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Physical fitness training changed my lifeNameCollegePhysical fitness training changed my lifeIn our daily lives, physical exercise is very eminent because, through it, the body get rid of excess fat and other toxic substances from our system. It also helps individuals to acquire the good status of physical fitness that is aimed at keeping healthy all the times. Many people attend gymnasiums for several health reasons, the chief reason is to keep healthy and fit all the times. There is some analysis that I did from the lessons I have been taking in the last semester and how it changed me from not only staying physically fit but also mentally I realized great improvements.

I followed to the later the diet which was stipulated for the training by our instructor and it also helped me to improve my health towards training and well-being. The timetable was a little bit tight, but I have to appreciate myself for having endured all through the hard training to learn and achieve something new in my life.

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In our daily lives Essay
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I got challenges from the training because it was a new venture in my life. When the actual gym training began, most of the times I got scared of the dumbbells and other training weights in the gymnasium. I needed a lot of assistance in lifting some weights. I realized later that starting with the weights like 10 kilograms and proceeding bit by bit according to our instructor’s suggestions would greatly transform my attitude. Through this, I gained courage and started serious training. The other challenge I got from the beginning of the training was the muscle aches after doing the sit ups and push ups. Our instructor helped me understand that the aches were due to stretches that the muscles underwent in order to accommodate more weights and workouts that we were not used to before starting our training in the gym. The other challenge I faced during the training was adjusting to vigorous warm-ups which some could take up to 20 minutes. Doing one thing for long is not my interest, to be sincere putting my mind to do some exercise that my perception considers vigorous was a big hell. I had to seek my instructor’s guidance in order to focus and overcome this challenge. It was good when the instructor told me that I had to come out and conquer myself. I had to learn how to endure which I had never hoped for doing before, yes but at last, I did it. I never had serious problems with the carbohydrate diet. The only problem was taking bananas which are known to be better in improving digestion processes and hence giving out more power required during the training sessions. I didn’t like bananas and it wasn’t easy to get a remedy for this problem. The training help me in understanding so many strengths and weakness I had, besides, it also helped me understand so many aspects of life. Most of the training was physical I had a weakness in keeping my records and that would mean that if the instructor wasn’t around, I would end up skipping some areas because of some poor recording in my file. I had to go for guidance from the instructor to give me a plan in order to update the skipped exercises. The instructor was very understanding to me and offered vital assistance in times of needs. I adhered to the types of foods we were advised to take. Water was really vital; I remember blending my drinking water with orange juice to provide sucrose, the other usefulness of water was to replace water loss (dehydration) as a result of sweating during the exercises. Taking carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals helped in keeping fat content low (Kelley, 2005). I had to blend my diet with skim milk which was also a regulatory measure in the diet. Wheat brown rice and fresh vegetables made part of my daily delicacies. This foodstuff was highly recommended by the instructors guide for the diet during my training. The other part of recommendations to me by the instructor was to maintain between 50 to 100 calories during the days I would attend vigorous exercises, I did so and the results were good. Proteins in the diet helped me in the repair of muscles. Though the whole exercise was tough one, it taught me very important tenets like discipline, endurance, self-control and most so hard work with a spirit that cannot be overcome. After the semesters training, I decided to take measurements of my fat content, this was to help me gauge out how much fat I had lost and how much muscles developed during the training. There are so many ways that are used to determine how much quantity of fat is in the body, there’s the use of body fat measuring calipers. The Jackson and Pollock Three-Site Formula. In this method, several parts of the body are clipped and the measurements are taken to record the fat content in percentages (Kelley, 2005). I find this method having more advantages in that, it’s the easiest method to reproduce in future tests provided you use the same tool, technique, and helper each time you test. Another advantage is that it’s the most consistent method for the broadest portion of the population. Although I advise that, if you are either obese or very lean and muscular, consider a different method performed by a professional. Initially, the results showed that my fat content in terms of percentage was (19% – 20%) this were the measurements taken before the beginning of the gym training, in the end, the fat content went down to (6% – 14%). At this range, it’s considered the best in terms of physical fitness (Kelley, 2005).Body Mass Index is also very important in determining the changes that take place in an individual weight during training. Body Mass Index is calculated as a person’s weight in Kilograms divided by height in squared meters (MediciNenet, 2018). My BMI gradually changed as my fat contents also reduced during the training in the gym. I also relied on this to check changes in the body as it is recommended by the National Institute of Health (NIH). NIH asserts that a muscular person may have high BMI with very low health risks. The National Institute of Health (NIH) also defines normal weight, overweight according to the body mass index. By the time my training was done, I had a body mass index of 22.5 which to me was a great achievement of my training. These methods of determining the changes in weight were readily available to me. I didn’t encounter any difficulty to determine my body mass index since it was more of a calculation. The results are also much more reliable as compared to the percentage determination of the content of fat in the body by mass.There were several interesting points during the semester. Every day opened a new chapter with interesting things. I passionately became obsessed with the gym after adopting a schedule that didn’t interfere with my reading plans and class programs. I got interested in learning about self-determination. It’s the only time I became more determined to achieve every goal set by my trainers in the gym. I treated every session with a lot of positive attitudes to boost my morale in every weight I lifted, every diet plan and any other workout the trainers would instruct me. Interesting moments were those times I was being encouraged by the trainers or training partners. It made me realize that it’s just giving so many trials in workouts and lifting weights that makes one a perfect athlete in a gymnasium.At the beginning of the semester, I had a lot of expectation’s and goals most of which I achieved. The first one was to ensure that I reduce as much as possible the time I would use in doing some other things and concentrate on my training guides and class work. It was the hardest goal to achieve as I considered joining the gym at a time when I had a lot of coursework and assignments to do. I also had very little time to spend with my friends as I planned for every free minute that I had. I was happy at the end of the semester in realizing that I just achieved my goals through all the determination that I put. I also loved the teamwork and dedication of my trainers, they never got tired in helping me achieve what at first seemed impossible for me due to the demanding task I had before me. I came to learn that my trainers were the reason I came out of the gym every day with a new idea of how to achieve some set goals in the training course. I came to understand how much demanding the training is, but due to the health rewards and the feeling of staying strong and fit, I kept on pushing for better results.I consider myself a transformed individual and I cannot stay back not to do anything with these great skills acquired through hard training. I am planning to extend more into my training and help others train and transform their lives as I did. I came to realize that gymnastics and weightlifting can be used to help some people suffering from obesity to reduce the fats and become healthier. I will apply my skills to encourage people who have similar problems like such to come out strongly and join the gyms and tae bo sessions to help them burn the cholesterol in their body. To the students, physical exercise helps a lot to relieve stress and unnecessary tensions, besides that it sharpens the brain and helps one to develop a stable mind that can withstand a lot of academic and social pressure. I, therefore, urge anyone out there to join the physical fitness training to boost their mental stability, health, and academic work. There’s a lot more that the information I gained in this semester can help me with. Physical fitness is a way through which some individuals are employed. Some of the people who trained in physical fitness are employed to train soldiers, bodyguards and some personalities in life. I appreciate myself for undergoing through the semester training as it paves a way for me to soar higher in training, through this I can one day venture into the practice for commercial purposes to help me earn a living as a part-time or full-time job.In a nutshell, the semester was very vigorous and rigorous, nonetheless, I want to thank everyone who made it a success in one way or another. To me it opened my eyes to see different ways in which opportunities can sometimes present themselves, the only way is to embrace a positive attitude and believe that I can do more. I encourage everyone to think this way and life will be enjoyable to everyone who takes it that way.ReferencesKelley, D. E. (2005). Skeletal muscle fat oxidation: timing and flexibility are everything. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 115(7), 1699MedicineNet (2018) Medical definition of body mass index

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