Georgia Essay


1. Why did Rome control much of this area of the world? For how long it did. Rome controlled this much of the world because most of the world believed in the Catholic/Christian beliefs, which the Romans had power over.

2. What main languages were used across the Roman Empire? In the Roman Empire, the main languages that were spoken by the people were Greek and Latin. 

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3. What were some of the different ethnic/cultural groups living in the regions of the empire?The Roman republic had concurred Italy, Greece, Spain, the North African coastal line, most of the Middle East, France and even the remote islands in Britain.

The ethnic/cultural groups that live in the regions of the empire were Hellenes or better known as the Greeks. 

4. How were people and goods transported around the empire? The Ancient Roman Empire transported goods and people by a chariot, boat, cart and on foot to be able to travel and transport valuables.

5. What were some main regions of the empire? What were some main cities?The main regions of the roman empire are England/Wales (back then better known as Britannia), Spain (Hispania), France (Gaul, Gallia), Greece (Achaea), The middle east (Judea) and The Northern African Coastal region.  


Explain the significance of Saul’s conversion to Paul, given the developments that followed.   The significance of Saul’s conversation to Paul was that Saul realised when the light from when God blinded him and Saul realised that he needed to change his way of living, he had a realisation that the way Saul was treating people wasn’t right, therefore, he decided needed a change and change his name to Paul and began spreading the word about the blinding light.   


The world behind the text – Post 3 Outline the extent of Paul’s 1st or 2nd or 3rd missionary Journey. In doing so, relate place names of the time to contemporary locations.

1st missionary journey – Paul departed, then Saul sailed to Cyprus and spread his message throughout the island. After going to Cyprus Saul goes to Pamphylia and the other Antioch in Pisidia. He went down to Lycaonia, working and spreading his amazing and life-changing story in Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe. After that Saul Passed through Pisidia and Pamphylia again, they then worked in Perga, until he then went down to Attalia and caught a ship back to Antioch.       



Explain the purpose of Paul’s letters. The purpose of letters from Paul was to explain how the Catholic belief changed him and his new outlook on life and to explain/show the catholic religion. He also wrote the letters to express his appreciation to the catholic religion. Identify at least 3 key messages, providing supporting evidence from the epistles.ACTS 7:54 – 8:3 When Stephen saw the opening of heaven in the sky and told people, they thought he was crazy and that he was lying, and people wanted him dead. Once Saul had found out he approved of Stephens execution. Stephen knelt down and said, “Lord, do not hold their sins against them. ‘The witness took the coats off and placed them at the young man Saul’s feet, while people were stoning Stephen. So, 3 key messages are…1. Don’t judge people when expressing their opinion2. Accept people for who they are and what they believe in.3. Always empathize with someone because you never know what may happen. For example, when Stephen said ”Lord, don’t punish them for their sins.”. He had empathy for them and forgiveness. 


Identify and explain in 50-100 words the cultural challenge for Paul revealed in the epistles listed on the right. Provide supporting evidence from the epistles.The cultural challenge for Paul to reveal the Epistle would have been hard once released because of the opinions of others and how far they were willing to prove that their opinions are correct and Saul’s stories and journey to becoming a new person were incorrect. The opinions of people would have been hard but Paul probably knew that God was beside him through everything and that everything will work out. 


Interpret and apply one of Paul’s messages for us today in  50-100 words                     ACTS 7:54 – 8:3 –  Don’t judge people when they are telling you what happened to them,  Don’t punish someone when they are telling you something about a topic you don’t necessarily believe in and let them tell you. Empathize with someone because you never know what may happen.

Quote the source and then express the ideas in your own words.

 When Stephen said ”Lord, don’t punish them for their sins.”. He had empathy for them and forgiveness. 

Suggest why and how the message is applicable for individuals or groups of people today. 

 When someone does something don’t be mad for too long forgive them and empathise because someone probably has it worse in the world or something bad may happen to you or that person or just in general. 

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