Disk Jockey Guide Essay

While researching the internet about new DJ platforms, I found a lot web sources who provide detail information particularly articles, tutorials, chat rooms, email updates and diagrams. These web sources often links to the DJ information through membership whereby access is given to historical content by discussing the important events in the live tutorials (see DJ DIGITAL TIPS, for example). However, while these sites discuss equipment and skills, I could not find much discussion about another important source of DJ knowledge: DJ guide.

My goal in this paper is to bring this source into the scope of discussion by using three DJ guidelines.To achieve this, goal I have organized my paper into four main sections, two of which have sub-sections. In the first section, I provide an account of initial era of DJing: audience and technological changes, and the changed way music is kept. In the second section, I discuss two DJ web sources in connection with the initial era described in the first section.

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Disk Jockey Guide Essay
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I end my paper a third section that offers research questions that could be answered in future versions of this paper and conclude with a fourth section that discusses the importance of expanding this particular project. I also include an appendix after the Works Cited that contains images of two online DJ guides I use as web sources. Before I can begin looking at the web sources, however, I need to provide an account of earlier era, and it is to this that I now turn.EARLIER ERAThe era of DJing has seen many changes before laptop DJs,before Live Nation and SFX. They didn’t not depend on their equipment to enhance their skills they had natural skills. The art of DJing was about how well you could mix and about what kind of record s you had in you box. Getting good records was hard, most times the stores where sold out or not in stock. Music could not be downloaded and the cost of the records sometimes hit hard at the DJ trying to make it pocket. THe use of vinyl made it necessary for practice to be skilled, especially if you were learning to scratch. There was no social media therefore getting a gig was more of a hustle. It was straight raw aggression, insane dedication, and more street hustle. The audience was based on your level in the field, the more supporters you had the further you progress in the music industry. Some DJs moved on from producing a mix CD to producing an album.Over the years as technology progressed, so did the DJ equipment. The cost of DJ equipment dropped from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Software could now auto select and auto mix songs, eliminating much of the skills that were so fundamental to a DJ. Technology had made everything so simple and accessible I believed it took away the soul of DJing and devalued the art. All of a sudden anybody and everybody was a DJ. At e simplest level, a DJ selects and plays music to engage an audience. A successful DJ however, goes beyond selecting and playing music and is a conductor of sorts, setting the energy for an audience and taking them on a journey of emotion, stories, and memories through the music. A good portion of a DJ’s value is connecting with the audience and being in tune with the energy and needs of the crowd to create the party. DJs are also performers, who the audience derives enjoyment from seeing DJ’s energy on stage or in a booth. Digital DJ Tips is the digest online SJ school in the world. Digital DJ tips is suitable for anyone from casual, beginner DJs to those wanting to start full-time DJ businesses or become career DJ/producers. It started off as a website documenting the emerging digital DJing scene back in 2010, quickly growing to become the world -leading website in DJ news, reviews, interviews. Tech Beats is an online community centered around discussing the diverse world of electronic music. Started by a group of dance music enthusiasts who through the website has artists reviews, dance floor charts, exclusive interview and everything that falls in between.Over the past decade, Dj culture has emerged from a mostly underground activity to revolutionize genre of music in just about every part of the world. From patties in the suburbs to center city dance clubs to concerts, DJs are spinning and icing and recording for audiences young and old. It would not be a stretch to say that DJs are the life of the party fro Berlin to the Bahamas to Beijing.From examining the various web sources DJ guidelines are available, I can say that technology has impacted the DJ profession. The material and the information are more access for back and forward. Regardless of their skills, the Djs create a name for themselves to rain audience, and they did this playing at a reduces course or for free to have practice performing in front of an audience. Practice and data research is important and tit aces time to become a professional DJ. Notes 1. For the purposes of this paper, “DJing” is defined as it was from nineteenth century: listening to beats in a song and matching with the beats from another song. Works CitedPhil Morse. Rock The Dancefloor: The proven fie-step formula for total DJing success.2016 www.magneticag.com/2015/10/what-a-dj-used-to-in-the-90s-and-early-00s/ djtechtools.com/category/dj_techniques_tips/dj-music-libarary-tips/ www.techbetas.co.uk/how-to-dj-a-biginners-guide/

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