Charlestown square run by the GPT is one of the largest stores Essay

Charlestown square run by the GPT is one of the largest stores in the hunter region and covers 90,000 square meters of land. It has 245 stores with 3,500 employees in the whole store. Charlestown employees have to help around 40,000 visitors to the centre a day, all spending about an average of $41 in each visit. The square focuses there stores towards young families, but it tries to incorporate everything for all ages. On the 20th of march commerce class 9.1 went on an excursion to Charlestown square to complete a part of their assessment task.

There they were able to see and study many characteristics that shape what and where a person buys.At Charlestown there is a large amount of different types of store. These stores allow people to get any item they need. There are many types of stores at Charlestown including: Specialist stores which sell specific brand e.g. Figure 1 Mathers (Ingrey, 2019). Discount stores which sell items for less than normal price e.

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Charlestown square run by the GPT is one of the largest stores Essay
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g. Figure 2 Daiso Japan (Ingrey, 2019). Department stores which are shops with a variety of stores e.g. Figure 3 Myers (Ingrey, 2019). Supermarket that sell food and other items e.g. Figure 4 Coles (Ingrey, 2019). Market which sell a limited range of items e.g. Figure 5 Boost (Ingrey, 2019). Convenience stores which are open for long hours and has a limited range of items e.g. Figure 6 Dusk (Ingrey, 2019). Stores at Charlestown has different amounts of appeal towards them, when costumers have a greater appeal towards a certain store there is likely to be more visitors there. On the day of the commerce assessment there was greater amount of interest towards the Discount stores, Department stores and Supermarkets. While Specialists stores, Markets and Convenience stores had a smaller amount appeal. With the greater amount of appeal to each shop impacted the amount of people in them. The amount of appeal for each of the shops depended on how low the prices are and if you can buy more than one item in it. These different appeals are what shapes where someone will buy At Charlestown square there are many stores which have a large number of items in them, with such a large number of items in each store there is bound to be a crossover of certain items. Through the comparison of the same item from different stores we can make an intelligent choice to buy the cheapest and better one out of them all. This process of comparing items is called compassion shopping. On the excursion the class was put into groups all working and comparing 10 different non-durable items prices from two different stores. One group compared the items; Vegemite (380g), ‘Cadbury’ Favourites chocolate, Milo (450g), ‘Arnott’s’ Jatz, ‘Arnott’s’ Timtams, Lamington (18 pack), ‘Unibic’ Anzac biscuit (12 pack), ‘Streets’ Golden Gaytime, ‘Wonder White’ white bread, Nutella (400g). Then group then compared these items prices over the store Woolworths and Coles. Vegemite at Woolworths was $5 and at Coles it was $6.50. The Favourite chocolate was $8 at Woolworth and $12 at Coles. The Milo was $5 at Woolworths and $5 at Coles. The Jatz were $2 at Woolworths and $3 at Coles. The Timtams were $2.50 at Woolworths and $2.50 at Coles. The Lamingtons were $2.50 at Woolworths and $2.50 at Coles. The Anzac biscuits were $3 at Woolworths and $3 at Coles. The Golden Gaytimes were $8.50 at Woolworths and $8.50 at Coles. The white bread was $3.40 at Woolworths and $3.40 at Coles. Final the Nutella was $5 at Woolworths and $5 at Coles. All of these items from the store add up to $44.90 at Woolworths and $51.40 at Coles. The service, brands, sanitary conditions and how easy it is to find things is also an impact of where you want to buy. Both stores had good brands, but Woolworth wasn’t easy to manoeuvre around, and Coles had bad sanitation (cockroach). Through the comparison we found that Woolworths is a better option as it is cheaper with much better offers.

On the day of the excursion groups also had to compare a durable object over three stores. The group did the iPhone 8 and compared them over the shops Apple, JB Hi-Fi and Vodaphone. The group also had to consider the deal that the stores offered. These deals can either be discounts, pay plans or warranties. Vodaphone phone was sold at the price of $972 and had many offered which include: a discount that is given if you buy 2 or more items at the store, a payment plan that can result with a discount on the phone, a consumer warranty, a warranty called Apple care that covers phone for two years. Apple phone was sold at the price of $979 and offered are a consumer warranty and Apple care that covers the phone for two years. Final JB Hi-Fi was sold at $979 and offered the same deals as Apple with consumer warranty and Apple care that covers the phone for two year. The comparison showed that the phone from Vodaphone was a better deal. This is because it offers many warranties and discounts, it also had a lower price than any of the others store.

At Charlestown square there is 245 stores each with many items and there is bound to be a place that sells a similar item to the other. Through the comparison of these item, as we see have in the examples above, we can choose a better choice that has many deals and a cheaper price.

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