information System 3b ASS Essay


Information System 3B


Yenziwe Zondi



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information System 3b ASS Essay
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Information System 3B


Yenziwe Zondi


Table of Contents

Question 1

Discuss two SDLC approaches__________________________________Page 1

Which SDLC approach will you choose to develop__________________ Page1

Discuss the SDLC phases line with the development_________________Page3

Draw Water Fall Model..________________________________________ Page4

Discuss 2 approaches of software.._______________________________Page5

Discuss the difference between a project and project manager_________Page5

Discuss the reason that can make project failure_____________________Page5

Discuss your role as project manager_____________________________Page6

Draw Class Notation__________________________________________Page7


Question 1


Predictive approach SDLC

Utilizes the cascade model accept the undertaking can be arranged ahead of time and that the data framework can be created by the arrangement. Also, necessities are surely known and have a low specialized hazard.

Prerequisite surely knew and all around characterized.

Adaptive approach SDLC

Utilizes the iterative model expect the venture must be increasingly adaptable and adjust to changing needs as the task advances. What’s more, prerequisite needs are unsure and have a high-specialized hazard.

Differences between Predictive approach and Adaptive approach SDLC:-

Predictive approach SDLC:-

Prerequisite surely knew and all around characterized

Low specialized hazard

Adaptive approach SDLC:-

prerequisite and requirements unsure

high specialized hazard



Because Predictive SDLC is a methodology that presumes that all the anticipating, the task can be delineated ahead of time and that the new data framework can be created or created by the arrangement.


1) Requirement Gathering and Analysis

During this stage, all the important data is gathered from the student to build up an item according to their desire. Any ambiguities must be settled in this stage as it were.

Business examiner and Project Manager set up a gathering with the student to assemble all the data like what the student needs to construct, will’s identity the student, what is the motivation behind the item. Before structure, an item a centre comprehension or information of the item is significant.

2) Design

In this stage, the necessity assembled in the SRS archive is utilized as an info and programming engineering that is utilized for actualizing framework advancement is determined.

3) Implementation or Coding

Execution/Coding begins once the designer gets the Design record. The Software configuration is converted into source code. Every one of the segments of the product are executed in this stage.

4) Testing

Testing begins once the coding is finished and the modules are discharged for testing. In this stage, the created programming is tried completely and any deformities found are doled out to designers to make them fixed. Retesting, relapse testing is done until the time when the product is according to the client’s desire. Analysers allude SRS record to ensure that the product is according to the client’s standard

5) Deployment

Once the product is tested, it is deployed in the production environment or first UAT (User Acceptance testing) is done depending on the Student expectation. In the case of UAT, a replica of the production environment is created and the student along with the developers does the testing. If the student finds the application as expected, then sign off is provided by the student to go live.

6) Maintenance

After the organization of an item on the generation condition, support of the item for example on the off chance that any issue comes up and should be fixed or any improvement is to be done is taken consideration by the engineers.

left350701Requirement analysis

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The Waterfall Model was first Process Model to be presented. It is likewise alluded to as a direct consecutive life cycle model. It is easy to comprehend and utilize. In a cascade model, each stage must be finished completely before the following stage can start. This sort of programming improvement model is essentially utilized for the undertaking which is little and there are no questionable prerequisites.


The Structured Approach:-

Structure framework improvement: structure examination, organized plan, and organized writing computer programs are the three system that make up structure approach. Now and again these system are on the whole alluded to as organized examination and structure strategy.

The Object-Oriented Approach

The item situated methodology sees a data framework as a gathering of collaborating object that work together to achieve task. An article is a thing in the PC framework that is equipped for reacting messages.

For the registration system, I will choose Object- oriented approach because Given that the article arranged methodology sees data framework as accumulation of cooperating objects, object-situated examination characterizes the item that take every necessary step and figures out what client collaborations called(use cases) are required to finish task.



A project is an activity designed to meet the creation of a unique product or service and therefore activities undertaken to carry out routine activities cannot be regarded projects.

Project manager

A project manager is the individual responsible from the beginning to the execution for guiding a project. This involves the planning, implementation and management of the project’s individuals, resources and scope.


The primary reason for failure of the system registration is-

Undefined methods of project management

Poor IT administration and bad IT processes

Inadequate project management support

Untrained project managers

Unclear company needs and project goals

Insufficient participation of users


Project management organizes and directs other individuals within a predetermined timetable and budget to obtain a scheduled outcome. Project managers must be efficient internally and externally (managing individuals and resources) (managing public relations)

Develop the planning of the project

Recruitment and training of members of the team

Teams and team members are assigned work

Evaluation of project risks

Monitoring and monitoring of successful projects and milestones

Report the status and advancement of the project

Working directly with the customer (sponsor of the project) and other interested parties

Identification of resource requires and resource collection


Accessed on 13/ 08/ 19


Accessed on 13/ 08/ 19 BIBLIOGRAPHY l 7177 Satzinger.elal, 2015. System Analysis and Design in a changing World. sixth edition ed. 20 Channel Center Street Boston, MA 02210 USA: Cengage.

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