How do e-Commerce companies address privacy in its policies

Annotated Bibliography: 


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How do e-Commerce companies address privacy in its policies
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The topic of your annotated bibliography is “How do e-Commerce companies address privacy in its policies”?

Annotated Bibliography

Vakeel, K. A., Das, S., Udo, G. J., & Bagchi, K. (2017). Do security and privacy policies in B2B and B2C e-commerce differ? A comparative study using content analysis. Behaviour & Information Technology, 36(4), 390-403.

This source addresses the concerns of security and privacy policies within the organization. This is especially concerning the business to business and business to customer relations and the differences that a raise with the use of the privacies and security issues that might help an increase in these relationships. The authors argue that the relationship that exists between business and other businesses are different from those exhibited by the company to customer relationships. Therefore, through a comparative analysis of both relations, it’s clear that there are distinctive differences that exist between these two kinds of links in the business.

(Vakeel et al. 2017) In their research, they portrayed what takes place in the world of business. B2B and B2C relations have often differed due to different reasons. For instance, companies must manage to have an agreed price that does not affect either of them while on the other the amount agreed for the customers have also not to be a considerable gap. In this regard, this source tries to explain the reasons behind the differences, and why there are always limited cases of complaining as in both relations, the participants work to create a balance. Therefore, I believe that this an appropriate source when discussing policies of privacy and security in economics.

This is an essential source of reflection in the field of economics. This is because it addresses some of the pertinent issues in the field of economics. Few authors have tried to explain what takes place among the different types of business settings. As such, the ability of these authors to address matters of security and privacy policies among different classes of e-commerce relations makes the source to be highly rated concerning the security issues and privacy policies that accompany the two business relations.

Bennett, C. J., & Raab, C. D. (2017). The governance of privacy: Policy instruments in the global perspective. Routledge.

These authors addressed one of the most critical issues in the field of e-commerce, that’s the governance of privacy. Most often, the management of privacy issues in business organizations has often proved to be the reason behind their success. The study shows that there global perspectives on the privacy policies that keenly governed by the policies putting in place to ensure that their security is guaranteed. The source is based on the research conducted from various countries and thus discusses the privacy issues that concern trust, risks, and social values. This book concludes that too much independence among businesses might lead to deregulation or more complex matters of policy regulation.

An evaluation of these sources shows that indeed, the issues highlighted are of utmost importance to the running of the business organizations. The problems of privacy and security when using e-commerce in society have come with some challenges. One such challenge is the issue of independence among each of the businesses which are most likely to lead to deregulation of the policies that have been put in place. Therefore, this proves that indeed, this is an important source that should be used in the current study.

In technology, there is a lot of development, and this has even improved the use of technology in the running of the business. E-commerce has been one area in the business that has taken shape into the running of the most important duties of business organizations involving transactions. However, this has come at the cost of too much independence among business which makes this source an important one it highlights the policies that are at the danger of making these improvements in the industry.

Wolfe, R. (2019). Learning about digital trade: Privacy and e-commerce in CETA and TPP. World Trade Review, 18(S1), S63-S84.

The author addresses the development that is taking place in the twenty-first century, whereby most of the business enterprises that seek to improve their performance have resorted into the use of electronic commerce. However, the author highlights the challenge of personal information privacy and the ability to share data trans-border safely. The use of e-commerce has meant that there are use and transfer of data, storage, and sharing of data by the electronic means but these activities are not secure with the rampant cases of the data breach. As a result, the author offers a solution on these issues by advocating for the entrepreneurs to learn on the issues and policies of digital trading that would help them govern the issues relating to e-commerce on the global stage.

This source is an important source when discussing the issues of e-commerce on trade, policies, and security of the data. The author addresses some of the important issues that traders should be worried about with the use of e-commerce. He goes further to offer a solution that would ensure there is still the use of e-commerce while at the same time ensuring the benefits that come with these advances are met.

Privacy and matters of security are important issues in today’s society, especially concerning the use of e-commerce. This is especially with most of the businesses turning into the use of e-commerce to carry on their duties, thus making them vulnerable to attack if appropriate measures of protection are not employed. Therefore, this source addresses an important issue on the global issues that if effectively managed, then the world of business is likely to have a significant improvement.

Capistrano, E. P. S., & Chen, J. V. (2015). Information privacy policies: The effects of policy characteristics and online experience. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 42, 24-31.

This author addresses the relevance that comes with the information privacy policies and the effects that these privacy policies have had on the collection of data. The study proposes that high privacy policies are characterized by affecting the perceptions on the significance of the data and its relevance in the line of performance. This is a common issue in any field that highly secured data is perceived to be more important for the running of the facilities. However, in some cases, these are just some basics safely stored for future references. This study is relevant to our current study, as it highlights the effects that come with too much privacy policies being emphasized.

Privacy policies have been emphasized in most of the organizations because of the significance the data holds. However, due to the perceptions made on such data, it might be misleading to both intruders and the management of the organization on such secured data. Its relevance might be distorted. As such, this is an important source that addresses relevant issues that have come with too many policies being put in place.

These authors must have reflected on various aspects of the policy characteristics. For instance, a carefully designed policy is one successful route that personal information can be siphoned from individuals. Therefore, through putting in place some policies for privacy, this makes some data is regarded as important and others of less significance. Therefore, this might lead to the data being easily obtained under tight security policies due to misleading perceptions.

Stucke, M. E., & Grunes, A. P. (2016). Introduction: Big Data and Competition Policy. Big Data and Competition Policy, Oxford University Press (2016).

These authors have introduced another important sector in the world of business today, big data. Data is the main thing in the running of organizations. These authors highlight the issue of big data as under threat of competition from the competing firms. Most of the competing firms usually aim at the data to destroy their competitors. As a result, these sources advocates for security provisions on the data owned by each of the organization.

Loss of data means that an organization has limited capability to execute its duties as before. This highlights the reason behind the issue of competition and big data within organizations. The data breach has become a common issue among competing organizations, and the organizations must ensure that they protect their data. Therefore, this is a highly relevant data as far as issues of e-commerce and data breach are concerned.

The authors address the policies involving big data and competition in the field of business when there is the use of e-commerce. This is a highly sensitive area as with no clear policies being put in place there are higher chances of the data being stolen and the affected organizations suffering huge losses. Therefore, the authors of this source have discussed an issue of high significance in the field of e-commerce.

Aïmeur, E., Lawani, O., & Dalkir, K. (2016). When changing the look of privacy policies affect user trust: An experimental study. Computers in Human Behavior, 58, 368-379.

These researchers and authors conducted their study on the computers users and the behaviors that they exhibit with the changes in the privacy policies. There are various ways in which they are affected, but this study highlighted the issues of trust with changes in privacy policies. In this regard, the authors argue that any change in privacy policies have the trust of the users adversely affected as they feel that their data might be secure.

The authors highlight an important issue on matters relating to e-commerce. This is because the use of e-commerce is hugely dependent on the trust created between the involved parties, and whenever there are questionable actions taking place, then trust becomes an issue. As such, this is an important issue addressed that should always be considered with the changes in privacy policies.

Trust is an important aspect in the business, and the use of internet in e-commerce must always involve ensuring that trust is not affected. Therefore, with this source highlighting the impact of changing policies on trust shows how relevant it’s in relation to the development of e-commerce and the changes that come with security and privacy policies. As such, this source is very relevant in this study.

Chua, H. N., Herbland, A., Wong, S. F., & Chang, Y. (2017). Compliance to personal data protection principles: A study of how organizations frame privacy policy notices. Telematics and Informatics34(4), 157-170.

These authors address the compliances that come with the protection of personal data. Organizations have realized the relevance of data in managing their activities. Therefore, they have resorted into putting in place privacy policies that ensure they are highly protected. In this regard, the source shows the framework put in place to safeguard not only the image of the organization but the entire business activities that it engages in.

Technology advances made in the world have made matters of privacy to be handled with care as any loophole can always make any organization suffer huge losses. Therefore, these authors highlight an important activity that takes place within most of the organizations to ensure that their data is well protected.

On the issue at hand due to the fact that the authors address some of the pertinent issues taking place in the organization. Therefore, this important source that should be incorporated in the study to highlight the relevant issues that take place in the organizations, especially with the advances in technology, privacy has become an important issue.

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