ireviewing iin ithis ipost iis ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD i3D iPrinter iavailable ifor ipre-order ion iAmazon.

It iis ia iStereolithography iApparatus i(SLA), iand iit ioperates iusing ithe i“additive imethod” ifor i3D iprinting, iwhere imodels iare ibuilt iin ilayers iusing ia iliquid iresin i(curable iphotopolymer) ithat ihardens iwith ithe iuse iof iUV ilight, ia iprocess icalled iCuring. iThis iprinter iis isleek, iaffordable, ieasy-to-use iand imore ithan icapable iof istanding iup ito iits iexpensive icompetitors.

All iabout ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD i3D iprinter

The iELEGOO iMARS i3D iPrinter icomes iin ia iwell-packaged ibox icontaining iall ithe inecessary isupplies ineeded ito istart iprinting ia isample. iHowever, ithe iresin iisn’t iincluded iin ithe ipackage iso iit ineeds ito ibe ipurchased iseparately.

Contents iof ithe ibox

1. Elegoo iMars i3D iPrinter

2. UV iCover

3. Build iPlatform

4. Resin iTank

5. Power iAdapter i60W

6. Instruction imanual

7. Tool iKit icontains:

• Gloves

• Masks

• Filter ifunnels

• Hex ikeys

• Measuring icup

• Wire icutters

• Screwdriver

• Scraper

• Flash idrive

The iprinter

The iELEGOO iMARS iis ia ismall iand iportable isized iprinter ithat idoesn’t itake iup imuch ispace. iTaking iup ia i20cm ix i20cm isquare ispace iand ireaching i41cm ihigh, iit ican ifit ion iyour iworkshop itable ieasily. iPlus, ithe ialuminium ibase ifit iperfectly iwith ithe iUV icover.

The iprinter ihas ian iLCD itouch iscreen iinterface ion ithe ifront iof ithe ibase iand iis ipressure-sensitive, ihelpful iwhen iworking iin inylon igloves.

There iis ia iUSB iport iin ithe irear ipanel iof ithe iprinter ialong iwith ithe ipower ibutton iand icord iport.

Printer iSpecifications

• Manufacturer: iELEGOO

• Country: iChina

• Year: i2017

• Technology: iLCD

• Type: iResin

• Assembly: iSemi-assembled

Assembling iThe iPrinter

The iELEGOO iMARS iis ishipped iready ito iuse. iWhat ineeds ito ibe iassembled iis ithe iUV icover iand ibuild iplate.

To iassemble ithe ibuild iplate, isimply iraise ithe iZ-axis, islide iin ithe isteel iball ibalancing istructure ion ithe ibuild iplate iand itighten ithe iknob ion itop iof iit. iLevel ithe iplate iby iloosening ithe itwo igrub iscrews, ilower ithe iplate ito ithe ivat ibottom ias iper ithe iprovided iinstructions, ipress ifirmly ito iensure ia ilevel isurface iand itighten. iEasy.

Once ithis iis idone, iconnect ithe ipower iadapter ito ia ipower isource iand iplug ithe iUSB iinto iits iport iat ithe iback iof ithe iprinter i(the iflash idrive ialready icontains ia isample ifile). iOn ithe iLCD idisplay imonitor iselect ithe ifile ito iprint. iPour ithe iresin ito iabout i1/3rd iof ithe itank i(Make isure ito iwear igloves iand ia imask ibefore iworking iwith iresin ibecause iit iis itoxic) iand iBoom! iYou iare iready ito istart iprinting.


The iELEGOO iMARS iuses iChiTu ifirmware iand iChiTu iBox iprint ipreparation isoftware ifor islicing iprints ion ithe iprinter. iIt iis istraightforward ito iuse iand ihas ian iextremely ifast islicing ispeed iwhich ireduces ithe ioverall iprinting itime. iIt ihollows iout ithe i3D iobject ibefore isending ithe isliced iinstruction ito ithe iprinter, ireducing ithe iamount iof iresin ineeded.


The iresin iis ithe imost iexpensive iaspect iof ithis isetup ibecause iit ineeds ireplenishing. iEven ithough ithe ipackage idoesn’t icome iwith iany iresin ifor itesting ithe iprinter, iELEGOO ihas iits iown ibranded iresin iavailable ifor ipurchase. iThe iresin icomes iin ia iwide irange iof icolours iwith ia ivariation iin icost.

Since iresin iis ia itoxic iliquid, iyou ishould iwear inose imasks iand igloves iwhen iworking iwith iit ito i iprevent iinhalation iand iskin iirritation. iIt iis iimportant ito iset iup ithe iprinter iin ia iwell-ventilated iarea. i

After iprinting, iimmerse ithe i3D iobject iin i99% ialcohol ifollowed iby ia irinse iwith iwater ito iremove ithe iexcess iresin ibefore icuring iit iin ithe iUV ilight. iYou ican istore iany iexcess iresin iin ia icontainer ito ireuse ion ianother iprint.

The iPrinting iProcess

The ioverall iprinting iprocess iis ieasy iand istraightforward. iFirst iof iall, iselect ithe ifile iyou iwant ito iprint, iraise ithe ibuild iplatform, ithen ipour ithe iresin iinto ithe itray iand ilower ithe iplatform iso ithat ithe iUV ilight iunderneath icures ithe iresin iinto ia ihardened ilayer ito icreate ithe i3D iobject. iSome iobjects imay irequire ia iskirt ialong ithe ibuild iplate ito ihelp iwith iadhesion iwhile iprinting. iIn ithose icases, iyou iwould ineed ito iremove ithe iskirt ifrom ithe ibottom iof ithe ifinal iprint.

3D iPrinting iSpecifications

• System: iChiTu iL5.5 iSeries i

• Slicer iSoftware: iChiTu iBox

• Technology: iLED iDisplay iPhotocuring

• Display: i3.5? ifull-colour itouchscreen

• Light iSource: iUV iIntegrated iLight(wavelength i405nm)

• Connectivity: iUSB

• Build iVolume: i120 ix i68 ix i155 imm i(4.7 ix i2.6 ix i6.1 iinches)

• Weight: i6.8 ikg i(15 ilbs)

• XY iResolution: i0.047mm(2560 ix i1440 ipixels)

• Z-Axis iAccuracy: i0.00125mm

• Layer iThickness: i0.01-0.2mm

• Printing iSpeed: i22.5mm/h

• Power iRequirements: i110-220V i55/60Hz, i12V5A i60W

• Bed-Leveling: iManual i(assisted)

Cleaning iUp

Once ithe i3D iprinting iis icomplete, iany iunused iresin ishould ibe iput iback iin ithe ibottle. iThe itray ineeds ito ibe icleaned iusing i99% ialcohol. iIt’s ialso inecessary ito iclean idrops iof iresin ithat imay ihave isplattered iaround ithe iwork iarea, iin ipreparation ifor ianother ibatch iof iprinting.

Pros iAnd iCons iOf ithe iELEGOO iMARS iUV iPhotocuring iLCD i3D iPrinter


• It iis iaffordable.

• The isoftware iis ieasy ito iuse, iquick iat islicing iand iprocessing.

• The imachine’s itouch iscreen iis ivery iresponsive, iand ithe idisplay igives iall ithe iinformation iyou ineed.

• It ihas ia iUV icuring ibooth ito icure iitems ipost-print.

• The iprinting iquality iis ivery idetailed, iespecially ifor ismall iobjects. iIt iis ithe idefinition iof ia igadget ithat i“pays iattention ito idetails” i(pun iintended).

• They ihave iexcellent icustomer iservice.

• They ialso ihave ia iFacebook iuser igroup iwhich iis ireally ihelpful iif iyou’re inew ito i3D iprinting.


• It idoesn’t icome iwith iresin, iso iyou’ll ineed ito ibuy iit iseparately.

• The ifan iis iextremely iloud.

• The iUSB iport iis ilocated ion ithe irear iof ithe imachine.

• Printing imay ibe imessy.

• Prolonged iuse ican itrip ithe ifirmware iup.

• If iyou idon’t ihollow iyour iprints, iyou ican iget iwarping ias ia iresult iof ithe iweight.

Compare iand icontrast ithe iELEGOO iwith ithe iANYCUBIC iPhoton iprinter


Boxed-product iweight 7.6kg 9.5kg

Price ?239 ?319.99

Software Chitubox iDLP islicer Anycubic iphoton islicer

Connectivity USB USB

Printing ispeed 22.5mm/hr 20.5mm/hr

Resin It idoesn’t icome iwith iany iresin It icomes iwith i250mls iof igreen iresin

Clean iup Messy ito iclean iup Same

Target iusers i

This iproduct iis imade ifor ipeople iwho iare iprofessionals iin iindustries isuch ias iengineering, iautomotive, iaerospace, imedical, iarchitecture, ibakers, iart, ifoot-ware imanufacturers, iconsumer iproducts, iconsumer ielectronics, ijewellery imakers ior iare iD-I-Y ienthusiasts. iIt’s isimple ienough ifor ifirst-time iowners ito ihook iup iand iuse.


At i?239, ithe iELEGOO iMARS iis ia igreat ibargain ias ifar ias ihome i3D iprinters igo. iIt iproduces idetailed iprints iyou iwould iexpect ifrom ifar imore iexpensive iprinters. iThe ipicture iquality iis igood ienough ito imake iup ifor ithe inoisy ifan iand ithe islightly iawkward iUSB iport ilocated iin ithe irear iof ithe iprinter. iSo, iwhether iyou’re ian iexperienced i3D iprinting iprofessional ior iyou ijust iwant ito imake ia ihobby iof i3D iprinting, ithe iELEGOO iMARS iis ia ifantastic ichoice.

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