Kira Bargara is an attractive blue eyed red haired woman freshly from Essay

Kira Bargara is an attractive blue eyed, red haired woman freshly from a break up. She is now over it, and is now doing her daily routine of walking her dog, Sven. Sven is a large golden retriever who loves regular walks in the park. Kira stops at a park bench to rest when she spots her friend, Yashika. She waves at her

“Hey Kira! You are feeling better now I see”

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Kira Bargara is an attractive blue eyed red haired woman freshly from Essay
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“Oh yeah, yeah. Much better. I can finally get back on track.

Anyway, it was for the best. I guess”

“You know I actually found someone. Meeting her today evening”

“Really! Wow! I am happy for you. Where did you find her?”

“In this dating app known as Flame. You should really try it”

“Nah I don’t thi…“

“Just try it. It is worth a shot. And it will take your mind off of everything”

“Fine. Since you insist”

“I am telling you, you won’t regret it.

There are multiple guys of your type. Trust me”

Kira was never the type of using dating apps and only accepted to try it to please her friend. She has no idea of the danger she will have to suffer.

Later that evening, in her apartment, Kira thought about the app and decided to download it. When opening, the app asked for questions such as phone number and location. Kira felt the app was very sketchy, as she has never heard of it before but decided to continue. After signing up, she logged in.

The app gives location of nearby flamers (users), their pictures and the ability to burn or extinguish their photo; it is just like accepting or denying their request. Kira starts extinguishing many flamers, mostly because they were almost twice her age. Finally, she stumbles on a decent flamers account. A 5’11 white male aged twenty-five named Adrian Brown who had short blond hair, hazel eyes, a sharp nose and a neat French beard.

Kira thought, hmm he does not look half-bad but if only he were a bit taller. She goes ahead and burns his profile. Kira is surprised as she immediately gets a reply.

“Hey there”

“Hi I am Kira”

“Yeah I know. I saw it on your profile”

“Haha, sorry. I am just nervous. This is my first time doing these sort of things”

“That’s ok. Anyway, on your profile it says that you are twenty-three. Is that correct?”

“Yes. That is true”


Kira and Adrian talk for a while asking personal questions when Adrian finally asks to meet Kira in a local bar called DaBar near them at 8:00 PM the following day.

Excited, she decided to call Yashika. She tried thrice, but her phone was unavailable, before recalling that she had a flamer date that same evening. Kira wondered how she was doing. She thought about her date the next day and tried to imagine what it would be like before calling it a night and going to bed.

Yashika is in a dark room, blindfolded and tied up. She is unconscious. All of a sudden, the lights turn on. A man wearing a surgical mask with a brief case walks into the room. The man carries Yashika and places her on a shiny metal table where anesthesia is kept in her mouth. The man looks into his brief case and brings out a roll of surgical instruments. He brings out a pair of gloves and begins cutting into Yoshika’s chest harvesting her for organs.

The next day, Kira is getting ready for her date with Adrian. Kira decided to be a little late. She arrived at DaBar at 8:15 PM; she locked her car and proceeded to enter. She noticed, as soon as she entered, that Adrian had not arrived so she decided to settle at the bar counter where a bartender tended to her alcoholic needs

“Hello fine lady! What is it you want?”

“Cold whiskey please”

The bartender handed her a glass of wine. The bartender looks like a kind man. He is fit, tall with long wavy black hair and he wears rectangular glasses. Kira took a long sip and looked out the window.

“You here with someone?”

“Yeah, but I am afraid that he won’t show up”

“I am Adi Pawa and you are?”

“I am Kira”

“So your date didn’t show up, huh?”

“I guess not”

“Here have this, on the house”

Adi hands her a glass of whiskey and ice. The two talk for a long time, asking each other questions and getting to know each other better. They did not realize how much time had passed and before they were the only two people in the bar.

“Wow! Look at the time! I should really start heading home”

“Thank you Kira that was fun. Do you want my number?”

“No I am fine. I think I will take a break from the dating scene for now”

“Are you sure?”

Kira says “Yes” while she walks out the front door. Adi looks at her deviously as he locks up the bar. Kira opens the door of her car and sits in the front seat, exhausted from the long day she had, she starts her car and begins the drive to her apartment block. Half way through the journey, a blue car follows behind hers far enough to not be noticed.

Kira parks her car and makes her way into the apartment. She struggles to look for her keys in her purse. A shadowy figure behind her emerges. It was Adrian. Adrian removes a white cloth out of his pocket and proceeds gradually to Kira. Adrian tries to cover her mouth with the cloth. Kira screams and struggles though Adrian is too tough. Kira slowly loses consciousness as she inhales the chemicals in the cloth.

Suddenly, from the blue car, Adi appears. He yells “Hey!”, and proceeds to run towards Adrian then tackles him. Adi and Adrian start fighting as Kira frantically gets her phone and calls the police.

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