Discussion-1 Comments in 100 words

EMA Workbench can be utilized to build up a Smart City procedure, utilizing the thorough rundown of advances (Marsella & Gratch, 2009), the two principle improvements presented in the accompanying fields are profoundly unsure:

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  1. Traffic light placement

Utilizing the profoundly uncertain simple framework. This can actualize traffic light in crisis benefits specifically. Utilization of apparatuses, for example, android innovation that can associate with traffic lights in the wise town and empower the driver to have command over them so as to upgrade response times in crisis conditions.

  1. Waste Management

The principal stage is gather data on what items people consume in the social orders and assess what material is being destroyed and their example. Introducing a strategy to isolate recyclable waste, for example, gadgets and plastic and non-recyclable waste would diminish the waste produced and help the city reuse the plastic and some waste. By authorizing thorough measures, fines and creating fitting mindfulness would altogether add to this current approach’s compelling association (Kwakkel, 2017).

  1. Smart Street Lights

The trademark would be Smart Street lights that can illuminate during the night dependent on development discovery and sensors, this trademark can spare the city’s capacity costs by taking care of and appropriating the towns adequately and furthermore diminishing the carbon impression.

  1. Parking Plot

For it we should initially know how people utilize these offices every day, for example finding a parking spot in the focal point of a town would be extremely hard, especially during the ends of the week and furthermore when there is an event in such occurrences, people can truly profit by an application that can give constant data about an available stopping place in the town (Stone, 2016). This can deny people from meandering around to stop and utilize parking spot proficiently.


Kwakkel, J. (2017). The Exploratory Modeling Workbench: An open source toolkit for exploratory modeling, scenario discovery, and (multi-objective) robust decision making. Environmental Modelling & Software96, 239-250. doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2017.06.054

Marsella, S., & Gratch, J. (2009). EMA: A process model of appraisal dynamics. Cognitive Systems Research10(1), 70-90. doi: 10.1016/j.cogsys.2008.03.005

Stone, A. (2016). A New Smart City Model Is Emerging. Retrieved 1 October 2019, from https://www.govtech.com/data/A-New-Smart-City-Model-Is-Emerging.html

Discussion-2 Comments in 100 words

According to Gazal, S. and Sanjay, B., (2017), a smart city is a city which brings about developments in the economic sector and maintains a good quality of livelihood for its members due to improved ways by which it operates, how it distributes and shares data with the public due to its incorporation of information and communication technologies (ICT).  This leads to delivery of high quality services which could be of government nature or which concerns the public. The major features of a smart city include the use of technology in most of its activities, a very efficient system of transporting the public, existence of good inventiveness when it comes to environmental issues.

EMA workbench is software which can be used for the purpose of creating a model which can be used in the development of policies for a smart city (Pettit, C., Tice, A. and Randolf, B., (2016)). We can create a model through the use of a python function, through vensim and through excel. To make a simple model in excel, we need to employ the ExcelMode1 in which we use the naming cells available in Excel. In this, we make an assumption that the identity of the uncertainties match with the cells which are named in Excel and that the identity of the outcomes in the same way are similar to the cells which are named in Excel. It is important that the outcomes and the unknowns are stipulated. It is also important that the sheet where the model occupies is specified. The Mexican flu example shows us how the EMA workbench is used in policy handling. Policies are made by employing the comprehension of the analysts about the system. First, the policies should be pointed out so as to run them with the models. The policies should be named and they can take up any arguments involving the keyword. If the vensim is used, when the keyword corresponds to an attribute which is on the model, then it gets an update.


Gazal, S., Sanjay, B., (2017), analyzing adoption of smart cities through system dynamics. Article published in Management Dynamics, 17(2), 80-97

Pettit, C., Tice, A., Randolf, B., (2016), using an online spatial analytics workbench for understanding housing affordability in Sydney. Article published in Seeing Cities through Big Data, 233-255

Discussion-3 Comments in 100 words

The main objective of the exploratory modeling analysis by its goal comes out to be one of the critical tools in the decision making process and policy formulation. This tool has the main objective of offering support to designing experiments, performing the tests, among others. By this definition and the role which seems to be served by the modeling system help in policy formulation of the organization.

This machine helps in the formation of the singe result as well as the model creation to help come up with an effective policy for a smart city. The Project has been at the forefront of coming up with a productive workplace environment (Bang, Park, Kim, Shin, Baack &, Lee, 2019).

The software seems to be quite large and sensitive as it also contains the information that is crucial to modeling the organization and the system. The first debt in creating the model is trying to come up with an effective modeling. This policy to be created will ensure that the city is in a pool of funds. This approach will provide the city has the one with the necessary projects. There are several modeling approaches, and it is essential to the town. This Project will help in the evaluation of the significant

This The project is quite joint an understanding he various operations in the society. The policy we are trying to create in this city will ensure that the city is well received. EMA Workbench usually is quite capable of the system in its proportioning of the system. In this model, they will ensure that the city uses the ordinary and simple it is quite essential to have an effective method in the organization on the manner. The potential procedure is quite comprehensive in the organization (Bang, Park, Kim, Shin, Baack &, Lee, 2019).



Bang, S., Park, Y., Kim, Y., Shin, T., Back, J., & Lee, S. K. (2019). Effect of the fiber lamination angle of a carbon-fiber, laminated composite plate roof on the car interior noise. International Journal of Automotive Technology20(1), 73-85.




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