law enforcement

I have learned that police organizations have been making proper changes in efforts to making policices and procedures more efficient, this is a great step because some laws and systems are outdated in which the updates will help everything coincide as a whole. The pros of these changes can be that it can affect the personnel performance in their assigned duties because they have to adjust to the changes. Information management is a cycle of organizational activities and that is the acquisition of information from one or more sources, custodianship, and distribution of that information for the individual who need the information, and also the disposition after the information is deleted or archived.(Wikipedia)

When it comes to data storage and retrieval principles I feel that data storage is important it is very important in the law enforcement environment because the data is very important and that is were they get all their information from about individuals and certain cases and the data is maintained in the IT infrastructure that has to be interpreted in order to render any information. I feel that the data storage is important because their is sensitive information within the data. Within information management their are different activities and processes they go through and in the retrieval part it is the activity where information is obtained through systems that contains relevant information from a vass of resources. The way that I would effectively implement a data library for police officers that contained all necessary policies, procedures, and regulations is by introcing them to the new technology that they will have to use at the police force do they can familiarize themselves with it with the new updated technology and resources to make their job easier.

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Police departments use some equipment like surveillance cameras, gunshot detection systems, facial recognition software, and etc. just to name a few. Policies and procedures have to be available to employees so that they are following all the proper guidelines and all that information will be located in the data library and I will make sure police officers and new hires are trained on this and aware of the information. The other types of information management I would introduce in a law enforcement environment would be sharing information because this allows police forces the insurance that officers can access the right information at the right time. The way that I would ensure it’s acceptance and use by the law enforcement officers is by making sure that all of ices are able to locate information in an efficient manner. ( Please respond to this 100 words


More than a few information management principles come to mind when we discuss law enforcement. These principles include: focusing on access to information, no duplicate information, data storage and retrieve, planning, organizing, evaluation, dispose, collection, and dispersal (Canada, 2018). Before you can even discuss what ones are the most important for police work, you must first understand what information management is. It is a system where an organization stores, accesses, analyzes, and records company information (Jrank, n.d.). With that being said, it all depends on the law enforcement leadership. In some police departments, only searches of criminals and licenses plates for example, can be done by the police chief. Other systems adopt a “all access” mentality that anyone from police to chief can do the same checks. I feel that the most important information management principles for law enforcement are: data storage and retrieve, organizing, evaluation, and access. I think it’s important for who is accessing the information because if a department doesn’t want their information breached, they must protect it, just like with HIPPA it’s the same for them too. Collecting and organizing the data go hand in hand because how it’s submitted matters—is it correct, updated, thorough? WE don’t want to know a criminal’s favorite TV shows for example. We need to organize data so it’s easy to retrieve, we need to also back it up. Lastly we need to know that the information is updated regularly so we need to follow up and evaluate our processes in the police field.

Technology is always evolving, so today police departments have access to better systems to input and store their data. For example, drones, automatic license plate readers, and even face scanning technology are all used by law enforcement in America. I believe each law enforcement department should use a digital system for use as a data library. One example I found that I like is the Omnigo records management system software. This software is user friendly and is capable of holding all necessary information (Omnigo, n.d.). By using this software, it would contain all of the policies, procedures, and regulation along with the data, which would be practical. Not only would the software save time, it would be easy to use and up to date with technology. There would be customer service available if there was an issue. Not only that, but whoever is the leader in the department, they can determine who and how someone accesses the information.

I think there are many other options out for police. For example, Omnigo has a software option for police so they can access it on their mobile phones. They can upload reports or look up an offender for example, in less time than it would take to log into a computer on their car. Having the phone on hand instead of having to go back to the car would increase safety and decrease time on the call which would make this accepted by law enforcement officers. Some officers utilize drones in information management, but those may be controversial. However, as long as they comply with the FAA guidelines and no data breach occurs, by law, they have the right to use such software at their leadership’s perusal. If the drone would help with crowd control, or perhaps looking for a lost child, I think the other officers would be on board. Please respond to this 100 words,…


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