DB4/ST: Miracle Drug

DB4/ST: Miracle Drug

Links: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-startup-that-manipulated-data-to-get-a-miracle-drug-to-market-11568433625

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DB4/ST: Miracle Drug
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Your question: The article describes the field of gene therapy as one with “plenty of incentive to move fast; one of the hottest areas of pharmaceutical research, sucking in billions of dollars of investment. Early pioneers, under pressure from would-be patients and investors alike, are driven to move quickly from promising research results to the manufacturing of a safe, marketable version of their breakthroughs. What type of strategy did the company implement in placing this product in the market? Why did it backfire?

Given the weight given in your grade to discussion boards you must be extra careful with your expression.  This is not texting or informal chat.  It is like writing a memo at work. Always express yourself in complete sentences.  This is an opportunity to hone professional writing (which basically means, very clear) and earn a good grade by practicing it.  Write your posting on a Word document before you post, use spelling and grammar software and, if needed, have someone else read to make sure that it makes sense.

The dark side of being well informed about something is that we assume that others are at the same level, for which we tend not to be clear enough when we explain. Since we are practicing professional writing, assume that you are talking to someone who knows nothing about what you are talking about.  Also remember that the best way to learn something is to teach it or explain it to others.

As you know, it is best to produce your postings as soon as possible.  Maybe tonight.  Make sure that you apply grammar and spelling software before you post, though. If you post at the last minute without reviewing your posting it will show.  Each discussion board is 25 points. Postings submitted past Friday will not be graded or included in your grade.

You must make a minimum of 3 posts.

1- answer the question with a minimum of 25 words.

2- reply to someone else’s post with and insightful question.

3- reply to someone else’s post with an insightful comment that demonstrates your understanding of the course concepts. “I agree” is not an insightful comment.

4-Do not cut and paste.  See checklist.

Your score is also based on the 4 criteria: Quality, Quantity, Relevance and Mann

In addition create post and question to the post below:

AveXis, in an attempt to place its new groundbreaking product on the market, the company used concentration strategy, which according to the textbook, involves trying to compete successfully only within a single industry, in this case, pharmaceutical. It applies product development of a new drug – Zolgensma that cures spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which is a genetic disorder that limits a person’s movement due to loss of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain stem (Kraft, 2019). This is the best strategy the company can adopt since there was no cure for the diseases, and most pharmaceutical companies were also conducting research. AveXis, in its desire to outrun competitors, the company used an uncertified facility and manipulated laboratory results during the clinical trials (Roland, 2019) to get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. However, it backfired as employees alerted AveXis executives about the inaccuracies in the data submitted to the FDA for approval. After AveXis acquired by Novartis, a major pharmaceutical company, which notified FDA about the data misinformation after Zolgensma’s approval for sale on the market.  FDA inspectors conducted tests on the company facility found discrepancies in the records but decided to keep the drug on the market as it considered the drug is safe for treatment.

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