Herbert Schreib A3 Draft1 month March 22 nd 2018My boss Essay

Herbert Schreib A3 Draft

1 month, March 22 nd 2018

My boss just told us that there was a massive caravan coming from the Honduras, and apparently, they’re coming to our sector in around a month. He also said that that would be my first day on the job. They probably won’t make it as they need to cross through the gang-infested jungles of Guatemala and cocaine deserts of Mexico. Very soon the wall’s also going up, so I have nothing to worry about.

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Herbert Schreib A3 Draft1 month March 22 nd 2018My boss Essay
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But if they do make it, then I’m gonna have a problem, a big one. This work has taken such a toll on me. Every day, watching the border jumpers get locked up with tears in their eyes, it gnaws at my soul. And somehow, every day, I care less and less. Less for these people, who I no longer see as human but as sheep I have to round up. That’s what scares me.

The effect it has on my empathy and mental health is frightening. And even if I wanted to, I couldn’t quit because I signed a 6-month contract with a government. Vanessa says she doesn’t like this work either. She argues so much about it. Constantly I hear “Set a good example for your son!” and “You’ve changed.”. It’s not like a couple years ago, when I was a younger man with not a care in the world. It makes me sad, just sad. Even writing about it.

Kurt put closed his laptop and put it down. He made an entry of every day since the death of his parents. Writing about it usually made him smile and lightened his mood, reminding him of the great things in his day, even the small ones. Today, however, was different. It didn’t give him happiness; it gave him sadness. It didn’t let him remember the happy things; only the sad things. As he went to bed, he hoped this would change.

2 weeks, April 8 th 2018

Safe to say that I was wrong about pretty much everything. First of all, the caravan of illegals. Well, they’re on their merry way here. No one stopped them in Guatemala, and they happily just went on through in Mexico. I really, and I mean really, hope the same doesn’t happen here, but considering my luck, probably not. Next on the Blunders and Misadventures of Kurt Terrance is his dying relationship! This past week, we’ve been fighting every day over my stupid job. I don’t have a clue about what she doesn’t understand about 6-month contract and that I’ll go to prison if I break it. She’s threatened to go with our future kid somewhere far, far away from me. I mean, for god’s sake, I’m still on training! And more importantly, it’s just a job!

The desk shook as Kurt pummeled it with no sign of stopping. His yells could be heard from miles away. These were yells of anger, but also a strong sense of fear, deep in Kurt’s mind, concealed from the rest of the world. The fear of losing everything, just as he felt when his parents passed away. Kurt wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone, not even his worst enemy.

1 week, April 15 th 2018

Vanessa . . . she’s. . .. gone. Gone. She left because of . . . because of my job. She was my world, and now, she’s gone. Now there’s nothing left. Not my parents, not Vanessa, not my kid. What does the universe have against me?

Kurt fell apart.

1 hour, April 22 nd 2018

The yellow sky emerged from beyond the horizon, and the stars disappeared. Kurt reached across his bed and felt the emptiness where his child’s mother would have been. He peeled his eyes open and saw his father’s American flag, hanging above him, fluttering as it always had. As it slowly flowed in the draft of the fan, he contemplated. His wife and soon to be child: gone. His parents: gone. But amidst all of this loss, the flag was always there, hanging over him. In a fit of what can only be described as an awakening, he realized that he owed so much to the one thing that had done everything for him and never abandoned him, his country. The border jumpers didn’t matter; his country did. Vanessa no longer mattered; his country did. Now Kurt knew the truth. Now Kurt could be the man he wanted to be. Fear had not shut him down; it had woken him up. He donned his uniform like a crusader embarking to the holy land. This was no longer a selfish job, but an altruistic duty.

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