What is the impact of diversity when recruiting employees? Disabled employeesINTRODUCTIONDiversity in the workplace has become a hot topic for recruitment departments and top priority. A recent Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 57% of recruiters have strategies for attracting different candidates. The achievement of greater diversity in the work environment is not just an objective related to respect and consistency. Diversity is increasing due to the structure of modern organizations: there is a reasonable advantage for organizations that can successfully recruit and deal with the diverse workforce.

Recruiters and managers are required to enhance workplace diversity. Therefore, why is the difference or progress difficult to measure? CITATION ide19 l 2057 (ideal, 2019)WHAT IS WORKPLACE DIVERSITYWorkplace diversity is the idea that your workplace should reflect the makeup of greater society CITATION ide19 l 2057 (ideal, 2019). Diversity is a very broad and inclusive concept which falls into 2 main categories: inherent diversity (demographic characteristics like race, sex and age) and acquired diversity (education, experience, skills, values and knowledge).

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Diversity in the workplace is understanding, accepting and valuing differences between individuals of different races, genders, ages, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations, as well as differences in personalities, skill sets, experiences and knowledge CITATION ide19 l 2057 (ideal, 2019).THE BENEFITS OF A DIVERSE WORKPLACE – CITATION ide19 l 2057 (ideal, 2019)There are many advantages of diverse workplace. It is a top priority for recruitment and talent acquisition. Research has found that diverse workplaces are higher in performance, innovation, creativity, sales, and stock returns. Many research analysis have come with the following results:Forbes Insights ” workplace diversity is a key driver to internal innovation and business growth.Professors Neal and colleagues ” diversity leads to better performance for product development and to create new markets.Professors Hong and Page ” diverse problem solver can outperform groups of high-ability problem solvers.McKinsey’s analysis ” there is higher earnings and returns on equity with companies with diverse executive boards.Harvard Business School ” increased creativity with multicultural social networks.More than 500 organisations ” every 1% increase in gender and racial diversity is correlated with a 3% to 9% increase in sales revenue, respectively.THE CHALLENGES OF DIVERSE WORKPLACE – CITATION ide19 l 2057 (ideal, 2019)Diversity’s benefits, such as development and creativity, are frequently the consequence of clashing perspectives. Acquired diversity can lead to constructive discussions on issues. Sometimes demographic (inherent) diversity leads to interpersonal conflict that requires more communication and management to resolve and reach a common understanding.There are other diversity challenges, including: promoting inclusiveness, fighting stereotypes and discriminatory behavior, implementing diversity recruitment challenges, managing and analyzing inclusion efforts as well. HOW TO INCREASE WORKPLACE DIVERSITY ” appendix.INHERENT DIVERSITY – DEMOGRAPHICDIVERSITY AND DISABILITY: THE EQUALITY CHALLENGE ” UK’S DISABILITY GAPGender pay inequalities may make headlines, but the UK’s “disability gap” ” the poor employment rate and retention for disabled people ” remains stubbornly high.Summary of contentGender pay inequalities may be making the headlines, but the UK’s “disability gap” ” the poor rate of employment and retention in employment for people with disabilities ” remains stubbornly high. Paul Avis looks at what can be done. Diversity in the workplace has never been so hotly debated. Now that large UK companies (or those with 250 employees or more) are obligated to publish data on the gender pay gap, the discrepancies between male and female pay ” and imbalance of men and women in senior roles ” is set to dominate headlines for the foreseeable future. But another diversity issue is bubbling quietly under the surface, and while it may not be attracting as many headlines, it is just as deserving of our attention.The unemployment rate is currently at its lowest level since 1975. But not all workers are benefiting from high levels of employment ” while 80.6% of people without disabilities are employed, this falls sharply to 49.2% of those with disabilities. Though the employment rate for people with disabilities has improved very slightly year-on-year, with an additional 104,000 disabled people in work, there is still plenty of work to be done. The Government has recognised this and towards the end of last year set out a target of one million more disabled people in work by 2027. So what role can and must employers play in the Government’s ten-year programme of change? The Government’s paper Improving lives ” the future of work, health and disability sets out a clear mandate for employers, manager and supervisors to improve recruitment and retention of disabled workers, better manage employee ill-health, create healthy and inclusive workplaces where all can progress and provide opportunities for workers who need a more flexible approach.ACCESS TO WORK ” GOV.UKGet help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition Whether you are disabled or have any physical or mental health condition which makes your job harder, you are entitled to:Talk to your manager about changes they must make in your workplaceGet help from the government from the Access to Work including health support.If at work you need adjustable equipment such as an ergonomic chair because of your health issue, then the manager must do so. If the manager does not provide the right equipment, then you may be get help from Access to Work. However, you need to have a paid job, or be about to start or return to one. GO INTO DETAIL FOR 2 TYPES OF DIVERSITY (I GOT LINKS FOR THE RACE AND STUFF), FIND MORE LINKS FOR THE OTHER ONE.

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