Change my life with teleport Essay

Time-Travelling: Changing My Life . These times, most people seem comfortable with the idea of cut space time. What they move up on is really the more challenging conceptual question, the time travel paradox. This is the concern that somebody would get back in time and change the way history. What could happen if you traveled into the period, to the moment before you were born or after you are born and change the past time for make sure that you have a good moments? Place more generally, how we prevent changing the time as we have already had it? In this time, scientists don’t learn enough about the forces of medicine to tell whether these forces could allow the experience equivalent of walking at the circle or at the parlance of time travelers.

According to this ideological concept of composability, what will occur for instance in the context of time travel, must be weighed against the circumstance of everything pertaining to this situation.

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Change my life with teleport Essay
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If the time is specific choice, it’s not possible for it to take any different way. What may happen when the time traveler visit the past is restricted to what did occur, in order to keep logical contradictions? Change is something that occurs at everyone’s lives because the entire things happen or event in these people’s lives in you alter your life as well. Two of these three important changes in my experience weren’t still my conclusion, yet they changed my time drastically. Change is the good thing in everyone’s lives that we all want to accept and give the most of that. Before leaving the question What is time travel?’ we should notice this important difference between shifting the time and participating at affecting or influencing the time. At this popular imagination, backwards time travel could allow one to move the time or to change the wrongs of past, to keep one’s younger person making things one later regretted, and so on in the framework with a single time. However, the idea is logical that the precise statement of this fact requires the contradiction for example is there are only one past and two views on it. Which are the view of the younger person and the view of this older time travelling person. With the grow amount of the new media forms from comic books to literature to movies to video games, the numbers of different superpowers are on the arise as well. There are many superpowers such as super at strength, invisibility, and ability to fly such in classic books and comic books, but now, the list grows to cover crazy range of superpowers. There are telepathy powers, which is a whole joint ability of different powers that characters have nowadays. If I would have superpowers, it would have to be teleportation, moving from one place to another. There are plenty of benefits to the superpower of teleportation compared to other supernatural powers such as getting out of danger quickly. This would come very handy if I was ever in some sort of accident or extreme situation. In a case of a burning building or house, I could just teleport to safety far from the fire and then, call for firefighters to help, or better yet, I also can teleport myself outside to protection as well. I could kill two birds with one stone with teleportation by saving others and myself. Then in a case that I was ever in danger of my life like in some kind of fight, I could just teleport away once again to a safe place far away from the danger, and once again, I could it for other people, too.For getting out of a situation, dangerous or deadly, I choose teleportation because I could go back in time that some history or situation to change my life for a better lives. Since I child, my fiction power was time-travel. My friends and I could go make-believe games that needed suddenly being shipped to other time or universes. The colonizes light, when dinosaurs roamed the world. But when I’m adult, I still want that superpower so I can change my past with the better solution. What would I change and why is this situation I want it change? As equal’s normal with superpowers, there exist two important choices that the fearless power operates as kryptonite at my lifetime. Firstly, it does my experience bad when actually I want to my behavior when I’m at school. When I at primary school, I’m a good student and always have a good attitude and a good grades. I’m always being organized and prepared for everything that I need in the class. It is important because everything you need is organized and it easier to searching things. I’m also pay attention in class when teacher give a lesson and also I’m ask more question to help me understand what is being taught. Actually, asking is the good action for a student because it make you learn in whatever your action. When I have a free time, I keep review and revising the entire note that I take at the class.But everything changed when I take a next step at high school, which everything totally when I grew teenagers. I was getting more friends because I thought that having more friends was awesome. I going out every weekend with going to parties, movies and sneaking out with all my friends and I’m neglected my lesson. My mom tried hard to tell me the time she could have wanted, but sorry to say, she had the little girl who was as different as would take from her in every way. Whenever I attempted to seek the courage to have no, I was labelled obstinate and disobedient. The girls around me were saying yes that I’m being rebel girl. Those single rebels I think who told no to their parents were outcast by community, their friends, and even their homes. It hurts me when people around me and even my family being treat like that. I wanted to be the best woman and a great example for my family but my title as a good daughter has being destroyed.The bad part about it they would spread rumors and one of those rumors sabotaged a long relationship I had and also a rumor affected my relationship with my parents. The lesson is getting worse and the grades drops and causes my parents to be angry and often punished. My parents no longer believed in me and that made me regret and wanted to change my way of life in the past. My life getting lost and I lost my entire friend because of my parents do not want me to get along with my friend because they are believed that my entire friends are causes me neglected. My life routines are just going to school in weekdays and get lock at the home at the weekend. These situations give me pressure and sometimes I got depression because of this. With this superpower, I want to change two things with this situation that I can change my academic progress and parent’s responses to me. I will give all my attention in my studies especially in my academic work which is I have to give the best performance and the important one to change my present studies. In my opinion, I think that I have to live a balanced life to being a good student and a great daughter. The social life and academic must be balance to have a perfect life. All of this has their own priorities. Now, in order to achieve these goals, I need some time for myself. I need to spend time with my family and my close friends. This is very important because I want to be happy and successful person. My goal is to become a better student by studying more than usual. I also need to learn how to manage my time effectively. So, I will start studying at least two hours before school starts. Researches also said that study in the early morning is good because the body is relaxed and make me fresh. Also the fresh air in the morning makes me comfortable and give me feel some extra power in my body. In addition, I need to take care of my health. I need to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Parents should start gives healthy food to gain lifestyle. She also have to makes sure I get enough sleep at least 6 to7 hours of good quality sleep on a regular schedule each night. I also need to work on my studies and make good grades in all subjects. I need to have a good social life and do well in all classes. Even though this situation occur in my life, I still want to change it because for me it is hurt you when you are think back what are you doing at the past and how you hurt your parents, it makes me sad. This situation many makes me change my life but if I don’t do something like this, I will make my parents happy without makes them worries about me. But these situations actually affect me in my present life; sometimes I don’t have a good balance between social lives, health, reality life, my sleep, my other interest, and perhaps most important is my peace of mind. When my life becomes unbalanced, I suffer a lot, it become extremely unbalanced back in 2011 which is I have graduated at high school and try to continue with diploma studies. But it is hard because of my grades are not good enough, so these situation gave me struggle to get it the course that I want. I’m tried to applying for the course that I like but it hard for me because of my poor grades. I had to postpone my intention to continue the diploma studies for a year because of I don’t get the course that I want. That’s means I missed two times study offer.During my break of a year, I not just sitting at home not do anything, but I take an action to do some part time job. That’s was the great experience for me, it give a knowledge about working environment and also I have my own pocket money. All money that I get as a salary, I collect and make it as my saving. I was excited and proud of myself because I able to make a saving. With the money that I collect, I use it and apply for my driving license. I happy because I don’t need my mother and father money to get my driving license. After spending about a year of part time job, I tried again to apply the diploma studies but this time I not too selective. I tried the course that I get and do my best to get good grades of my studies. For one and two semester, I’m doing great and once again I lost and confused about studies and my lifestyle change again. These situations come again and make me miserable. It such nonsense and I totally lost. But still, I need to continue my education so I don’t have to frustrate my parents once again. My parents knowing about my academic are drop and once again try to give me pressure. I know that they are disappointed with me, so I tried to tell my parent that they don’t have to be too worried about me because if they are trying hard to pressuring me, I will get stress and more down. At these situations, they have to give some space for give you breathe and not to give too much stress. During my student life, I got known one of my best friend names Shasha. She is the great best friend because she always supports me when I have lost. She always gives me motivated and helps me for doing revision. I can said that she always make me positive and confidence at myself. One thing in Shasha that I like is she always helps other and tries to teach my classmate without being to selective. I fell so happy that I am her best friend. I will never forget what she is doing for me. Shasha always give me the note and all formula that she know so I can use it in my assignment. All the formula I write back in my notebook because with that’s method helps me to remembering difficult concept. The notebook is a reference for me and it makes me easier to revise the chapter based on the syllabus.From what I know that, these situations can come again if we are not concentrating at the thing that we want. The great solution is we have to relax and take a break when something hard comes up. Take a break every once in a while around 5 ” 8 minutes long. Even if the work is difficult or boring and you have to believe that suffer come first and we can get the beautiful life after that. I can play piano, so if I have a very stressful day, I will play and sing to make me focus on my homework. Many of us listen to music while work, thinking that it will help us to concentrate on the task at hand. In fact, research has found that music can be beneficial effect on our creativity. So, it is the best method to make a student focus at the same time it give us entertainment. With all help that I got from my family and friends, I graduated and finish my diploma studies at Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan at Johore Bahru. When I graduated with diploma, this is not the end of my studies life. Now, I start to increase my education level to degree studies. At this level, all tasks are getting more challenging for me. But this is normal life that student have to face. University experience days are the most memorable times of my time. There are two facets of university experience. Firstly there does the academic experience. On second, there does the cultural experience. In academic experience, I have enjoyed and also can share the knowledge with other student because I have experience in diploma studies. In the way, the air of practice among the student is made. Along with the academic experience there is also a social life. The play is made by either tours or university purpose. This is the best part of university experience. There is no need to worry about social life. I have too many experiences to dodge these problems. In addition, there are many opportunities for the student to learn from other. The most important thing is that they can make their own decision. In my experience, everyone should train our rebellious spirit and embrace our full potential. It’s crucial for daughters to find feminine role models. It helps them grow more confident and make bigger goal for themselves. Was that Nazi used to go back in time? Did Hitler need to move past? Physics has demonstrated to us that travelling in the time is really challenging, and there is a paradox known for this particular kind of time travel called the Grandfather paradox. What the contradiction means is that if we journeyed back eventually and defeated our grandparents, our dad wouldn’t be born, and we could never be born. There is also the quantum physics concept that is name Many-World interpretation, and it says that every possible timeline is in distinct parallel universes and is same as the world we inhabit. In this conclusion, we can say that if this superpower is existing, there is bad and good effect in our life. This power would be so nice to have, but at the same time I will have a lot responsibility to deal with. Since I would probably be the only with this power, if people found out my super power, they might ask for my help for a situation they want to change and demand my help. If that did happen, I would need to take care of myself and my decisions while trying not to let people down because I don’t like to hurt others feelings.

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