Firstly what is parenting? What are the styles and How does it Essay

Firstly, what is parenting? What are the styles and How does it work? Very simple parenting is an activity of raising up a child as a parent. It has been categorized by three at first but later on two physiologist Maccoby and Martin found that actually there are four different styles. Parenting is a complex activity that includes more than a specific behavior that works individually and together to influence a child outcome. Although specific behavior such as smacking or shouting out loud may influence positively or negatively on a child’s development, this could lead the children to be isolated or even been misloaded such as joining or become a gang member.

Children will do anything to get their freedom and rights. Diana Baumrind’s Two Analytical Measuring Instruments Diana Baumrind has categorized parenting into three styles: Authoritative, Authoritarian, and Permissive.This is how parenting could be specified or indicated. The most accurate and reliable methods can be used is Baumrind’s three Parenting Styles Model.

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Firstly what is parenting? What are the styles and How does it Essay
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Before I start to describe the three different styles, I will explain the model I have used to verify styles as a picture.Baumrind’s parenting styles model has two axes. Each axis shows one of the Baumrind’s parenting themes which is ‘high’ in end and the other is ‘low’. Together these two axes of demandingness and responsiveness create four parts where each parenting styles is located: Most of the parents in Myanmar use Authoritarians parenting style. They used this because their ancestor has used this style to all generation and also most of them are not very well educated as the country was ruled by dictators. Still people believed this is the best suitable way to control their children. This has been used continuously because they agreed that this is part of their culture, traditions and religion. They have a lot of rules. In addition, such rules apply to every aspect of their child’s life and behaviors. For example, telling and forcing their children to do certain things that they don’t wish to do or force them to study subjects that their children do not have pay any interest.Therefore, most children who grown up under the authoritarian style of parenting suffer from low self esteem and inferiority issues. Since their opinions are never valued or acknowledge at home, they become afraid of sharing their feelings, ideas and opinions. Since their behavior is never rewarded but punished. This causes problems in building emotional relationship later in life since they see everyone around them as being similar to what they see at home. These kids consequently end up having a higher chance of being more susceptible to drug use.In some countries like North America by some parents who have been raised by very controlling or Authoritarians style may adopt their kid by Authoritative parenting. They may adopt their child with a parenting style that is very chilled and easy on kid. This is called Permissive parenting style. They want to be more friendly rather than being a parent. They may feel that control and discipline may harm their relationship with their children. This kind of parenting style lack structure, and the parents usually do not use schedule to go inorder like systematiclly. This style is typified by parents having a very friendly attitude with their children. The parents do not behave like parents; on the contrary, they behave more like friends with their kids. It is also involving minimal or no parental control over the children. The parents have low or no conflicts with their children. Instead they give much freedom to the children and adored by their kids in their kind of parenting style, and thus they agree to whatever their kids say or demands. They don’t want their kids to get upset.Furthermore, in Southern African countries like in South Sudan, the parents seem to not give their child a good care as their parents have to go for work in order to survive. If they did not go for a day the whole family is going to starve. In some cases, parents may be so wrapped up in their own problems for instinct being overworked, coping with depression, struggling with substance abuse; that they actually fail to see how uninvolved they are with their children or are simply unable to provide the emotional support that their children need. Due to the lack of emotional responsiveness and love from their parents, children raised by uninvolved parents may have difficulty in later life. The complete lack of boundaries in the home makes it difficult to learn appropriate behaviors and other social situations, which is why children with uninvolved parents are more likely to misbehave.In addition, there is another type of parenting which is known as Helicopter Parenting. It is a style of parents who are over focused on their children,” says Carolyn Deitch, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders near Detroit and author of Anxiety Disorders: The Go-To Guide. Rearch have shown that one out of three hundred college students suffer from dispersion and anxiety due to excessive worry the parents hold for their child. We can see the backlash from parental guidance affect the child’s behaviors.SolutionsIn this paragraph I will be mentioning about how to prevent the negative effect of parenting. These are some ways that can be used: Have faith in your parenting skills Trust your child’s basic good nature Allowing any experience to be acceptable (Deborah Godfrey, Mar 25, 2014)Uncertainty in your parenting will lead to inconsistent this is because the parent does not have confidence in their skills of parenting. If parents have problems of setting limits or helpless please don’t harsh your children, if you think you are being this kind, you can solve these through classes, books or even research using internet. Nobody on this planet has perfect parenting skills but still if your parenting skills are just good enough then most problems you are having with your kids will be solved.All kids are born to make you happy and proud which is their basic nature however most parents do not realize that they are training them the exact opposite. When children are young and love to help, do you encourage them and allow for age appropriate achievement to be good enough or do you expect more from them then to work more? This is what happens when they get older for example at TEENAGER. You cannot force them to do things that are not capable for their age such as telling them to study certain subjects in school. If you want them to do what you want you have to explain why, and then if they tend to have lack of interest let them be. They will choose their own path.What the child needs is a space to do the right thing! (Debbie Godfrey, 2019, Positive Parenting). So, if your child makes or about to make a mistake don’t stop them or pull them unless it’s a life dangerous situation, just let them go with a flow this will teach them a life lesson. WE ALL LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES (Liliana Daza). This is the quote that is always bared in my mind and will never forget it because it’s very true in my own view.Final ConclusionIn my personal perspective, I believe that children behaviors vary due to different parenting styles. Throughout my entire life, I have experienced that children’s social, emotional, and academic behaviors alters as a result of parental guidance. My parents seem to use authoritarian style which was awful but as soon as I started to work on this project, I realized the techniques that will improve our relationship between me and my parents. The thing I did was I presented to them and show them why am I behaving like this with a solution to it. I also showed that how is done by a video about parenting styles effects on the child. As a result of that, they then know and slightly start to be an authoritative parent; therefore, I can see the difference between then now. I now talk to them openly and discuss about and can see a lot of improvements in test results. Finally, in my perceptive I think different parenting gives different outcomes and affects the child’s behavior in several ways. This is the end of the report as mentioned before please, please do not smack your kids or shout. There are a lot of solutions to solve

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