GLO-BUS Decisions & Reports Essay

1/19/2019 GLO-BUS Decisions & Reports


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GLO-BUS Decisions & Reports Essay
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Earnings Per Share $1.84 $2.00

Return On Equity 23.0% 20.0%

Credit Rating A B+

Image Rating 66 70

Net Revenues ($000s) 386,185 +8.7%

Net Profit ($000s) 36,757 +35.2

Ending Cash ($000s) 62,678 +32,527

Image Sensor Size diagonal

LCD Display Screen pixels

Image Quality (maximum resolution) pix.

Number of Photo Modes (video / still) modes



Camera Housing $ per camera

Edit in g /S harin g C ap ab ilit ie s $ per camera

Included Accessories $ per camera

Extra Performance Features features

Number of AC Camera Models models

Product R&D Expenditures (Y6 was $12,000) $ ($000s)

Cumulative R&D Expenditures (all years) $ 69,000 ($000s)

Performance / Quality Rating (P/Q Rating ranges from 1-10 stars) 4.

2 ?

Projected AC Camera Production Costs $000s $/unit

Image Sensor 3,455 3.96

LCD Display Screen 8,639 9.90

Image Quality 6,91 1 7.92

Photo Modes 5,615 6.44

Camera Housing 6,981 8.00

Editing / Sharing Capabilities 6,981 8.00

Included Accessories 9,599 11.00

Extra Performance Features 11,973 13.72

T otal Cost of Components and Features 60,154 68.94

Assembly Labor Costs 30,088 34.48

Product R&D Expenditures 12,000 13.75

Allowance for W arranty Repairs 3,055 3.50

Maintenance of Plant and Equipment 12,650 14.50

Depreciation of Plant and Equipment 7,500 8.60

Total Camera Production/Assembly Cost 125,447 143.


Regular O vertim e Total

AC Camera Unit Assembly (000s) 842.0 30.6 872.6

A -C C D

Built-In Camera Company’s Best Model +

GPS / W iFi / Bluetooth

Battery Pack (maximum flight time) minutes

Number of Rotors rotors

Rotor Performance / Flight Controller

Body Frame Construction

Obstacle Sensors

Camera Stabilization Device

Extra Performance Features features

Number of UA V Drone Models models

Pro duct R &D E xp en dit u re s (Y 6 w as $ 9,0 00) $ ($000s)

Cumulative R&D Expenditures (all years) $ 48,000 ($000s)

Performance / Quality Rating (P/Q Rating ranges from 1-10 stars) 4.1 ?

Projected UA V Drone Production Costs $000s $/unit

Built-In Camera 29,358 163.10

GPS / WiFi / Bluetooth 9,000 50.00

Battery Pack 22,500 125.00

Rotors / Performance / Controller 4,500 25.00

Body Frame Construction 8,100 45.00

Obstacle Sensors 16,560 92.00

Camera Stabilization Device 3,240 18.00

Extra Performance Features 6,480 36.00

Total Cost of Components and Features 99,738 554.10

Assembly Labor Costs 12,572 69.84

Product R&D Expenditures 9,000 50.00

Allowance for W arranty Repairs 4,140 23.00

Maintenance of Plant and Equipment 9,685 53.81

Depreciation of Plant and Equipment 5,000 27.78

Total Drone Production/Assembly Cost 140,135 778.53

Regular Overtime Total

UA V Drone Unit Assembly (000s) 150.0 30.0 180.0


Pro je cte d Y ear 7 P erfo rm ance ?

9mm 920k 2704?2028 7 / 3 8 8 1 1 4 2 12000 M in or U pgra d e Enhanced 18 4 Enhanced C arb on F ib er 3 60° E nhan ced Enhanced 3 2 9000

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