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Attention to Task

Attention to task is to be able to do a task in a timely manner, and knowing the details needed to complete the task. In the survey the attention to task is divided into two categories, the divergent and convergent personality. A divergent person is someone who cannot focus on just one thing. A divergent person is usually very distracted when they are doing their task and whenever they find something that interests them more, they move on to the next one.

A convergent person is someone who keeps their focus on one thing only. A convergent person is very organized and always keeps their desk neat while they are working. According to my time management personality survey, I am a convergent person. I like to do one task at a time because I find it difficult to be able to handle several tasks. I like to study in a quiet place like the library when I have some work to complete.

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learning assint Essay
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When I am doing something important I focus better because there is a sense of urgency. However when something is unimportant than I think I can have a somewhat divergent personality as well. Overall I think this score is accurate to my personality. I think I can make my attention better by staying away from people who waste time, putting away my phone, and watching less movies.

Types of focus

Types of focus are how we are focusing on our work. In the survey the type of focus is divided into two categories, global and the detailed personality. The global person does not need any kind of facts or any other details when completing an activity. They enjoy the all things like theatre, management and discussing about their future. A global person has a very high conceptual skill. On other hand, the detailed person, they believe on the facts and figures, but some people feel more comfortable when they are seeking and organizing information. According to my time management personality survey I am a detailed person. I believe in real and not fictional facts. I draw the energy when I’m seeking and the organizing information like that . when I’m doing my work I need the facts about that work, which makes me concentrate more on my work .overall I think this score is accurate to my personality. I think I can make my focus better by seeing the facts before I start my work , understand the importance about that thing . if I know the purpose or importance to do work. Then I’m more focused

Approach to structure

Approach to structure is doing our work in order . In the survey approach to structure is divided in to two categories, tight and loose . A tight structure person does their work punctually, attends the lectures, attend meeting and they have the agenda to do their work. They accomplish their work without any kind of flexibility. On the other side loosely structured persons give the flexibility in their work . not serious about their work , they do not care about their work if they do on time or not . According to my time management personality survey I am tight personality. I like to do accomplish my work on time . I like to be a punctual. I’m doing all things on time like attend the lectures, meeting anything I like to do tight . because I do not want to give anykind of flexibility especially about my work .because I like to design the agenda and I like to follow my agenda. Overall I think this score is accurate to my personality. I can improve by make agenda of the day , stay away from loose persons . I think I’ll do good .

Style of processing

Style of processing is how you are doing the work. In the survey Style of processing is divided into two categories, parallel and serial. A parallel processor are comfortable to do more task in one time . they save their time to do more work in less time , on other side the serial processor is doing the one task at one time . Serial processors prefer to begin at the beginning and complete each step thoroughly before proceeding. According to my management personality survey I am a serial processor. I like to do one work at one time. I cannot do multiple work at one time. I complete each step thoroughly before proceeding. This is slow but this is better for me. When I see lots of work then I’m confused what I’ll do next .Overall I think this score is accurate to my personality. I think I can better by trying to do .

Strategy of Action

Strategy of action is how you are performing. In the survey strategy of action is divided in two parts Proactive and reactive. A proactive takes charge of the day and accomplish what they want to do. They do not create circumstances and procrastination in their way .They make their plan of work and follow accordingly to their plan. On the other side Reactive persons are that they postpone their always they don’t like to do they think they will do tomorrow and spend lots of time to do other things. According to my management personality survey I am proactive I like to take charge individually of the day and accomplish on that day because I cannot handle so much work and I don’t like to accomplish the task on next day it creates circumstances in my way then. Overall I think this score is accurate to my personality . I think I can do better by giving more attention to my action .


Give some time to review the task every day before I leave the school . Make schedule of a every day and do not compromise with study . Complete the task as much as possible. This is very valuable time for us . We do not waste the time by doing other waste activities.

What is new to you , what is confirmed for each category?

New thing in me is to make the list in the morning before start any thing , make agenda to accomplish the task . Be focused when you are doing your work and stay away from the waste thing like who waste our time,

Identify at least three thing you can change to improve your time management . (Describe problem ? change in approach >intended goal)

Change to improve is focus on that thing what I’m doing on that time . Give more time to study and hardwork but I need to take about my health because when we give more effort to study as compare to health then health will decrease day by day . My goal is face the excellence not the success because excellence is much better than success ,according to my thinking. I want to Learn like a teacher not like a student.

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