Cultural diversity has many different meanings depending on who Essay

Cultural diversity has many different meanings, depending on who you are, and where you’re from. Some believe that cultural diversity is to be acquired where as some feel it must be learned. Cultural diversity is an essential part in the development of everyone, from work life to school life and home life. It exists in many different countries around the world, such as in China.

China is a large diverse country. Chinas traditional cultural values are harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and filial piety.

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Cultural diversity has many different meanings depending on who Essay
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With the core value being harmony. China is divided into Northern china and Southern China. The cultures and lifestyles are different between these two regions.

One thing that sticks out about China, is that they are only allowed to have two children, whereas, in other countries you can have as many as you want. They were forced to abort a pregnancy, or they could be forced into sterilization, if there was a second or subsequent- pregnancies.

They also could be forced to pay a fine. This was enforced in more to the ethnic Han Chinese living in Urban areas, Chinese people living in rural areas were not forced to comply.

When it comes to Gender roles the traditional Chinese family values different rolls between men and women. A man’s roll includes maintaining, and providing, and protecting his family, he is the decision maker. It is his duty to provide for his children until they are married. When it comes to the women’s roll they usually stay at home take care of the house and children, while making sure that dinner is made.

China has a traditional family structure, that is still valued, and holds a prominent potion within their culture, in which both traditional and modern morals are highly followed. Traditional and modern families have some of the same values and morals, such as, Chinese people have the upmost respect for their elderly. They believe that you should have respect for your parents. Retirement homes are uncommon, they do not believe in putting their parents into retirement homes. One thing that they believe is by putting your parent into a retirement home, you are a bad son. If you are to abandon your elderly you are considered dishonorable, and you can be sued by your parents.

There is a diversity in China’s religion, the communist party that rule the nation are atheist, whereas, there are five official religions of china. Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism, and any other religion is considered illegal. Even though Their constitution states they have a freedom of religion.

Although the official national language of China is Putonghua, there is seven major groups of languages in China, which have their own variations, their dialogs are very different, there are many Chinese that are fluent in speaking English. The people of the south are more quiet and polite as for the people in the north are more outgoing and truthful.

AS for their food it is influenced by geography and ethnic diversity. One of the main styles of cooking is Cantonese. Rice being one of the major food sources in China, is also a major element in helping to grow their society. They do not eat too much meat, therefore one of their main sources of protein is tofu. In the south you hear of more eating rice and the people of the North eating more noodles.

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