Kill me heal me is a 2015 South Korean television series It Essay

Kill me heal me is a 2015 South Korean television series. It has 20 episodes. It is a story about this character Cha Do Hyun who is a third-generation business heir. He studied abroad at an early age. Roughly 29 years ago, Cha Gun-Ho decided to give Seung Jin Group to his daughter-in-law Min Seo-Yeon rather than to his son Jun-Pyo. Seo-Yeon was a better leader than her husband Jun-Pyo, the legal heir. Because of this, a fight broke out between father and son.

Jun-Pyo left the house and cut off contact with his family, but not before Min Seo-Yeon asked him for a divorce. With the divorce papers in hand, Min Seo-Yeon left the Seung Jin Group. She went to the United States and reunited with her long-lost love. She then had a baby in the United States with her first love. They named the girl Do-Hyun. Jun-Pyo, still avoiding his family, had a child with Shin Hwa-Ran. The film didn’t show the little boy’s name.

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Kill me heal me is a 2015 South Korean television series It Essay
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Min Seo-Yeon husband died so she returned to Korea. She and her daughter came to be living in the Seungjin Group mansion. Min Seo-Yeon was probably still in the family registry, after all. She also returned in Seung Jin management. However, grandma desperately wanted an heir to replace her absent son. She knew that Min Seo-Yeon’s child wasn’t Jun-Pyo’s, but she lied and said that Min Seo-Yeon was pregnant when she divorced Jun-Pyo and that the child is his. Grandma entered Do-Hyun into the official family registry as the child of Min Seo-Yeon and Cha Jun-Pyo. The little girl Do-Hyun is now Cha Do-Hyun. Before her mom died she called a close friend for help to take away her child from the house. On the day of the inauguration of the father a fire broke out in the basement which was set by the child Do Hyun to save Oh Ri Jin. This is when her friend and her husband sneak in as a waiter and get Oh Ri Jin out of the house and made her and their son grow up as brother and sister and also named her Oh Ri Jin. She was his childhood friend that he saw was being abused and that was why one his personality knew right away when he saw her. He couldn’t remember her as Do Hyun because everytime she was abused as a child, he couldn’t protect her so he buried her inside that only Segi remembers. Segi even asked her out but she was confused because he kept changing his attitude and that was when she knew he had DID. She then tries to help him that she moved in with him. She helped him secretly so that no one knows and tries to embarrass him and take away his father’s company.

The boy Do Hyun is also the only son of the chairman of the Seungjin Group. One day his personality changed when he went out to a club wearing tight, jeans, makeup, and a motorcycle. Do Hyun doesn’t do all of this. That was when he met Oh Ri Jin, a first year Psychiatry resident. After this moment Segi, his dominant personality was the obvious cause for the other ones to emerge. His purpose is to allow Cha Do Hyun to express his anger without having to take responsibility for it. After every appearance of Se Gi, Do Hyun had to apologize to those he may have hurt. But his subconscious allows him to put the blame on Segi and to externalize his anger. This personality came into being due to emotional and psychological trauma he suffered during his childhood. As a child, he did not have the ability to protect himself from his father and the abuse he witnessed. So he fabricated a side of him that would coldly and indefinitely protect him. However Se Gi decides to become the dominant one and get rid of the other personalities of 2 things. One is that Segi wanted to make Oh Ri Jin happy because he knew she was abused as a kid. The other one is that he fell in love. He knew that if he appeared as Do Hyun, she will fell in love with him and not Segi. Even if it was wrong he didn’t want to give up. The other personalities he had was Ahn Yona who was a teenage girl who obsesses over guys. She’s rude and acts like a brat to get what she wants. Her purpose is to relieve Do Hyun from the strain of society’s expectations of him because his father expected him to become manly and he also had to take on the role of the protector at a young age. The twin brother of Yo Na, Yo Sub was the other one. He’s super artistic and talented. He portrays a misunderstood and depressed teenager. He was created because Do Hyun was unable to express or acknowledge his own sadness after the trauma he experienced. Since he suppressed his childhood memories, he could not face the source of his sadness. Perry park represents Do Hyun’s adventurous and exciting side. Perry Park was the name his father wanted to call their boat. Initially, Do Hyun and his father had very good relationship. His father was loving and caring and they got along well. But when they moved back to his grandmother’s house and the whole issue with his father’s wife came up, their relationship turned sour. Na Na symbolizes the vulnerable side of Do Hyun. This innocent girl who was his childhood friend tries to remind of the memories he refused to acknowledge. This is the part he doesn’t want to remember. It is the part where his childhood friend was abused. The last personality is Mr.X. He was the most mysterious personality of all and he played a key role in Do Hyun finally being cured.

At the end of the drama, Do Hyun becomes more assertive and starts to take control over his own life. This was possible because he stopped depending on all of the personalities and accepts all of them as a part of himself.

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