When you think about the genre, you feel like swimming in an ocean. You can find inside it what you are wanting or thinking because it has many interesting actions. The genre is looking like the ocean because when you learn about it you find a lot of information. Then, you can know what kind you love or find the type that describes your personality. Therefore, what is the genre? Genre as a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content. Currently, I hear a lot about the genre, but the first time I heard this world when I was studying history class at Portland State University. My favorite types of the genre are movies and music, so you will see me write about them in this paper. Also, I will explain each term.

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I chose the movies of the genre because it shows many stories and some of them are real stories. Besides, it assists in shaping the characters for the story of the movie. The movie has different types such as adventure in a spy movie, or crime in a science fiction movie. I think the movie is the best method to display or share the purpose of this movie. The movie is an easy way to simulate the human mind to communicate information. For example, I do not like to read stories books since I feel boring when I read the storybook. it is not attractive to me. However, I love to watch movies because it takes all my attention. In a specific type of movie, I prefer to watch is documentaries and action. The documentary is a real non-kinetic image characterized by pearls documenting reality in the outer environment. To preserve history and education. because it shows real life in the world that far away from me. Also, I earn a lot of real information about our life.

We know both documentaries and action are different. The action genre is a type of movement in which the hero rushes the chain of events involving violence, fighting, and chases that pose a danger. The action film is characterized by the presence of a hero who fights all odds and dangers to achieve his goals or victory over the bad guys, so that is what makes me like this type of movie. Also, during watch time, it makes me think about what will happen and what is the end.

Both movie and music are related to each other because we can not see movies without the sound of music. Music has a major role in the success of the film. Also, it is a key element in the film industry. When we think about the music we can find multiple types of it. That is different from the music we hear in the movie. Music is an art composed of sounds and silence over some time. Scientists believe that the word music is of Greek origin. It used to mean the arts in general, but later became the language of melodies only. The word music has been defined as the art of melodies, an industry in which it searches for the organization of melodies and their relationships and rhythms and weights, and it has a different tune for example; classical, rock, pop, rap, and hip hop. For me, I prefer classical music because it makes me feel relax. Moreover, I feel open with myself more, and It makes me alertness, focused and attentive.

When it comes to the genre I would like to have various of them, but both movie and music are my favorite. The different between movie genre I believe is the different type of effect the movie bring. When I look at the documentary, it makes me think of our life and how is the environment affect this world. However, the action movie brings off a more adventurous and aggression effect, where the action film Pearls overcome good over evil after passing some problems.

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