ENG102 research paper Essay

OutlineThesis: Children of Bangladesh, in public and private establishments, as well as in their families, undergo various forms of abuses such as sexual abuse, physical and verbal abuse along with negligence which is severely affecting their physical and mental growth.Sexual abuseChildren are at risk of abuse or harassment in their own home, from their relatives and family friends.Most children know their abuser, usually someone close to themChild labor, child marriage, child trafficking triggers sexual abuse of children in Bangladesh Negligence Parents fails to provide facilities and resources for the development of the child even when they are in a position to do soIncludes; health, education, nutrition, shelter, safe living conditionsMay occur during pregnancy due to maternal substance abusePhysical and verbal abuseInflicted on children in the name of discipline in school and at homedeep-rooted tradition of punishing children harshlyStudents insulted and mistreated by teachers for poor results.

Rafsana AminProfessor HudaEnglish 10215 April 2019Child Abuse in Bangladesh; an analysisIt’s a terrible thing to watch or hear the news of sexual assault against children as young as five years old.

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ENG102 research paper Essay
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Nowadays these type of news is found everywhere. Newspapers, television, and magazines are often found covering various reports of child abuse which is really sickening. Even though such news are coming to light due to the increasing reach of media still children are being victims of various abusive behaviors that is severely affecting their physical and mental growth and ruining their valuable lives. And in terms of being vulnerable to such behaviors children of Bangladesh are always at the top. In fact, children of Bangladesh, in public and private establishments, as well as in their families, mostly undergo physical and verbal abuse, sexual abuse along with negligence that is severely affecting their physical and mental growth. The NSPCC ( National Society for the prevention of cruelty to Children) UK defines child abuse as any action causing significant harm to a child, be it physical, sexual or emotional. This implies that child abuse effects a child both physically and mentally and there are many ways through which a child can be abused. It always does not have to be sexual violence rather it can be done by causing them harm through any physical actions like beating them with canes or sticks, saying bitter things to them that affects them emotionally, or by giving harsh punishment that leaves a strong negative impact on their brains. Such behaviors leave harmful effects on children’s psychology that is not seen at the very beginning but they face various difficulties once they are grown up. According to the latest estimation of the United Nations the total population of Bangladesh is 167,684,976 and half of the population are under the age of 18 who are still considered as children and 20 millions of them are below 5. Many of them are vulnerable to abusive behaviors that they face in schools, colleges, at their homes and workplaces that leave serious affect on their psychology.Children of Bangladesh face sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is spread in all levels of Bangladeshi society. Among all forms of abuse, sexual abuse is difficult to detect because of the sense of shame people have created in this conservative society and the risks children face while reporting them. Sexual abuse also includes forcing children to work in brothels, involving them in prostitution business etc. Sometimes the children are not aware of what is happening to them. In Bangladesh children are at risk of abuse or harassment in their homes, from relatives, family friends and neighbors too. In the article titled, Another brutal year for children found in the online version of The Daily Star, Naznin Tithi mentions some of the cases of child sexual abuse to portray how this has gradually become a deep-rooted problem in our society. In most of the cases it is seen that children were sexually abused, raped and killed by their abusers who were very close to them and some of them were abused at such tender age that they did not even realize what was actually happening to them. As disturbing reports of child abuse continued [] our failure to act has resulted in a rise in violence against children. (Tithi). This kind of abuse leaves serious health hazard on the victims as they suffer from guilt, self blame, flashbacks, nightmares, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunctions which may lead them to commit suicide. The victims also face an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections like HIV-AIDS. Besides, Child labor, child trafficking, child marriage also triggers sexual assault against children. Majority of the population being poor, child marriage is a very common phenomenon here. As a result, girls married at such tender age often gets abused by their husbands as they most of them do not have basic sex education which proves to be harmful for them. Negligence is another form of abuse that children of Bangladesh are facing as most of the parents fails to provide enough facilities and resources to ensure their child’s proper development even after being in the position to do in this country. Here providing facilities and resources includes health, education, nutrition, shelter, safe living conditions. Most of the children in Bangladesh do not get the chance to receive education even though it has been free and mandatory for children between 6 to 10. Main reason behind this is poverty. Most of the parents of poor and lower class families think that it is a total waste of time to send their children schools to receive primary education even though it is free. Instead they prefer sending their children to work thinking it will help them to feed one more mouth. This mentality of the parents is giving rise to child labor where children are being vulnerable to various abusive behaviors like sexual harassment, physical and verbal abuse etc. Negligence is also seen in the middle class and well to do families too where the parents cannot give proper attention to their children due to their busy schedule and fails to ensure safe living conditions by living their child to the housemaids who are often found abusing the children by finding them all alone. Negligence is also seen occurring during pregnancy as a result of maternal substance abuse as sometimes mothers are found consuming alcohol during pregnancy which is harmful for the baby in their womb. Moreover it is often seen that would be mothers do not take proper medicine which is prescribed for the well-being of the baby as a result babies do not get proper nutrition and many complications occur during the time of delivery for which many babies sometimes dies before birth. The vulnerability of children in Bangladesh is not limited only to sexual abuse and negligence. Besides these two forms of abusive behavior, there is another form of abuse is faced by them against which they are least able to revolt as it is inflicted on them in the name of discipline by the family members and the teachers. Physical and verbal abuse also known as corporal punishment is that form of abuse that is lately being discussed in our country and laws have been made against it after some horrific incidents being exposed by media. As our culture has deep rooted tradition of punishing children, it is often found that older generations proudly use canes and sticks to punish children and also support the teachers to punish their child in order to make them obedient and disciplined. Even though there is law in our country that asks teachers not to give any physical punishment to their students, there are many cases found by media where children of rural areas got physically abused by their teachers in the name of punishment and their parents have no say against such deeds. On the other hand in both cities and rural areas children face verbal abuse from their family members and teachers for their poor results and teachers are often found questioning their upbringing which is very disturbing for them. Imagine a child that is shaken, slapped [] This force may impair certain parts of the child’s brain from developing. [] he may fail to develop cognitive and language abilities [] (Bari). Children are the assets of every society. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every society to ensure their safety so that they do not become vulnerable to any abusive actions which may hinder their overall growth and spoil their valuable lives. It is very disheartening that in Bangladesh, children are being vulnerable to abusive behaviors like sexual assault, neglects from parents and physical assault. Though government has made many laws against these heinous crimes against children our ignorance and fear is creating barriers from implementing them properly. As a result these crimes are still on increase. Hence, parents should be aware of these abusive behaviors and their effects on children and also give their children proper knowledge of them so that they can take prompt actions against any of these behaviors if faced at any point of their lives. It is high time we stood against these heinous crimes and ensure a safe environment for our children that will help them to develop as ideal human beings.Works CitedBari, Sarah Anjum., The less talked about abuse of children. The Daily Star, 19 Nov. 2016, Tithi, Naznin., Another brutal year for children. The Daily Star, 1 Jan. 2018,

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