he term remedial is not foreign to all educators rather it is Essay

he term remedial is not foreign to all educators, rather it is a very familiar one. It is a tutorial session given after a structured teaching to assist slow learners just to achieve more learnings and for the mastery of the topic/lesson if the result of the desired evaluation is below to the level of expectation.

In our real world there are children who lag behind in their basic and advancement of the subject which they did not fully understood and this situation calls for remedial classes.

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he term remedial is not foreign to all educators rather it is Essay
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Remedial classes have vital role for students having an issue with their major subjects like English, Science, and Mathematics. But actually the reason behind why a student fails in a subject is because they have problems regarding with their basics. Students can understand more if the teacher takes a little care by attending to them personally and explaining the concept until they fully understand. Remedial classes are necessary for students who don’t understand the subject seemly.

Josefina P. C believes that remedial classes for the students is useful because it can change or improve the skills of the students. Remedial classes develops their abilities to think in many ways. Peter Boone, Alpha Camara and Ana Filipa Silva conducted a research and it had a the same result that conducting remedial classes help the students learn more. On their research they stated that remedial classes helps learners to improve their literacy and numeracy in learning.

According to Elham Theeb M. J teachers must give more emphasis to the remedial education because it helps low achievers to make progress in their achievement, so in remediation there is a big possibility that they can make it and they will excel. Elham Theeb M.J’s study focuses on the low achievers like for example difficulties in reading and writing.

Anna- Lena L.S ISBN 978-91-7155-8C2-2 states that remedial studies allows students to entoil and give them opportunities to concentrate in the lessons that they need to improve. So in this situation students will not be having a hard time to understand and catch up the lesson.

Paul Fain (2012), in his research he found that being placed into remediation is not as discouraging for students as conventional wisdom holds. Students may not feel that they are frustration when taking remedial classes because they think that it is a way to surpass the problems they are facing.

Robin McDaniel, propose that remedial activity is one that is meant to improve the learning skill or rectify a problem area because it teaches basic skills that are foundation for learning in a subject in greater detail, and such skills must be learned before students can develop a detailed understanding of the topic of study.

Freebody and Freiberg (2000), the role of the teacher in remedial classes is to imply mediating knowledge and also to train and foster pupils in order to prepare them for life.

Remedial classes plays very important role to the lives of every individual. As a teacher it bring so much joy and fulfilment because the teacher can elaborate and expand his / her lessons so that the student will be satisfied and able to understand more about the topic. It gives advantage to both sides because it nurture and develop growth and learnings to the student and through this teachers can discover new things, techniques and ideas on how to illustrate the topic well.

In his study Walkerdine found out that remedial classes must be conducted for it prepares brighter future of young citizens and for them to become responsible individual. Similar with the research of Hamilton, (2003) wherein he says that remediation is a very essential tool that prepares the underprepared students in order to achieve something just like in literacy and in numeracy. Considering professional teacher conducting regular remedial classes after school aspire students to gain necessary skills which can be very helpful for him.

But on the other hand there are also ideas who does not support remedial classes. Just like Tom Sugar president of Complete College America ‘’he did not believe nor has anyone asserted that remediation reform alone is the key to meeting our nations college completion goals.” Every individual must not rely on the idea of remediation but instead we must exert special effort and must work hand in hand across the strategy areas in order to meet the ambitious goals set for our country.

Kolodner M. states that remediation is not the solution so that students may achieve better learning but the teaching itself. In most cases, instructors hired to teach pre-college – level Math and English having little experience and no training in how to teach effectively. While some of the instructors who teach remedial classes are part-time employees. Providing they work at more than one school, therefore they are likely to have less office hours and they are not required to have any teaching experience at all.

Thus, this contradictory study of Tom Sugar and Kolodner M. presumes that educators could possibly be the reason why learners lag behind in their subjects. In order to prevent this failing, we must really uplift each other.

School is an institution wherein learning takes place. It is considered as a second home and teachers are the second parents wherein they are the one who will taught their child in order to attain the educational and behavioural aspects.

But we cannot really force a child to master skills which are not aligned with their competencies. Teacher should always bear in mind that; not all learners have the same volume to understand each and every subject. In addition to that, pupils have unique learning styles which should be considered. And this statement opens to the following questions, what is the primary reason why the pupils left behind in a subject? What is the solution with this problem? How do educators help students succeed? What are the basis upon which remedial programs are established?

According to Tallorin C. (2014) the reason why learners fall behind in a subject is because he/ she have problems with regards to understanding the basics therefore they cannot proceed to major subjects and if there is a scenario occurs teachers must take actions and that is remediation strategies so that it could unlock the confusions and difficulties of a learner about the subject.

In addition to these remedial classes have both negative and positive impact to the students. One of the negative effect of remedial classes is that it could embarrass the student because he or she doesn’t want to risk humiliation.

Some students are afraid to accept that they fail because of several factors; (1) they are afraid of the consequences waiting ahead (2) they are afraid that other students might bully them (3) they are afraid of the idea that their special someone might be turn off.

But on the other side for students with mediocre academic preparation, remediation are estimated to be positive. It can help struggling learners shore up their basic skills. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers.

Numerous students require the extra help remedial programs can provide. For example, there is a lot of concern about the reading proficiency gap. A high percentage of fourth graders are not proficient readers, according to National Assessment of Education Progress

Therefore, this result implies that remedial classes can hinder learners diversely depending on their levels of preparedness. Remedial projects are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and he is expected to know. But still some students do not make progress in remedial programs and this could be a sign of a learning disability.

The primary objective of remedial education is to provide learning support for those pupils who lag far behind their counterparts in school activities and performances, which is affiliated to the first guiding question in this study. How do educators help pupils to succeed? What are the theories exist that can pilot the effective delivery of remedial education so that the desired outcomes can be achieved?

According to Wenger et.al (1998) Communities of Practice Theory. In order to be a CoP there are three components required: (1) {the domain} A CoP has an identity defined by a shared domain of interest. (2) {the community} members of specific domain interact and engage in shared activities. (3) {practice} members are practitioners. “As groups of people share a concern or passion for something they do, and as they interact regularly they can learn on how to do it better”

Desired outcomes can be achieved if collaboration is present to the remedial instructors and the slow performers. Through sharing the repertoire of resources such as helpful tools, experiences, stories or even giving ways on how to handle typical problems they can improve their learnings.

Piaget established a Theory of cognitive Development wherein it focuses not only on understanding how children acquire knowledge, but also on understanding the nature of intelligence.

Therefore, based on Piaget’s findings that all children go through the same developmental sequence but they do it at different rates.

Thus, educators must make extra effort to arrange classroom activities for individuals and small groups of children rather than for the total class group. In addition to that, because diverse learners are expected, assessment of children’s educational progress should be made in terms of each child’s own past course of development and not in the terms of normative standards provided by the performances of the same-age peers.

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