Kishantia JosephEnglish 11202Dr Sims5 February 2019A Call of RelianceImportance of a Mother Essay

Kishantia JosephEnglish 112-02Dr. Sims5 February 2019A Call of Reliance:Importance of a Mother and Object Who Carries Meaningful WeightKnown for being the mold of the family, Rita Dove’s Daystar portrays a mother of great quality. She never complains about her motherly duties; while her husband Thomas is out making ends meet. On her own time, there is no freedom of her own will to do what she wants to, since it is always about changing diapers and chores. Without her, the household may be lost.

Like-wise with William Carlos Williams’ The Red Wheel Barrow, its purpose is for daily tasks being depended on like people are to oxygen. Both poems allude to the effort, harvestation, and compromise that has been made to remain under control; the dependability on how one needs people and objects around one to survive. It is vital to remark those around us whether the act may be big or small to show appreciation and not allow their work to prevail in vain.

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Kishantia JosephEnglish 11202Dr Sims5 February 2019A Call of RelianceImportance of a Mother Essay
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Faith is symbolized throughout both poems. Red is a representation of love, anger, and strength identifying the Mother’s obligation in Daystar. This is visible when she closed her eyes / she’d see only her own vivid blood (10-11). After all the sacrifice at home, the blood rushing through her veins is full of anxiety and yearning for rest. Because of the love she has for her children, even when she receives desired rest, her responsibilities still play in her mind. Much like The Red Wheel Barrow, it goes through different obstacles and being beaten up while its surroundings are dry leaving it with rust; but because of its strength it withstands the task ahead despite of its responsibility to the chickens. In reference to Daystar, the white signifies how her children are innocent to what she has done for them and not understanding the liability being held but just knowing they will be taken care of when needed. However, when it comes to The Red Wheel Barrow, white denotes the restoration and purity of the wheel barrow when rain comes making it whole again. This is relatable to faith being connected to each other through a saving grace and being a foundation to those around. Similarly, when Jesus died on the cross for everyone, it was a covenant for all the sins to be wiped away and be cleansed.Interesting enough, in both poems it is conveyed that everything has a purpose and guidelines to go with it. Thomas should be the mother’s happiness; he will relieve her of some duties once he gets home nevertheless at night, he rolls over and lurch into her. When he is doing this . . . she would open her eyes / and think of the place that was hers / for an hour (18-20). The speaker’s claim is that she just rather be left alone and not enjoy her husband’s company feeling substantially lost. The mother remembers being nothing, pure nothing, in the middle of the day (21) which conveys her free time and free of responsibility. This supports the thought of wanting to be selfish to oneself; enjoying alone time once its given and always appreciate the easy paths in life rather than being depended on. Imagery is used to express the woman’s cloudy life who is not able to have fun outside of her children but on the other hand without her children, she would not be able to claim motherhood. She is an example to young women in society who are not yet mothers, to understand the accountability ahead and not rush a lifestyle before it needs to happen. Williams’ poem shows a circle of life through a wheel and by the change of a situation, in this sense climate, the barrow is then saddened and lost its dependability. The wheel barrow then becomes numb and needs to depend on someone or something to uplift its beauty to carry on with the next day.Family is the foundation of our society today as each member is meant to be loved and appreciated because God honors and empowers everyone to fulfill a role. God does not give us more than we can bare because revival is a huge factor in life. The description of time constraint and being tired is symbolized in Dove’s poem as a doll slumped behind the door (3) waiting for restoration. In the fourth stanza of Daystar, the tone is very enlightening as she takes an hour, at best, nonetheless an hour is better than none. However, it goes dark as Liza appears pouting from the top of the stairs (12) seeking that daily attention. Liza was not accustomed to seeing her mom relaxing so the first thought that came into her mind was disappointment and just what was mother doing / out back with the field mice? (14-15). The speaker acknowledges that Liza’s mother is building a palace (16) which insinuates alone time and seeking restoration. Minor details which were included in Williams’ poem for revival are those of nature, and rain through their usefulness and replenishing growth. They are beautiful to mankind and do not need to be extravagant to have a purpose. Though simple, the wheel barrow has its importance; just as the children may not think their mother is doing much when taking a nap but she is putting her best foot forward.Williams mentions in the last stanza / / beside the white / chickens. (7-8) for one to understand that life is continuing with or without the barrel and with more rain to fall the motion of dependency will grow. Since the speaker does not mention the chickens being around, under or above the red wheel barrow but instead beside, juxtaposes that they are together every step of the way. Any obstacle put in the path of life, always has an outcome of blessings and being better than before. Altogether, though Dove’s character is loyal to her children she will always be there for them since it is her priority as a wife and a mother. They all motivate her to be a better person towards them each day. Alternately, as her children grow older, they will have a stronger bond and understand the roles of responsibility and be authentic to others with relationship and recognizing their mother’s efforts in the future. The connection of the mother and the wheel barrow boils down to how the way of life is depending on others. If the mother was taken away from her children, they will not be molded and worry free, as the chickens will not survive as long without the wheel barrow. This is because they both carry such strength.Works CitedDove, Rita. Daystar. The Seagull Reader: Literature, Poems, edited by Joseph Kelly, W.W Norton & Company, 2017, pp. 92Williams, C. William. The Red Wheelbarrow. The Seagull Reader: Literature, Poems, edited by Joseph Kelly, W.W Norton & Company, 2017, pp. 357

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