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Submitted to:

Ms. Queenie P. Tenedero CPA

College of Accounting Education

University of Mindanao

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements in Financial Market (ACC212)

Padilla, Ericson E.


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finmark journal Essay
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October 25, 2019










The use of technological manifesto for trading is one of the expansions in the modern advancement. Through the arising of internet, trading has developed a lot from direct transfers at which point trading became effortless and convenient.

Virtual Stock Trading became an indicator with regards to assiduity and creativity by means of planning and constructing strategies.

This journal will encourage the student to learn more about virtual stock trading. This journal will exemplify their knowledge in trading ability in the absence of any form of real money. In addition, virtual stock trading permits students to explore new trading plan and strategies without having any possibility of loss.

This journal will tell the reader the experience of the student who engaged in virtual trading that gains new knowledge and skills that may require on daily living and may help the reader to be inspire to invest early and be knowledgeable on how to trade stocks with the use of basic skills and strategies in this journal.


History has demonstrated that investing in stocks over the long-term dispenses greater returns and protection against inflation CITATION Lim l 1033 (The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc., 2003). Stock market today, specifically in the Philippines experiences a price fluctuation due to the fact that the economy of the Philippines is growing. Now, the challenge for the students is to come up with a more precise trading plan and strategies in the absence of any possibility of loss.

The student’s strategy is to purchase stocks of firms which are thriving these days. And as soon as the price increases, the student will sell the purchased stocks immediately so that the student will gain profit. The student’s believe that ‘Patience is a virtue” which incorporates the idea that dealing with stocks needs patience since the price is always changing.

Knowing the risks of buying or selling stocks will help the students to minimize the risk or the loss of stocks. Moreover, it affects the students by not buying overvalued stocks. The initial expectation of the stocks that the student purchase will increase and definitely attain great profit.

The three investment strategies that are going to be useful in studying virtual stocks trading are 1.) Buy and Hold strategy wherein the students believe that investing in stocks and saving them for a long duration of time can give them reasonable returns in spite of the erratic characteristics of short-term periods. 2.) Technical Analysis is an investment strategy which focuses on the use of charts to acknowledge current price patterns and market trends for the purpose of forecasting future patterns and trends. 3.) Growth Investing is about reflecting what firms, consumers and investors are all doing at the same time in thriving companies and gaining higher expectations of future growth of the stocks CITATION Thu19 l 1033 (Thune, 2019).


The student chooses the stocks because it is from a well-known company and their stocks drastically increase from time to time and the price does not drop simultaneously. According to Xi (2013), the stock is conservative since the plan tends to benefit lower risk and income generation.

The stocks purchased were (PIP) Pepsi – Cola Products Philippines, Inc., Cebu Air Inc. (CEB), BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO), Petron Corporation (PCOR), SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPH). The table below shows the current stock classification of the purchased stocks to differentcompanies.

-1841575438000The student best performing stocks is Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. with an ROI of 3.82%

The student least performing stock is SM Prime Holdings, Inc. with an ROI of -2.30%.


In the case of the best performing stock, the student did sell the stocks because it has a large profit in it and the student predict that the price of the stock will drastically fall. However, in the least performing stock, the student sell it because the price of the stock continuously fall after the student purchases the stock and the next few days it will still fall.


Virtual Trading is like a game which we risk in order to gain profit, however you may lose some of it too but still loss is a gain in experience which you may profound and strengthen the basic skill of virtual trading and make use of it in the next trade you will make. The student trade was at partially loss of 1,169.20 but still gain knowledge on what to do next. Decision making, being observant and have more patience is quite useful in virtual trading and if you strengthen this basic skill it may help you to be more efficient on virtual trading.





PIP 6960 90.86 1.74 7320 1.83 3.82% 2.53%

CEB 9440 114.26 94.40 9655 96.55 1.05% 5.30%

BDO 14750 177.14 147.50 14930 149.30 0.02% .20%

PCOR 3060 64 5.10 3048 5.08 2.43% 1.96%SMPH 11745 138.56 39.15 11610 38.70 2.30% .89%

The table above shows the basis for determining the best to the least performing stock. The data show that the best performing stocks is Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. with an ROI of 3.82% and the least performing stocks is SM Prime Holdings, Inc. with an ROI of -2.30%.


BEG, CASH 10/14/19 100,000

END, CASH 10/25/19 98,830.80


ROI -1.17%



42672006667500CURRICULUM VITAE


Blk. 77, Lot 12, Capili Subd., Iwha, Dumoy, Davao City

[email protected]| 09104154808

March 23, 2000


Blk. 77, Lot 12, Capili Subd., Iwha, Dumoy, Davao City

[email protected]| 09104154808

March 23, 2000



Father: Eric R. Padilla

Mother: Noemi E. Padilla

Siblings:Ralph Robin E. Padilla

Religion: Roman Catholic


University of Mindanao – Matina, Davao City (2nd year) presentBachelor of Science in Accountancy|

Expected month/year of graduation: April 2022

University of Mindanao – Bolton, Davao City (Senior High)2016-2018Accountancy Business Management

Our Lady of Fatima Academy– Roxas, Davao City ( Junior High)2012-2016






Pepsi – Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PIP)

Cebu Air Inc. (CEB)

BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO)

Petron Corporation (PCOR)

SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPH).


Pepsi – Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PIP)

Incorporation Date March 8, 1989

Annual Meeting Every 3rd Friday of the month of May 10:00 a.mAddress Km. 29 National Road Tunasan Muntinlupa City Philippines 1773

Tel No. (02) 8887-3774

Fax No (02) 8850-0928

Email [email protected]

Cebu Air Inc. (CEB)

Incorporation Date August 26, 1988

Annual Meeting Every 3rd Friday of the month of May

Address Cebu Pacific Building, Domestic Road, Barangay 191, Zone 20, Pasay City

Tel No. (632) 8802-7000

Fax No (632) 8851-7362

Email [email protected]

BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO)

Incorporation Date Jan 02, 1968

Annual Meeting last Friday of May

Address 7899 Makati Avenue, Makati City

Tel No. 8631 8000

Fax No Email [email protected]

Petron Corporation (PCOR)

Incorporation Date December 22, 1966

Annual Meeting 2nd Week of May

Address SMC Head Office Complex, 40 San Miguel Avenue, 1550 Mandaluyong City

Tel No. (632) 8884-9200

Fax No (632) 8884-0953

Email [email protected]

SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPH).

Incorporation Date January 6, 1994

Annual Meeting April – last Friday

Address Mall of Asia Arena Annex Building, Coral Way cor. J.W. Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex

Tel No. (632) 831-1000 / 862-7942

Fax No (632) 833-8991

Email [email protected]


BIBLIOGRAPHY The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (2003). Building Wealth with Stocks, 2.

Thune, K. (2019, October 21). the balance. Retrieved from

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