IntroductionWealth at Work WAW has requested help with the implantation of a Essay

IntroductionWealth at Work (WAW) has requested help with the implantation of a coaching and mentoring programmes. This report is going to highlight ideas on implementing robust programmes, it will provide explanations for both coaching and monitoring, the similarities and differences and the key benefits for different stakeholders. As WAW currently have no coaches and mentors in the company the line mangers don’t see this as being part o their roles. As all performance reviews have now been completed HR have identified the need for employees to develop better customer care and skills ass a priority.

1.1 And 1.2Coaching and mentoring can always provide benefits to both small and large organisations. They may use the same approach, but coaching is a short-term task and mentoring is a long-term relationship. Below is a brief explanation for coaching and mentoring.Coaching ” Coaching can be described as on the job development programme. Their aim is to improve performance in the job role. The coach focuses on specific skills and goals.

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IntroductionWealth at Work WAW has requested help with the implantation of a Essay
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Some of the benefits of coaching are: Attract to talent To help improve individual’s improvement Increase staff motivation Assist your organisation to growA coach will help employees focus on their future developments and improvement within WAW. A coach will not be someone who tells you what to do it is someone who will help guide and support you.Mentoring ” Mentors is a log term solution and are mainly established mangers who provide help and support to help increase any knowledge or skills that are need for the employee’s role. Some of the benefits of mentoring are: They can develop you as an individual They provide a source of advice Enable employee’s development Provide a good sounding board where they can answer any questions etc,Mentors can teach the employee, facilitate their growth by helping with resources, take the mentoree out of their comfort zones and help them focus on any developments. There are many differences between coaches and mentors and below are a few examples: Coaching is a short term and can sometimes only last a few weeks depending on the purpose where mentoring is a long-term task and could last a year. Coaching is a very planned and structured process where mentoring can be more informal. Coaching is task orientated were mentoring is driven by the relationship. Coaching focuses on development and any other issues at work where mentoring focused on employee careers and personal development.Below are some examples of the different stakeholders that are involved: Coaching and mentoring can help build employees confidence which will help employees look at their own development to see where they would like to work towards. The coachee and mentee will help create a healthy culture throughout the workforce. This will also encourage staff to see employees’ achievements and recognition and will want this for themselves. They will also gain knowledge and skills for this. When a company work together and have a sense of achievements this shows across the board and will improve relationships between staff and customers. Providing customers with a happy services and experience will also help increase productivity and the company’s reputation.Many companies use both coaches and mentors and they can provide a lot of positives in the workplace. One of the models WAW use is the CLEAR model. This model was developed by Peter Hawkins in the early 1980’s and is an acronym for:Contracting ” Opening the discussionListening ” Using active listeningExploring ” 1 ” Helping the coachee to understand the personal impact of the situation it is having on themselves 2 ” Challenging the coahee to think through the possibilities for future action in resolving the situation.Action ” Supporting the coachee in choosing a way ahead and the next steps.Review ” Closing the intervention, looking at what has been covered and any decisions that have been made. 2.1There are many different types of coaching and mentoring methods which can be implemented in organisations. Below are examples of the ones HR think will best suit WAW.The Coaching methods:Performing Coaching – this will help employees focus on their own role and enhance their own individual performance. This focuses on developing employees to achieve their objectives and goals. Performance coaching also helps teams who are underperforming develop and perform more effectively.Skills Coaching – this can be used to see where some employee’s skill sets are to where the company needs them to progress to. Skills coaching is flexible and is tailored to the employee so they can focus on what skill sets and objectives they need to improve their role.Career Coaching – this will help the employee make any decisions and any changes to move forward within their career. It will help identify any goals, consider other career options and develop their confidence. It is also beneficial to employees if they are applying for new roles or looking at going for a promotion.The Mentoring methods:Group Mentoring – there are many ways in which companies approach group Mentoring and the most popular ways are facilitated group mentoring, peer group mentoring, and team mentoring. Group mentoring experience allows individuals to gain experience different kinds of mentoring. It focuses on the development of the group and its less personal. This would also bring a more diverse options due to number of people attending. Some employees may feel they didn’t get what they needed from this and some people may feel challenged as they are in a large group.One to One – this is an approach that is a favourite with most companies as they build up a relationship and provides individual support. Then mentor will help teach and support the skills sets needed for any specific issues so the employee can improve their role. It also helps the employee move out of their comfort zones. Peer Mentoring – this is when a colleague who are at similar points in their career. IT helps employees form new relationship within the company across different departments. This also benefits the company as it is at a low-cost way to train employees.2.2Line managers play an important role in coaching and mentoring their staff. It has become popular method in developing staff. It is a cost effective and can focus on specific development needs. Line managers will recognise any coaching and mentoring needs of their staff and deal with them on a day to day basis rather than waiting for this to develop into something bigger. They will need to know what skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours are needed to be an effective coach or mentor. WAW need to develop a healthy culture within the company and understand the importance of how to set up and run mentoring programmes. Below is a table of for and against points on this:For Against Has a knowledge of the company Do they have enough knowledge to be a coach or a mentor Identify any high performer May not have the best relationship Know how to motivate staff Focus is too much on targets Knows the individual strengths and weaknesses Favouritism There are many different models which can be used to help with coaching and mentoring such as GROW, CLEAR and STAR please see appendix 1. Line managers need to understand these and use them when they see appropriate. Line mangers need to have the skills listed below: Clear communication Listening skills Open minded Believe in the process Set clear objectives Be confident Supportive Time management Setting clear goalsLine managers need to have good relationships with their teams and make sure they share all goals and objectives across the teams. It is essential that staff have the relationship where they feel they can have effective communication and be approachable, so no member of staff is shown biased.At first the process may have a negative approach but when the process starts working and produces positive developments of both individual employees and teams. Investing time into staff will have a positive impact as they will feel happier in their roles and this will show in their work they produce, and the sickness will also reduce.3.1Many companies are now choosing to implement a coaching and mentoring programme due to the successes it has had. WAW is always going to be in competition with other financial companies and want to keep their reputation with staff and keep staff retention at a low. Some of the reasons for implementing this and key benefits of coaching and mentoring are: Increase productivity Increases staff commitment and loyalty Enhance staff performance Benefits stakeholders Better decision making Happier and stronger workforceWAW need to assure that the coaching and mentoring programmes are aligned to fit within WAW organisational goals. It is essential that WAW plan a do have a planned and strategic approach and know what they want out of this. To ensure that this is successful employees need to want to carry on succeeding in their role the coaches and mentors need to keep evaluating their process and use objective measures where every they can so they can process to ensure they achieve their personal goals.This can also effect the culture of the office as at first employees can feel very negative towards this and this could have the following drawbacks: Employees leaving the company Cost Time Picking the wrong person to coach or mentor The senior management team may not be supportive ResourcesIt will also ways help if the company have a buy in form the senior management and any stakeholders so they can help raise awareness of these programmes. All employees should be made aware of why these changes are happening and these need to be communicated clearly. If managers do not feel that employees are buying into these programmes then they need to find out why and reassure them.It is essential that all managers need to keep the HR team up to date as they can also progress to see that they are working. HR can: Help identify any gaps and update any gaps in the job descriptions and person specifications Help align the process Equal Opportunities Ensure that everything is aligned and the coach and mentor know the business Work together so that appropriate goals are set. Activity 2Question 1As you can see from the report above WAW have coaches and mentor programmes would be a positive impact within the company and the benefits would have several benefits across the employees and organisation. Some of the benefits are: To increase productivity Help facalite change Performance improvement Increase motivation Assist the company to grow So employees can gain new skills Increase employee brand Retain staff Improve customer satisfaction both internal and externalThis will have a massive changes within WAW as this has never be used before. As outlined in their performance reviews it was identified that most of them employees need to develop a better customer care and IT skills as a priority but there are other areas in which also need developing. The HR team have had several meetings with different teams within the company, external companies and for this particular project would recommend that WAW use internal coaches for this as they believe it may only be a short term programme. Below are some recommendation that HR have put into place so this will have a bigger impact across the company.WAW need to decide and recognise the aims and objectives of the company so they can continue developing for the future. The HR team already use tools for this such as PESTLE, SWOT and scenario planning. It needs to be recognised any future developments that are required such as knowledge and skills within the teams so they can face and prepare for any future changes. As WAW have used coaching and mentoring on an ad hoc basis and this has worked in the past, it was discussed with HR, senior managers, the stakeholders and directors that HR need to identify potential candidates that have a good knowledge and understanding of their company and their roles. Line managers have said in the past that they don’t feel that it is their role but after having discussions and told how this could move the business forward they seem to be on board. When looking for potential candidates HR will look at Recommendations from staff who they think will personally perform this role well and devote their time to the task Choose good role models Employees who have a common groundHR have also discussed rewards for them taking on the extra responsibilities. The candidates who do take on the role of coaching or mentoring will need to understand the importance of the company culture and how these programmes can affect this. It is essential that the candidates for the coaches and mentors do have the key skills, knowledge and capabilities criteria for this and are prepared to put the work in that is required, they will also have a contract for their extra responsibilities. They will be informed what will be expected from that and also told what they will be able to get out of this experience. It is also recommended that HR are going to look over the performance reviews and see any other learning and development that is needed as this would keep employees focused, positive and looking to the future. HR will also need to update all performance policies so they align to the coaching and mentoring programmes. These will need to set clear guidance and understanding to all staff and will help employees understand all guidelines, goals and objectives. WAW need to used different methods of communication techniques such as surveys and questionnaires so the senior management teams, stakeholders and directors will have feedback on this and see exactly what the employees are getting from these programmes. WAW also need to look at if these are not working and why? It is important that the coaches and mentors have a reporting manager they can go to if they need any support or guidance. Not all employees are tat the same levels so coaches and mentors need to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. WAW senior managers are aware of tools such as the GROW model and the CLEAR. (Appendix 2)When all of the above have been taken into consideration and the coaches have been appointed and trained, then WAW can look at training. HR are going to help with senior management to design programmes and make sure that this is a structured programme so that WAW can get the results it needs to align with the companies goals and measure employees improvement. The coaches will need to understand that not all members of staff will be working to the same levels and that some employees will need more training. The recommendations have been put into place so that WAW can get positive outcomes and can continue to grow.

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