INFORMATION SYSTEMS USED IN BOSCHBosch is a multinational Essay


Bosch is a multi-national electronics and engineering company. The Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services. The four sectors in which Bosch operates is Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer goods and Energy and Building Technology. Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing. The Bosch Group operates in around 60 countries across the world.

Information systems are the systems which help to collect, process, store and distribute information. It helps a company in various ways.

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS USED IN BOSCHBosch is a multinational Essay
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Bosch also uses few of the information systems, which include:

1. Bosch Zuender Online.

2. Big Data.

3. Chatbot.

4. Bock chain.

5. Cloud.

6. SAP.

7. MIS.

8. CEMS EmpInSite

The above mentioned information systems help Bosch to work faster and efficiently.

1. Bosch Zunder Online

The BZO informs all the associates about the Bosch Groups objectives and activities and show them what makes Bosch tick. It explains corporate strategy and current developments. It provides guidance, creates trust and enhances identification with Bosch.

It contains all the information related to the different branches of Bosch. It contains the information about the various events conducted by Bosch across the globe.


? Bosch Zunder online helps the employees to understand the objectives of the company clearly.

? It helps in keeping all the members working in Bosch up to date with current developments in the different fields.

? It helps people to know various information about the company wherein they get information related to Bosch’s mission, objectives, culture followed and the various policies and procedures of the company.


? All the information is available online, if there is a server crash or network issues employees may not be able to access the website.

? It is accessible only to the top level and middle level management.

2. CEMS EmpInSite

An enterprise level, centralized, real time solution giving end to end visibility covering key functions in the cycle of contract employee management like empanelment of contractors, contract management, recruitment of contract employees, contract employee data management and automatic interfacing with workforce management solution.

CEMS EmpInSite is software mainly used by the Human resource department for maintaining the details of the contract labourers.


? Data related to contract employees are available at one place making accessibility faster.

? ID cards for the employees can be raised through this software.

? It is accessible only by the HR department and the respective contractor, which helps in reducing confusions.

? Eliminates manual and paper based empanelment processes.

? It helps in saving time and money.


? As it is an online solution, network issues and server crash may create problem for the smooth functioning of the department.

? Sometimes the contractors upload wrong details leading to prolonged procedure.


Block chain is major disruptive technology because it is used to secure any kind of property rights in the web. Block chain is a technology that consists of a distributed database that relies on a network of business partners who consent to each block of transactions. This eliminates fraud in the overall system and makes intermediaries like bank obsolete. The blockchain is maintained by a peer-to-peer network. The network is a collection of nodes which are interconnected to one another. Nodes are individual computers which take in input and perform a function on them and give an output. The Information on the block chain is shared and can be used continuously to record the data. The block chain database is not stored in any specific location, the records are public and can be easily verifiable. There is no centralized kind of information for a hacker to corrupt.

Distributes ledger technologies of which block chain is a part is used by Bosch. DLT is a decentralized managed ledgers. DLT distributes information with high level of transparency and security.

Areas of application in Bosch are those which are built on confidence and consensus. DLT makes it difficult to attack or manipulate. There is transparency in DLT which makes cyber-attacks more difficult.


? Greater Transparency: Transactional data are more transparent using block chain technology. It is available to all the individuals who have permissioned access to alter the data when required. This helps Bosch to have a transparent and cyber-attack free records.

? Enhanced Security: Using block chain technology transaction once recorded is encrypted and it is linked to the previous transaction. Since the data is stored across a network of computers rather than a single server, it makes it difficult for the hackers to corrupt the data. Using block chain helps Bosch to keep its data secured.

? Improved Traceability: Since the records are stored in a single shared entity, the transactional data can be accessed by everyone who has required permission ensuring the no need for numerous intermediaries.

? Reduced Costs: Block Chain Technology there is no need for third party involved.


Performance is the biggest dis-advantage using block chain. The transaction is processed in same way as centralized database, but it requires the additional security which takes the process time bit more than the centralized database.


Big data means which has massive volume of both structured and unstructured data so that it becomes too difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. The big data is often characterized by extreme volume of data, wide variety of data types and the velocity at which data must be processed. Big data plays a vital role for the success of future business models in the Internet of Things connected industry and for promising projects at Bosch. Big data methods reveal relationships and dependencies or perform predictions of outcomes and behaviours. It offers advanced technology which helps to extract the information relevant for an ever increasing number of questions out of huge data volume. It is the key to handle huge data volumes that go beyond the capacity of traditional data processing applications.


? Better decision-making

? Increased productivity

? Reduce costs

? Improved customer service

? Fraud detection

? Greater innovation

? Faster speed to market


? Traditional storage can cost lot of money to store big data.

? Lots of big data is unstructured.

? Big data analysis violates principles of privacy.

? It can be used for manipulation of customer records.

? It may increase social stratification.

? Big data analysis is not useful in short run. It needs to be analysed for longer duration to leverage its benefits.

? Big data analysis results are misleading sometimes.

? Speedy updates in big data can mismatch real figures.

5. Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System is also used in Bosch as one of the IT system. This is used to record employees in-time, out-time, overtime done by the employees and absence details. This helps Bosch in paying salaries and other monetary benefits to the employees.


? One of the important advantages is that it helps to keep the record of the employees related to their working hours in Bosch.

? It helps to reduce physical entry of the data of employees making tasks easier.

? MIS system helps to coordinate with other department such as finance department for the payment, production department to know whether the employees are present in the premises etc.


? Management information system requires constant monitoring of data.

? MIS is expensive to set up, leading to increase in cost for Bosch.

? Constant up gradation is required leading to increase in cost to the company.

6. SAP

SAP is another information system used in different departments of Bosch. This helps various departments to access the data at one particular place leading to easier access and reducing the time involved in physical method of maintaining data. As SAP is an integrated system all the departments in Bosch are connected with each other.


? Integrated software available with different modules catering to the needs of different departments in Bosch.

? SAP helps Bosch to manage product life cycles and supply chain activities.

? Majorly it helps in analyzing data which is available or entered in SAP.


? High cost involved in purchasing and implementing the program.

? It is one of the complex information systems making it hard to understand the various features available in SAP. Employees take long time to understand the working of SAP.

7. Chatbot

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence which conducts conversations with humans for better customer service.

Bosch uses chatbot for digital customer engagement, internal staff support and chat enabled Bosch products.


? Main advantage is it provides answers to various questions faster and saves time.

? It helps Bosch to improve customer service and increase customer base for their products.


? The main disadvantage is teaching the chatbot to understand the language of the customers which differs from region to region and countries to countries.

? Chatbot technology is in early stage and there would be constant up gradation required to meet the business requirements.


Bosch almost uses advance technology in order to meet the present business demands.

? Sometimes there are server breakdowns and network issues in Bosch, so they have to try to fix the network issues as soon as possible or else it would be difficult to operate with the information system leading to wastage of time and resources.


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