Homeland Security Technology

Instructions Prior to this unit, what knowledge did you have about the Operational Experimentation program and the Department of Homeland […]

Jun 25th, 2021


Report on Resilience and Response Management

For this assignment you will draw upon multiple sources of federal guidance on strengthening resiliency and managing response regarding incidents […]

Jun 23rd, 2021


Homeland Security Policy

For this assignment, write an essay that addresses the prompts below. Explain how homeland security policy has developed from 2001 […]

Jun 4th, 2021


Safety Management System Case Scenario

Based on the scenario attached, it is a hypothetical Scenario of an oil spill. Identify the six people who were […]

Apr 18th, 2021


Government Versus Private Security Employees

Write an 800- to 825-word paper that compares and contrasts the differing roles of government versus private security employees. Include […]

Mar 30th, 2021


Privacy and Security

Only about these topics: -Privacy and Security is a Shared Responsibility: 1-Governmental Responsibilities (setting rules, educating people…. etc.) 2-Developers’ Responsibilities […]

Mar 28th, 2021


Public Safety and Homeland Security

Select an incident that interests you personally on the topic of public safety or homeland securityy. This case study must […]

Mar 26th, 2021


Underage Refugees Seeking Asylum

Conduct a Research Design and Methods Section based on the following topic and questions: Topic: Refugees, under the age of […]

Mar 24th, 2021


Physical Security Measures

Select ONE of the following events Physical Security Measures: * The Westgate Mall Attack (2013)  * In Amenas Gas Facility […]

Mar 23rd, 2021



Breakdown on Cyberespionage and it’s effect. For more information on Cyberespionage check out : 

Feb 11th, 2021

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